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Bike Feature: Ol’ # 39

A Bike That Embodies The True Meaning Of 'Hand-Built'

Words: Stealth, Photos: Vicky

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 Between making sure Bandit’s orders were carried out and keeping Vicki away fromthe “Cherry Pie White Lightning,”I was pressed for time atthis year's Smoke-Outbut I was determined to find a bike worthy of a feature here on Bikernet so I escaped from both Bandit “The Boss “and Vicki my “Other Boss,” to search for a bike!It is tough working for two bosses at the same time!

I set out on my journey to find a bike that  stood above the rest.  This was no easy task as all the bikes at the Smoke-Out are kick ass.  So the search began and to my surprise it did not take long.  Once I saw it,   I knew it  was the one.  It grabbed me and would not let go until I found its creator, now this search took a little longer.  I continued on walking the grounds and after making a lap around here comes “Ol’ # 39” head on at me with its owner on board!  I knocked people out of the way to get the riders attention,  I was determined to meet him because I knew that big SOB Bandit would come looking for me soon with more orders to be carried out , by this time I was not worried about Vicki she was in “THE CAROLINA RIDER BIG BUS,”  with the air conditioning blowing full force with the mason jar full of white lightning close by.  Finally I got Gavin’s attention,  and he was all in for a feature of his bike on the pages of Bikernet.

Ol’ #39 features a number of handmade parts by Gavin.  Gavin works for a Nascar race team and has access to a machine shop and as you can see he takes full advantage of that.  He hand built the exhaust system and when I saw the bike I thought it had some special coating on them with their gold tint look.  Gavin tells me this tint was an accident, it seems the exhaust system was ceramic coated on the inner walls and when they heated up  they tinted!  I wish my accidents would turn out like these  pipes did.  They were one of the first things I noticed about  “Ol’ # 39” but not the last.  Check out the gas tank it is one of a kind.  That jockey shifter is, well just bitchin’.  The tail light for me is the coolest one I have  seen.  It is inspired by the old railroad lantern,  you have to see it to really appreciate it.  Gavin knocked out all of these parts himself.  He knows how to use those machine shop tools!

Gavin told me he built Ol’ 39 with one purpose in mind.  He wanted a “Smoke-Out” bike for the ride to the Smoke-Out.  I think he accomplished that, this bike has “Smoke-Out” written all over it!  Gavin is a laid back guy who talks little about all the cool one off parts on the bike, he just lets the bike do the talking .

You may be wondering about the name of the bike.  Well it is a memorial to his Dad.  Gavin’s  Dad was born in 1933 and passed away in 2009,  so that is why the bike wears  # 39 on the tank.

This is one of those bikes I really got into, from the moment I saw it I knew this was a feature bike for sure.  You can’t describe it, but you know it when you see it.   This is one bitchn’ bike rolling down the black top!

Well.  I accomplished what I set out to do at the Smoke-Out, to find a bike that really stood out among all the ass kicking bike that were there and I did it all and still carried out the orders from Bandit.(THE BOSS!) Unfortunately it took me a few hours to locate Vicki.   We want say where I found her!

Until next time, RIDE!         —Stealth

Spec Sheet 

Owner: Gavin Kober

Bike Name: Ol 39

City/State: Salisbury NC

Builder: Owner

City/state: Salisbury NC

Fabrication: Owner


Welding: Owner

Machining: Owner


Year:  1999

Make:  Harley Davidson

Model: 1340 Crate Evo

Displacement: 1340 80”

Builder or Rebuilder:

Cases:  Harley Davidson

Case finish: Natural

Carburetion:  S&S  E

Air cleaner: Owner

Exhaust: Owner

Mufflers: N/A


Year: 1999

Make: Accessories Unlimited

Gear configuration: 1 down and 5 up

Final drive:  Chain

Primary:    Karata

Clutch:   Rivera  3” belt

Kicker:   N/A


Year:    2004

Make:   Kraft Tech

Style or Model: Rigid

Stretch: Stock

Rake: Stock

Modifications: Powdercoat

Front End

Make: Harley Davidson

Model:   Wide Glide

Year:   1999

Length:  -4

Sheet metal

Tanks:   Owner

Fenders:   Owner

Oil tank:   Owner


Sheet metal: Kevin Kisamore

Base coat: Satin Metallic Burgundy

Graphics: Pork Chop

Frame:   Gray Powder coat

Graphics or art:   Pork Chop



Make:   Harley Davidson

Size:   21”

Brake calipers: Kraft Tech

Brake rotor(s):   Kraft Tech

Tire:   Avon


Size:   18”

Brake calipers:   Kraft Tech

Brake rotor: Kraft Tech

Pulley: Kraft Tech

Tire: Avon


Foot controls: Billit 4 You

Master cylinder: Billit 4 You

Handlebar controls: Owner

Shifting:  Foot

Kickstand:  yes


Ignition: Daytona

Ignition switch: Owner

Headlight: Drag Specialties

Taillight: Railroad Lantern - Owner

What’s Left 

Seat: Marco@ElVaquero Muerto

Mirror(s): One

Gas caps: One  tiny

Handlebars: Owner

Grips:   Billit  4 You


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