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Belt Drives LTD.

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Here's the list of Distributors


  • Bikers Choice-(800) 347-8080
  • Chrome Specialties-(800) 527-1634
  • Custom Chrome-(800) 729-3332
  • Drag Specialties-(800) 222-3400
  • Midwest-(800) 325-3914
  • MID-USA-(800) 527-0501
  • Win Starwest-(805) 531-1000
  • Canada

  • Preston Cycle-(800) 265-2298
  • Europe

  • Custom Chrome Europe-0049 (0)671 88888 0
  • DÛX Industries-0049 (0)40 434037
  • Motorcycle Storehouse b.v-0031 (0)50 3039775

    This talented group of individuals produce only the highest quality drive train products available for the American Motorcycle Market.

    Their product line, which includes most of the major drive line components available for Harley Davidson Motorcycles has also recently been expanded to include Hand and Shifter controls.

    Many of us here on the Bikernet Staff use BDL hardware on the bikes we ride everyday, and are proud to put our stamp of approval on their products. We're confident you will too.

    Bikernet Tech: The TWEVO Configuration or Stay with an S&S EVO?

    What are the Options?

    --By Eric Bennett, Lee Clemens, Bruce Tessmer, Grant Hillegass, and Bandit with photos by Wrench
    Bikernet studies the FXR Twevo, Evo, drivetrain options with Bennett's Performance, Departure Bike Works, S&S and anyone who would give us the time of day.
    Read the full story

    Bikernet Tech: Terry the Tramp Installs BDL/GMA Softail Forward Controls

    Plus the BDL D-shaft to Spline Shaft Conversion, bonus tech

    By Terry the Tramp, Bandit, Wrench, John, D. , Bob Clark, and Scott
    This is a straight forward Bikernet tech with just a few twists and turns, girls, quirks and sidebars. You would think forward control installation a breeze, and in this case it was, but not always.
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    Bonneville 2015/16 Chapter 8

    Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials Canceled, Team Updates—We Have a Year to Regroup

    By Bandit with photos by Wrench, and illustrations from the Atomic Dice Team
    This has been a very strange weather pattern year for the Bonneville Salt Flats. One day it can be a mess and three days later it's ready to race. I spoke to Bill Woods yesterday and the salt has been under constant investigation. It rained again last Friday (August 14), and yesterday the team members studied the salt conditions. "We only have access to one track, and no dry pit areas," Bill said....
    Read the full story

    Angry White Roy’s Shovelhead

    Rebuilt for the Long Road by the Devil

    By Bandit with photos by the Devil and his elf Holly
    The Devil sent me these shots of this super clean Paughco framed chopper, a classic example. It also contains a BDL primary system mated to a Baker 6-in-a-4-speed transmission with a tapered main-shaft, connected to a 93-inch S&S saved Shovelhead engine. I was intrigued.
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    Improved Braking Systems for the Custom Market

    By the Wizard of Custom and Bandit with photos by Markus Cuff and the BDL team
    Belt Drives Ltd. is just about synonymous with belt drives themselves and it’s been that way ever since Steve Yetzke opened the doors and incorporated the name back in 1990. The company is now one of the largest suppliers of primary and final drive belts in the aftermarket. And now they have GMA and JAMAR so they are seriously in the braking industry.
    Read the full story

    By Bandit
    Nothing says Hot Rod like the BDS Stage 2 - 871 supercharger and this recently upgraded version provides superior performance, durability and adaptability.
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    5-Ball Racing 2015 Chapter 4

    May the "Gods" of Progress Take Hold

    By Bandit with photos by Kent Weeks and Holly Devil
    What a crazy year. We’ve been scrambling in several directions. Plus, once I sent all the parts to Kent Weeks at Lucky Devil MetalWorks, well when the dogs are away, the mice start to party.
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    Shorty Drive Is For Shovelheads
    By Belt Drives Ltd.
    Shovelheads remain a mainstay for Chopper builders and BDL’s new SHS-600 belt drive conversion provides extended life, strength, smooth operation and reliability to these traditional drivelines.
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