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Ride Forever -
Sunday Edition

Bandit's 2000 Blue Flame

Bandit's 2000 Blue Flame

Sturgis 2000 Project Bike - Bandit II Lives

Transformation From Long and Low To Radical

Photos: Markus Cuff
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Bikernet West - Zebra's Chop is in the Lead

Bikernet West Struggles to Stay Alive - Bad Drugs, An Empty Bottle of Jack, And Missing Parts Hold The Bandit Back

Photos: Markus Cuff
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Bikernet West - Amazing Progress

Shows Amazing Progress - Joker Machine And Weerd Brothers Come To The Rescue

Photos: Markus Cuff
Late into the evening, Bandit, Nuut Boy, and my wonderfull...
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Bikernet West - The Blue Bomb Explodes

Bikernet West Frame And Sheetmetal Take Different Paths

Photos From Harold Pontarelli
In a mad rush to build and break-in a monster Simms built S&S motor rigid before the long haul to Sturgis, Bandit makes an abrupt move. At the final hour he decided to tak...
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Bikernet West - Belt Drives Limited Open Belt Installation

Two Weeks And Counting The Beer Cans In The Corner.....Will We Make It?

By Bandit, Photos by Markus Cuff
Here's the deal. With less than two weeks to go I'm praying, laughin', grinning and scrambling. The paint finally arrived from Harold Pontarelli of...
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Bikernet West - Electronics in a Weekend

Wiring, Tuning And A Compu-Fire Starter Sparks Bandit's Blue Blaze To Life

By Wrench
    Wiring is the nemesis of man, the puzzle of the best builders, the hornet's nest of breakdown treachery. Bandit sat for hours drawi...
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Bikernet West - Mikuni Carburators to the Rescue

The Madness Continues

  With Sturgis 2000 looming over Bandit's head we've been firing away at the getting the job done. Bikernet East machine was well out in front in the competition when we wheeled the Agent's low slung Softail onto a slick Gold Rush semi and said goodbye as the rig, packed with Ultr...
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