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Friday Edition

Bad Boys Saloon Hits Main Street Daytona

So who is the man behind the newest hot spot on the strip?

Article By: Chris Callen

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Year after year, it’s the same thing: a new player on the scene and the rumor mill around the motorcycle industry starts. Who’s behind the new business? Where do they come from? What are they doing here anyway? One such point of curiosity has sprung up for this year’s bike week event in Daytona Beach. The spot I’m talking about is Bad Boys Saloon.
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Lou DeRosa, through mutual friends at Sick Boy Apparel and the Iron Horse Saloon. After getting to know him a little bit, I thought the story of his arrival to our scene deserved some attention, so we sat down for an interview.
Lou is the kind of mind that has become the definition of self-sufficient in his life and in business. From humble beginnings where he grew up in Lindenhurst, New York, he rose up from a blue-collar neighborhood under the guidance of his father. Lou’s dad was in the asphalt business. While other kids played with Tonka toys, Lou would be at the old man’s hip for the chance to get regular trips to work where he would eventually learn to drive the big toys.
Like most of us afflicted with the motorcycle addiction, Lou started riding before he was ten. First it was mini bikes, then dirt bikes and the lot before finding his way into choppers during high school. As a kid, he attended his first bike week in Daytona in 1974. He was on his way to the beach, stopped in Daytona by accident during the rally and never left. His love of motorcycles and the culture took off like a fire; once he got back home, the bike building began!
Back then, there were no aftermarket parts’ companies so if you wanted a custom, you had to build it. Lou and his buddies were handy in the garage and he ended up with some great rides: a 500 Triumph and a ’69 Sporty with a stretched frame and extended front end. Of course it also had the long-ass sissybar made famous during that era. I laughed a little when he told me about cutting necks and bending the frame with huge steel bars…that’s just how me and my boys started out.
Lou also did some neat tricks on cars then, too. He was an instant motor head and it led him into studying aircraft mechanics during his last years of school. Unfortunately, he would end up dropping out of high school to chase his true passion which was working on cars and bikes. He was making good money and lost interest in class.
It was about this time that Richie Zul was just cutting his teeth in the powerboat world. Now Richie would go on to be the man to go to for any serious powerboat, cigarette or scarab, but behind him was Lou’s shop -- International Auto Craft -- that would do all the installs. As Richie’s name became synonymous with that industry, Lou got crazy busy keeping up with the amount of people who were working with him.
Like some of us know, being in the wrong place at the wrong time sucks. Lou got involved with some characters, and was young and maybe a little dumb. He admits that he was doing the wrong thing with some cocaine and got mixed up in a drug raid that landed him in jail. It would have been no big deal except for the fact that he refused to snitch on anyone; for that, the prosecutor threw the book at him. At at a fairly young age, Lou was looking at some hard time, 15 years to life to be exact. Still, he kept to the code and kept his mouth shut and went about doing his time.
In prison, he not only got his GED but also an associate and two bachelor’s degrees, the end result of spending ten years in a law library. Eventually, this would lead to his ability to draft his own civil rights’ complaint to gain his freedom. Apparently, the cops who busted Lou were all dirty and through a huge cover-up he was being victimized by the DA and the judge. The whole story is more like you would expect from a major motion picture than real life. It’s amazing that he was able to navigate his way through it all. 
In April of 1996, Lou was out of prison, had basically nothing to his name but his ability to work hard and his word. A long time friend of the family helped him with a loan and he started American Sand and Gravel with one premise: he refused to fail. Back then Lou told me of the hours he’d work himself to the bone, working from 1am to 11pm, grabbing a quick nap, and then have his ass back in the truck at 1am again. But through his hard work he would become very successful and even branch off into one of the premier recycling facilities in New York. 
It was around 2010 that the economy was beginning to fail hard. The proposition of keeping a fleet of trucks on the road with rising fuel prices and the nature of his business just became unattractive. At this time he had already been going to every bike week in Daytona for a good five years and loved the experience so much that he decided to cash in his chips and take a chance. He packed up his motor home and a rolling chassis then hit the road.
The plan was to go back to Main Street in Daytona, open a little bar and spend the rest of his life doing what he loved. In the mean time, he’d get a chance to finish a bike project that he’s had on the back burner for the past ten years and experience a change of pace. The first year he got tied up with a poor partnership and rather than go on about the gory details of that, I will let you know where Lou is today. 
Leading up to the 2014 spring rally in Daytona, Lou not only bought the old Dog House facility on Main Street, but was fortunate to meet some of the people I regard as the best in the business: Doug  Asermely at Sick Boy and Steve Penland of Iron Horse Saloon. Both of these cats are the greatest to work with and under their advice and through their ties in the industry, Lou has started to hire a world class staff and has begun to put the pieces together of a killer spot for scooter bums on Main Street. 
Like I said above, everyone always wonders about the new kid on the block at these things so after hearing some of Lou DeRosa’s story, I decided that maybe a better introduction was in order. From what I can see, he’s an old time chopper jockey that knows how to stick to the code and is willing to work his ass off to succeed at what he does. Not too bad for the company I like to keep. The list of events and bands they have lined up for the week include Jasmine Cain, Big House Pete, Wayland, the Miss Bike Week competition and much more.
You can check them out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pages/Bad-Boys-Saloon
Check them out at:
601 Main Street
Daytona Beach, Florida 32118
 (386) 256-3894

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Reader Comments

What a joke. This guy is the biggest scam artist in Daytona. He's done a bunch of hard time, for drugs, and now he's in trouble for slashing his employee in the face over nothing. He's an animal who belongs in a cage.

He's very comfortable there too after spending more than ten years behind bars. And by the way, He looked like a clown on his wedding day in the photo you posted. Jerk off..

Bikernet you better get your act together. You should not be so supportive of maniac losers like DeRosa. Tsk tsk shame on you.

Mrs deRosa
Daytona, FL
Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Editor Response Thanks for the good info and warning to our readers.
This place is closed. The thug, drug addict murderer, Lou Derosa hopefully never returns. Not only did he spend many years behind bars for murder, he also assaulted one of his employees with a knife stabbing to the face.

Long time gang member. Bad Boys gone for good. Derosa behind bars for good. Life = better.

Daytona Beach
Daytona Beach, FL
Saturday, April 16, 2016
Nice fictional article. Of course the murderer will tell you he was in prison for drug charges. Lol. Do some research before talking about him as a good man.

Google Louis DeRosa murder. You'll see he was in prison for murder. They just shut down bad boys. Good riddance. Send that scum back to NYC...

Your Mom
Daytona Beach, FLORIDA
Friday, April 8, 2016
The guy that is referring to himself as the Cincinnati Kid is a straight-up joke by the name of Sean Boettcher!!! This clown couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag!!! Got a good laugh at his photos a few years back alongside former professional boxers Tony Tubbs and Tommy Hearns, while I was training at a local gym!!! I read Louis Derosa's American success story. My mother is Italian American from NYC. Though, I have never met Lou, I respect him and identify with him. I would love to meet him one day!!!

Tommy Lee Claybon
Cincinnati, OH
Tuesday, March 22, 2016
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