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With more news from Buell, Isle of Man, Massachusetts, Helmets, High-Tech, Arlen Ness, Las Vegas, Law Tigers, JIMS, Saddlemen, and Born Free

By Bandit, Bob T, Rogue, Jerry, Doc, El Wags, Uncle Monkey, Bob Clark, Kirk, Rick Raus, Joe D. and the rest of the gang

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Gassin' up for the ride to Born Free.
Gassin' up for the ride to Born Free.


Born Free is all the action afoot in Los Angeles.
There are two maybe three pre-parties tonight. Mike Lichter is staying at the Bikernet Headquarter while covering all the action he can handle for Easyriders.

Markus Cuff is catching some action for Cycle Source, and Bikernet. Hell, I can’t keep all this shit straight, but it’s happening and you'll see teaser reports right here in the news.

Check the Iron Trader out.
Check the Iron Trader out.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by Cycle Source Magazine, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation and Las Vegas Bikefest.

Click to get there, quick.
Click to get there, quick.

Let's hit it:


Now Available.

Saddlemen’s new Road Sofa LS for 1997 through current Harley Davidson touring bikes was created for a single purpose: create a luxurious saddle for comfortable, long distance touring without compromising styling.

Like all Saddlemen seats, the LS Road Sofa was engineered with industry leading Gel-Core construction for unsurpassed comfort. Gel-Core is engineered to dampen, divert, and deflect energy to create a smooth, therapeutic ride.

At the heart of this technology is specially formulated viscoelastic polymer known as SaddleGel, which when combined with the latest in co-molding technology reduces engine vibration by up to 50%, and direct impact forces by up to 92 %. Why does Saddlemen use this innovative material? Simple – to add hours and hours of comfortable riding time to every ride!

But SaddleGel is not the only key to comfort. Painstakingly crafted seating contours cradle the rider for proper alignment with pegs, bars, controls and reduce strain and fatigue. Perforated leather seating panels are breathable for continuous ventilation and compliant enhancement of the SaddleGel and Comfort Foam properties used below the cover.

These saddles fit and feel right.
A quick look at the LS Road Sofa reveals that styling and good looks were not compromised for comfort. The LS enhances and complements other accessories and upgrades, providing the finishing touch for any Harley touring bike.

All Saddlemen seats are designed, tested, and built exclusively in the USA for the long ride. American made quality and craftsmanship is something we take very seriously since 1987 at the Saddlemen Long Beach, California manufacturing facility. Every detail, every stitch, and every step of the process from raw materials to the final product has been carefully considered and inspected to insure that Saddlemen’s standards for quality, craftsmanship and comfort are continuously upheld.

Saddlemen will always help make your seat perfect. If for some reason a customer is not completely satisfied with their new Road Sofa just call 800-397-7709 and a friendly Product Specialist will gladly assist.

Key features include:

A tall lumbar support and wide driver saddle supports the back and legs for superior comfort, while the streamlined nose improves the rider's reach to the ground.

Refined split-cushion design separates the seating surface from the lumbar support, reducing tailbone and back pressure from maximum long-range comfort.

Wide 15.5 inch wide driver bucket matched with 13 inch passenger perch.

Ventilated soft seating leather provides breathable comfort and unsurpassed looks...

Comes with a fitted rain cover specially designed to protect your seat from harsh elements.

The optional driver’s backrest has independent adjustments for fore-aft position, height and angle, and folds forward. (Sold Separately) (Will not fit on 2009-2015 Harley-Davidson® Trike models).

Compatible with OEM Harley Davidson® backrest options.

Matching passenger backrest / Tour-Pak pad cover completes the custom look. (Sold Separately) (as required)

Designed and made in the U.S.A.

Show bike styling

GelCore Technology featuring SaddleGel in front and rear reduces tailbone pressure to increase circulation and comfort for both driver and passenger.

Progressive density co-molded comfort foam

Saddlemen seats are available at most local motorcycle shops served through Drag Specialties, a leading distributor of accessories and parts for Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Call 800-397-7709 or visit Prices start at $561.00.


Tried to get this dude to join the Cantina and bring all his brothers along, but he just gave me a puzzled look.

--Rob Scroggie


Slipping it onto our 120-inch Barry Wardlaw Panhead.
Slipping it onto our 120-inch Barry Wardlaw Panhead.

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--

I have a 1997 Electraglide with an S&S v-111. Do you make a kit for it? And can it work with a future upgrades including a Magna Charger or a turbo?

-- Jeff swygert
St.marys, OH

Yes, our unit will handle performance upgrades. We have them available for any S&S engine.

Change your thoughts and you change your world. --Norman Vincent Peale

As I begin today’s journey I Pause. I Know no matter what experience I am going through, Good will come of It. The Law of the Good does work and The Invisible manifests what is ever my most dominate thoughts.

Today I hold the beliefs that Good will triumph over evil, Love conquers hate, Faith erases fear and Peace trumps stress. I believe that All things are possible to those who believe. What thoughts have created, thoughts can change.

Today is the day to change our Lives by changing our thinking!

Today’s Affirmation: As I begin the gift of today I get rid of my stinkin thinkin. I Let Go of doubt, fear and stress. I Open up to My Truth that I am Perfect, Whole and Complete, that I am One with the Invisible Source of All Life.
Today I Know that My Life is filled with Love, Joy, Peace, Health, Wealth, Creative self-expression, Ease, Grace and so much more Good.

I am grateful that I change my thoughts and change My Life. I am Grateful for this moment!

And so It Is

The photo above was taken with my mobile phone at the Willard Hotel on Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC, just a block away from the White House. This 2-hour talk was sandwiched between a bipartisan congressional lunch hosted by Speaker Paul Ryan and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (they sat on each side of him in the same room at the same time!) and a meeting with President Obama at the White House.

On my end, it was a stop between the ROT rally in Texas and Laconia Motorcycle Week in NH!—Michael Lichter

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results. --Willie Nelson


Yeah! We have 28 invited builders from around the country as well as Germany, Japan and Australia debuting bikes at Born-Free this weekend as well as the thousands of other bikes being finished and ridden to the show from all over North America!

Our first place Invited Builder wins $10k and a trip with their bike to the Mooneyes show in Yokohama Japan. Best in Show will also join them on the trip with their bike.

We have bands both days, the Wall of Death, a small regional AMCA Swapmeet, if you need any vintage parts, over 200 hand picked vendors, and more! The sold out event (as far as bikes) will have roughly 3500 motorcycles inside the grounds and will feature an FXR show at the San Diego Customs booth inside the show with over 100 FXR's entered as well as a Digger show hosted at the Arlen Ness booth.

We are giving away a custom built 1953 Panhead. Saturday that was built from the ground up by Chopper Dave as well as a 1940 Knucklehead and a 2016 Dyna Lowrider S on Sunday.

Must be present to win!


--Grant Peterson

It was the end of the day when I parked my police van in front of the station. As I gathered my equipment, my K-9 partner, Jake, was barking, and I saw a little boy staring in at me. 'Is that a dog you got back there?' he asked.

'It sure is,' I replied.Puzzled, the boy looked at me and then towards the back of the van.

Finally he said, 'What'd he do?'

--from Jerry and Rogue

Victory wins!

Here’s what happens when you hit a kangaroo at high speed.
Aussie biker journo Boris Mihailovic hit this roo in the outback at 112 mph.

He did not come off! Huge bruise on his left butt cheek from the kangaroo’s tail whipping around though.

--Doc Robinson
Tech Editor
Heavy Duty Magazine


I was reading the intro to the SUNDAY POST, and it hit home with me. Looking back I was not a great father, too young at the time.

Took me a long time to learn this lesson and it is a hard one to learn. Wish I could do it over again, but I try my best now. Does not make up for it, but I give it my best .

--the Stealth

Click to see the offers.
Click to see the offers.

Do you know Ted Rich? He's got bike "school" at Mojave to go 200 mph. I wanna do it! Here are his details:

Here are the details Event Date: October 7-9, we have to register July 1st

Location: Mojave Air and Space Port, Mojave, CA (you will need to get your own transportation to Mojave)

$3500 ($1750 deposit due by June 30)
Payment: Visa, MC, Amex, Paypal,

Check Includes:
Lodging in Team Transporter, Meals, Bikes, Gear,
Bike: Purpose built, 350HP, Turbo Hayabusa

The way it works is Saturday is spent making your Qualifying runs 160-180, 180-200, 200-240mph. After you are cleared for over 200mph we put you on the Turbo bike (we have several bikes that we can use for qualifying).

Sunday there are less than 1/2 the competitors and you get plenty of runs.
Let me know if I can answer any questions. Ted 602-763-6827

-- Paul Aiken
Aeromach USA, LLC
10015 Metromont Ind. Blvd, Ste F
Charlotte, NC 28269
800-990-9392 orders
704-599-1333 office

Click to check their full product line.
Click to check their full product line.


When Rockfest announced on their website that no motorcycle club colors would be allowed in the Kansas City music festival, members of the motorcycle club community and the Kansas Confederation of Clubs ( reacted promptly, and within 24 hours event promoters rescinded the policy.

“This ban is tantamount to profiling motorcycle club members based on how they look and prevents them from exercising their rights of free association and expression guaranteed under the First Amendment to the US Constitution,” wrote spokesperson Brian Cohoon in an open e-mail to Rockfest promoters, sponsors and every club in the Kansas COC condemning “in the strongest terms this outrageous ban on Motorcycle Clubs wearing their colors to Rockfest. News of this ban and our reaction to it is being disseminated by the most expeditious means possible to every Motorcycle Club in this region. We strongly encourage you to reconsider this ban and allow Motorcycle Club members to attend in whatever attire they deem appropriate in their individual judgment.”

In addition to many individual clubs and representatives also voicing their disapproval to the radio station promoting “North America’s largest one-day music festival,” the Chairman of the neighboring Missouri Confederation of Clubs e-mailed Rockfest promoter KQRC-FM 98.9 The Rock in protest of the policy, and the Kansas A.I.M. Attorney (Aid to Injured Motorcyclists) was tasked with sending a letter condemning the ban.

As a result of their coordinated activism, online language referring to the colors ban was immediately taken down and the show went on as usual May 14 without incident, just as it has since 1992.


Before biker Richard Cody died on Sept. 5, 2013, he told his family and friends he wanted the logo of his beloved South Madison Motorcycle Club on his headstone, but nearly two years later his son Jeremy was forced to file a lawsuit against the city of Painesville, Ohio to make sure his father gets his last wish.

Representing the family and club, Aid to Injured Motorcyclists (A.I.M.) Attorney Ralph C. Buss filed a motion for preliminary and permanent injunction to prevent city officials from removing, defacing, touching or changing the headstone of the Vietnam veteran buried in Riverside Cemetery, after officials informed the Plaintiff that the club colors engraved into the back of his father’s grave marker, “is not deemed appropriate” and ordered the S.M.M.C. artwork to be removed within 60 days at their own expense.

Buss told The News-Herald in a May 10 interview with the newspaper that “the headstone’s logo is not vulgar or offensive in any way, and it complies with the requirements that were in place in 2014 when it was installed” and further charged that new regulations “conveniently” passed afterwards violate the First Amendment and “are nothing more than a license allowing city employees or agents to judge a person’s expression and deny it without any reasoning.”

All the media attention and ensuing barrage of publicity, including a 3,500-signature petition asking city council to allow the headstone to remain unaltered, and accompanying legal actions, resulted in the desired effect.

“When I first got the letter from the City of Painesville telling me that after two years I had to remove my father’s headstone due to it being "offensive", I was outraged,” Cody recently told Ridin’ On Motorcycle Magazine ( “My only thoughts were ‘I don't think so!’ For two months I pleaded with the city to change their minds and they were not budging. So, I then got social media involved and contacted my attorney Ralph C. Buss, who just happens to be known for helping other motorcycle enthusiasts when in need. Within three days the City of Painesville decided it was in their best interest to let the stone be left there. It was my father’s wishes to have his club patch engraved on his headstone and I was not about to let that wish be taken from him.”

THE AIM/NCOM MOTORCYCLE E-NEWS SERVICE is brought to you by Aid to Injured Motorcyclists (A.I.M.) and the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM), and is sponsored by the Law Offices of Richard M. Lester. If you’ve been involved in any kind of accident, call us at 1-(800) ON-A-BIKE or visit The whole tamale is published in Biker’s Rights on Bikernet right now.


A guy I know got in a lottery for tickets to the U.S. Open this weekend The problem is that he completely forgot that the date clashes with his wedding day.

He applied for the tickets, never expecting to receive them, forgot about them and low and behold, they arrived!

I know this is short notice but are any of you interested in getting married on Saturday?

Let me know.

--El Waggs

You could learn from the master...
You could learn from the master...

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Zeitgeber: \TSAHYT-gey-ber\
1. an environmental cue, as the length of daylight or the degree of temperature, that helps to regulate the cycles of an organism's biological clock.
In nearly every land animal, light is the major Zeitgeber ("time giver"), with temperature a distant second.
-- Richard Restak, The Brain, 1984

Origin of zeitgeber

Zeitgeber is of German origin, translating literally as "time giver." It entered English in the 1960s.

Participants for the 13th Annual Artistry in Iron, Master Builders Championship

Announcing the roster for the 13th annual Artistry in Iron - Master Builders Championship. The competition will be held during the 16th Annual Las Vegas BikeFest, September 29 - October 2, 2016.

The annual invitation only competition, sponsored by Steve Soffa Enterprises and Paughco, will include 19 award winning builders. A limited number of builders are invited to participate annually.

Artistry in Iron participants include builders who have shaped the industry and who are establishing the latest trends in custom bikes and engineering.

"Each year we invite those on the cutting edge as well as some past participants and they never cease to amaze us with the incredible works of art that they bring. We are honored that these builders have accepted our invitation," commented event producer Mindi Cherry. "It solidifies the importance of the Artistry in Iron championship to the motorcycle industry. There are no rules or guidelines on the builds so it is always exciting to see what rolls in."

The bikes are judged solely by the master builders themselves, and the winner is announced on Saturday, October 3 and presented with a check for $10,000 as well as a custom designed championship bracelet created by renowned designer and master artisan Steve Soffa.

In addition, second place will receive a Paughco Custom Rigid Rolling Chassis and third place will receive a Paughco Springer Front End.

The public is invited to visit the bikes during Rally Central hours and to meet the participating builders during autograph sessions throughout the weekend.

Confirmed participants include:

Austin Andrella, Austin Martin Originals - Akron, OH
Nick Beaulieu, Forever Two Wheels - Windham, ME
Paul Binford, Binford's Custom Cycles - Manteca, CA
Johnny Branch, Branch Engineering - Wildomar, CA
JC and Jimme Lee Coen, Three Two Choppers - Fort Worth, TX
Bill Dodge, Bling's Cycles - Tinton Falls, NJ
Adam Gaspic, Gasser Customs - North Hollywood, CA
Ryan Gore, Paper Street Customs - Grand Junction, CO
Steve Iacona, Iacona Customs - Brooklyn, NY
Johnny Mac, Johnny Mac's Chopper House - Philadelphia, PA
Pete Pearson, Rocket Bob's Cycle Works - England
Will Ramsey, Faith Forgotten Choppers - New Albany, IN
Aki Sakamoto, Hog Killers - Hawaiian Gardens, CA
Daniel Sanchez, Cut Throat Customs - Humble, TX
Mark Shell, Bonneville Customs - Idaho Falls, ID
Kyle Shorey, Speed Foundry of Texas - Roanoke, TX
Cristian Sosa, Sosa Metalworks - Las Vegas, NV
Kirk Taylor, Custom Design Studio - Novato, CA
Andrew Ursich, Ursich Customs - Long Beach, CA

For more information on each of the builders, visit

Las Vegas BikeFest 2016 will be held September 29 - October 2, 2016 in the heart of downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street East. Registration will be held at the headquarter hotel, the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino on the world-famous Fremont Street Experience.

More information regarding vendor space, event registration and official hotels can be found at, or by calling 1-866-BIKEFEST (1-866-245-3337).


New Episode Sunday, Jun 26 at 10 PM ET/PT

Created by Oscar winner Cameron Crowe, ROADIES is an insider’s look at the reckless, romantic, funny and often poignant lives of a committed group of “roadies,” who live for music and the de facto family they’ve formed along the way.

Our Buddy and a member of the Las Vegas BikeFest team, Branscomb Richmond is being filmed for an episode today in Los Angeles, at Manhattan Beach Studio.

The music-infused ensemble comedy series chronicles the rock world through the eyes of music’s unsung heroes and puts the spotlight on the backstage workers who put the show on the road while touring the United States for a successful arena-level band.

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