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Ride Forever -
Thursday Edition


Bike Week 2023 rolled into Daytona Beach and the surrounds for the 82nd time.


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 Plan to be at  Daytona International Speedway For the 81st Daytona Motorcycle Race – March 9th to 11th,



Daytona and MotoAmerica have joined forces to host the Daytona 200 this year. Riders from all over the world participate in “America’s Most Historic Motorcycle Race” that moved from the beach/road course to Daytona International Speedway in 1961. 

 For more information on tickets and the event – see the link below:



The Legendary Boot Hill Saloon is celebrating 50 years, opening in 1973– and they ain’t goin’ nowhere!!! 



Cake and Photo provided by : “Fran Haasch Law Group, Twisted Tea, Beach 92.7, Camp Easy Ride, River City Wrestling Con, and Rider Now Magazine”.



Some things will never change….



And some things have changed……



To the shitter….!


But you’re are still better off there than across the street! 



I hosted Billboard on his road trip which started Oct 10th 2020 and lasted a little over six months and covered 29 states. 20,464 miles became a new direction in life for the person who was so distraught over life, he was going to end his with a bullet.



We phone tagged over the weekend, as he was heading back to Florida for Bike Week. I told him to meet me Sunday at the Boot. When he got there – he mentioned wanting to try to find Grizzly who he previously met in Arizona during his Epic Quest. It was during Bike week 2021 that he introduced me to Grizzly at the Speedway. Needless to say,  Grizzly’s scoot just happened to be parked right outside the Station….. next door. Billboard has this Divine Intervention thing still going on in his life – he didn’t have any contact info for Grizzly but was hoping to find him this trip.




Billboard has documented his journey in a book, “The Epic Quest for Jesus”- and he included the photo of him, Grizzly and myself from the Speedway, 2021 in the book. 

He wanted to give Grizzly a copy – and was hoping to locate him this trip.


Mission Accomplished!

 Link for Book:





Asking for continued prayers and speedy recovery vibes for Moonshiner Josh Owens who sustained life threatening injuries during the Sons of Speed Race at the New Smyrna Speedway on Saturday, March 4th.


Also, sending the same to Joe Orsini, who went down during the race at turn 2 – and is recovering from surgery.


Russell Carvalho walked back to the pits from his wreck during the race also… add him to the prayer chain as well….


Sons of Speed was an epic event with 63 racers participating! 



AHRMA Side Car Racing , SOS first timer Tim Joyce and returning  SOS racer Stephen “HotShot” Aretz 



And the Burn Out after Bike Week!!!!   












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