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A Vintage Motorcycle Show in Historic Downtown Melbourne Florida

By Jim Kuhman with photos by Rogue

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Editor’s Note: People from various backgrounds got a glimpse into motorcycling history on Saturday, April 13th from 4:00 – 7:00 pm. Bikes of Days Gone By, a vintage motorcycle show was held in Historic Downtown Melbourne and featured antique motorcycles dating from 1978 and earlier.
The show is put on by Jim Kuhman and is co-sponsored by Sinclair Law Offices and Matt’s Kasbah. –Rogue

Dr. Rogue on the left with the promoter Jim Kuhman.
Dr. Rogue on the left with the promoter Jim Kuhman.

The Following Is By The Promoter About Bikes Of Days Gone By

For well over 30 years I have had a love burning in my soul for vintage motorcycles; Triumph, Norton, Crocker, Vincent, Indian and Harley-Davidson. I spend what free time I have traveling the USA to shows, auctions and events relating to the antique motorcycle world. Being a member of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America and the Sunshine Chapter of Florida; I realized that there were very few antique motorcycle events in Florida. Yes, Florida has bike week and Biketoberfest but as we all know these rallies attract riders of all genres.

I was raised and currently live in Melbourne, Florida. The historic downtown included Turner’s Department Store, Kemper’s Grocery, Meehan’s, the Flatiron Building, Shorty’s Bar, the Van Croix Theater and Pop’s Casbah. Many cities across America have been rejuvenating their historic areas and welcoming specialty shops, restaurants and bars; Melbourne’ bustling downtown has followed the trend. I envisioned the downtown streets and buildings as an ideal backdrop for a vintage motorcycle show. So when my friend Matt Nugnes bought Pop’s Casbah and created Matt’s Casbah; he began searching for a unique event to bring to downtown.

Bike Nights are a dime a dozen; they are successful for short periods of time, but die out and really don’t offer anything to keep a person’s interest. In conversation with Matt, I suggested perhaps he should consider having an annual gathering of antique motorcycle enthusiasts and host an Antique Motorcycle show. An experience for people from all walks of life; the guy whose neighbor down the street had that cool Indian, the dude from the ‘60s who remembers the Sears, Montgomery Wards and Hondas of that era or that family who just stumbles upon the happening while shopping.

All of us old guys are hoping that young children exposed to these classic machines may ignite a spark of the same passion we have for antique motorcycles, hell antique motors of any kind and carry the torch for future generations.

Our annual occurrence had to be more than just a biker function; I reached out to my good friends Walt & Rose Smith and we started brainstorming and hashing out guidelines. What categories of bikes would be allowed to enter, where to set a production year cutoff for entry, getting the word out, how to judge, what kind of award for winners, etc.

Each year we are learning something new to add or remove in order to grow the show, make it more successful and enjoyable for all participants, be it the owner of the vintage bike or the spectator.

Each registered participant to the show will receive a cool T-shirt designed by a wonderful group of artists at Art Lab. These T’s will soon be for sale via the Internet and the day of the show. Sinclair Law has been a big supporter of the Brevard County motorcycle communities and this year they have joined with Matt’s Casbah to become a major supporter of Bikes of Days Gone By, with their help and the continued assistance of Matt’s Casbah we are looking forward to this year’s show and making Bikes of Days Gone By an anticipated must attend event for Melbourne and the antique motorcycle community for years to come.

We appreciate and are open for suggestions and comments. We hope to see you on April 13th in historic downtown Melbourne.

--Jim Kuhman
Old Iron Caretaker

For more information visit the web site

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Great Job!

Palm Bay, FL
Saturday, February 8, 2014

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