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Outreach in Daytona Beach helping to Keep America Great Again!


Dale Herndon
Dale Herndon

 This year, fellow Americans, is the time to get your shit together!

Our country has the best President ever, and we need to keep him in office

For 4 more! 


 We only have 8 months until the election, and being complacent and thinking

President Trump is going to win won’t work this time. Make sure you GET OUT AND VOTE

RED in November! 



The future of America depends on you and your vote!

Don’t be one who thinks: OK he won last time, he’ll do it again this time!!!




Helping spread the word in and around Daytona this year

were members of Bikers for Trump! It wasn’t a rally held just in one place, but a

Campaign of Publicity to reach more people in the biker world!



Dale Herndon, National Director of Bikers for Trump was in town

For some PR & R&R but also to follow up with some folks that have been

ultra-supportive of the organization over the years. 



 Bikers for Trump was accompanied by Kathy from the Republican Party of Volusia County

who provided on-site Voter Registration to the masses during Choppertime! 



Bikers for Trump had a booth of information/merchandise set up at Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Choppertime Show on Thursday, March 12, 2020, courtesy of Willie… a staunch TRUMP supporter.


 For his part of supporting BFT over the years, Willie was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from the organization by Dale.

Dale With Shawn Quin
Dale With Shawn Quin



Dale With HOG Radio
Dale With HOG Radio

 Shawn Quinn 95.7 the HOG, Daytona’s Rock Station interviewing

Dale about Bikers for Trump – Spread the Word! Trump 2020!



 Friday the 13th started off at American’s for Constitutional Rights, Post 1 in Holly Hill for Breakfast. 


 While at the Post – Bikers for Trump awarded a Certificate of Appreciation to Amy – Kitchen Manager –with a thank you for supporting the Bikers for Trump Breakfast Meet and Greet.


 Check out this cool homemade shirt that one of the patrons designed and made himself!

Definitely sounds like a great idea to keep the TRUMP TRAIN rolling along for years!!!


 Next stop was Destination Daytona where new members were signed up! BFT Literature Was distributed to many! 


 Europeans were even eager to meet Bikers for Trump members, as many of them thought very highly of our POTUS. 

 Indian Motorcycles- Charlotte – See you at the RNC!



 Met up with many veterans supporting President Trump 2020!



 Stopped by The Beaver Bar in Ormond Beach where BFT presented Leslye Beaver with a certificate of appreciation for her help and support over the past 4 years in Myrtle Beach, Florida, and Sturgis. 


 She has been an ardent support of our President and BFT. 


Dale and Leslye
Dale and Leslye

 This certificate was just a small token of appreciation. For helping






Capping off the day of community outreach was a stop at the World Famous Iron Horse Saloon in Ormond Beach. 



Denny Tipton, National Coordinator for Bikers for Trump, gave the introduction to the Bike Week 2020 debut of “Freedom isn’t Free” with lyrics and music by

Tommy Roxx (Douthat) and Nuthin’ Fancy – a Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute Band. 


Tommy Roxx
Tommy Roxx

 The crowd cheered for BFT, Freedom, and of course – the band kicked ass! Even the lighting was red, white and blue!



 Future events at least through April 2020 on the Bikers for Trump calendar are on hold and under review. No one can tell how long this pandemic with Covid-19 is going to last. 

While you may have more keyboard time than usual due to being “Socially distanced” or on lock down - take some time to check out Bikers for Trump and what the organization stands for:

 Anyone who is an American Patriot can join the group in your state of residence.

 " Trump Train, Trump Bus, Trump 2020...Whatever it takes - WE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!










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