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Loyalty, Honor, Respect, Solidarity , and Unity …words to live by in the biker way of life…



Look at 30+ years back – with “Fuck the Factory.“

Remember when the H-D patches were sewed on upside down – it brought attention to the Layoffs by AMF/Harley and all of the disgruntled employees. 



Famous freedom fighter, former Wisconsin Senator, Dave Zein. Also 1-million mile rider.
Famous freedom fighter, former Wisconsin Senator, Dave Zein. Also 1-million mile rider.


Look at years back – with helmet protests – and the solidarity of bikers - trying to get states

To not have helmet laws….the gatherings, protests, courthouse appearances, runs, and hours spent trying to let the lawmakers understand “Let those who ride decide”…



Look at 4-5 years ago…..We had a fanfuckingtastic President in office – and 75-80 million people in this great land of ours – America – reveled in the good that was being done for our country by a business man – not your run of the mill politician. 



Fast forward to last year – and I was on my way to work – and see my American Flag flying upside down on some idiots flagpole with of all things a Marine flag underneath – and you guessed it – a Biden sticker on his car. Yeah, it pissed me off – and a lot of other people too.

Finally the idiot turned the flag rightside up ( no, there wasn’t any distressed noted, just the asshole’s panties in a wad)… Luv my veterans – but not this one…..

This was just a hint of things to come.





Best part about all of this is the FREEDOM that we have in the USA!. It’s not to be rivaled by any other country in the world. It’s the land of opportunity and has given the American Dream to so many hard working, deserving, loyal immigrants who assimilated into our country and became Americans Legally. LEGALLY. LEGALLY!!!



Through all of this time – a former, self-admitted crackhead, has now become the number one champion of our true President – Donald J Trump – and has spent much of his money amassed in the true American Way – to help prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the so-called Presidential Election of 2020 was a total sham, and not the ones he uses to cover his pillows!!!



This man, Mike Lindell, the MyPillow Guy – has started his own social media platform – and is using every ounce of his being to help save our America. He has put together several documovies that present the undisputable evidence that the 2020 Presidential Election was a sham.  



“Absolute Proof”, “Scientific Proof”, “Absolute Interference”, and “Absolutely 9-0” – are  the projects that he has put together – and provides all the evidence needed to turn over the “results” of the 2020 Presidential Election. 



He will be releasing more information within the next few months on his findings – so stay tuned…



In the meantime, Mike Lindell has started back with supporting the MAGA Rallies – with the first one was held in Richmond, Wisconsin on Saturday, June 12, 2021 at River’s Edge/Apple River Concert Venue. On his own dime, he reached out to the supporters of our President Trump, and brought together people from all over the country for this one day event out in the country. 



This man has had his products banned from several large box stores, but he still persists righting the wrong!    America has really showed true loyalty and support to this man, buying his products online and he in turn has made many discounts to help out customers at this time of COVID and the downtrodden economy brought on by this White House Squatter and staff. Not quite sure why President Trump had to take a Cognitive Test, but this Squatter doesn’t? Yeah, I digressed.



Anyway, back on track – Bikers for Trump was onboard and represented multiple states at the MAGA Frank Rally. This Political Action Committee is still maintaining a broad presence in the political realm, with the hopes of supporting the return of “45” to the White House. 



Chris Cox, founder of Bikers for Trump, gave a 21 minute speech during the event – reaffirming the job ahead, - reinstating Donald Trump as President.



Other patriotic speakers throughout the event  included Diamond and Silk, Dinesh D/Souza, Charlie Kirk, Sheriff Clarke, Danielle D’Souza and President Donald J Trump. Their stories were told, and their allegiance was sworn.




Wrapping up the day’s events, Jack Dunn, Bikers for Trump National Coordinator was presented with a plaque for his hard work and dedication to the cause by Chris Cox. 



With Cancel Culture, Critical Race Theory, and the Left trying to erase American History –

It’s time to show solidarity and unity like the bikers of yesteryear did when they wanted their voices to be heard. Educate yourselves – not through lamestream media like CNN/NBC/ABC…

Instead look to alternative avenues – and social media platforms where your voice isn’t censored or you don’t land in “FB Jail” for posting your opinion. 



The thousands that have given their lives so that we can have our freedoms, are turning over in their graves seeing what our world is becoming because of all of the political corruption and greed, that and China trying to take over and become the supreme power!



 America was not meant to be a socialist country. America is the land of the free because of the brave!


The bikers that turned patches upside down weren’t afraid to let their opinions be heard.

The bikers that fought for the freedom to “let those who ride decide” weren’t afraid to let their opinions be heard. Don’t just stand by and take a “wait and see” approach. The old ways are falling by the wayside – new school definitely ain’t like “old skool”:   Loyalty. Honor. Respect.




The veterans of today, representing the generations of veterans of yesterday, aren’t afraid to let their voices be heard! So many of them are now in political offices and trying to keep America as we know her! 



Keep your eyes opened for upcoming events with President Trump. He is re-instating the rallies around the country, as well as starting a new social media platform. Educate yourselves with alternative news agencies: Telegram, OAN,, Tucker Carlson, etc.



Don’t let your freedom become a thing of the past. Just what you fought for so righteously so many years ago, keep those fires going today and help us burn out the trash that has taken over our nation since January 2021. Mike Lindell, the MyPillow guy, stated he will be releasing his evidence beginning July 2021. Remember the words “packet captures”, evidence forever preserved in time – to be unveiled in a Cyber Symposium prior to the lawsuit heading to the US Supreme Court. Should make for an interesting end to 2021.  








Bikers for Trump



















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Reader Comments

Great read! Please keep reporting on the pro American events.

Wauwatosa, WI
Tuesday, June 29, 2021
Editor Response Will do!

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