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They Deserve Better Treatment

from Rogue, Senior Editor, Founder Biker Lives Matter

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I am a Biker and A Disabled Veteran. There are a lot of people who are as well, including Bandit, and most of us deal with the Veterans Administration for our medical treatment. This was promised to us when we enlisted and or drafted into the military.

 I have a close friend who is a Navy Veteran and he told me he was not allowed to sign up for VA because his wife makes too much money.

Some people say they are happy with the way they are treated, but most I have talked to are Not and the reasons vary.

Very High on the list is the amount of time they have to wait to get an appointment. Around 3 months in my area of Florida. There is a section of the ruling that says if they cannot see you within 30 days you can ask to see a doctor outside of the VA. Well that is another can of worms and leaves a lot to be desired as well.

The people who I have talked to running the treatment centers have told me they just do not have enough doctors and even if they could hire more, they have no space to put them. It is obvious that the answer is more facilities and or improve the system for them to see doctors outside the VA.

 Bikers are part of a brotherhood and do a lot of good for the community. The Veterans have a slogan Together Then, Together Again. There are numerous veteran groups, and clubs and clubs that have veterans in them. If these groups continue to work together things can be improves at the Veterans Administration.

 If you are a veteran, sign up for the VA even if you have outside medical insurance. The reason I ask this is that the more people who sign up the more money the VA can ask for.

 I was in that position for a good part of my life and did not sign up because I thought it would take treatment away from a fellow veteran who needed it. That is Not The Case and the Government Has Plenty Of Money To Improve Conditions At The VA.

 They show that to us every day by funding programs for people who are not citizens and or have not done anything to earn it.


Another Big Issue with the VA is their Disability Section. This is where Veterans apply to get compensated for disability they received while in the military and it goes from 10% to 100% depending on the amount of the disability. The best way that I can describe this agency is like doing business with a cheap insurance company after an accident.

This procedure has gotten so bad that there are lots of attorneys and other agencies advertising to help the veteran for a price and or a piece of their disability.


Luckily there are agencies like the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) who will do the paperwork Free Of Charge and Get Results.



Sometimes it becomes necessary to contact elected officials like our congressmen and women to get things done.


Rogue and Congressman Bill Posey
Rogue and Congressman Bill Posey


I and the other veterans in my area of Florida are very lucky to have Congressman Bill Posey. He advertises if a veteran is having a problem with a Government Agency to contact his office. I for one have done that numerous times over the years with good results, and so have the other veterans I have sent to him and the DAV.

Then there are things like being compensated for travel to the VA for treatment.

I am requesting you contact your Federal Legislator and ask them to improve waiting times for Veterans to get Health Care, Disability Payments and Travel Pay plus any other issues that affects Veterans

By working together on this, We Can Make A Differerence.

Click to get involved!
Click to get involved!

All veterans should join.
All veterans should join.








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Reader Comments

So sad veterans have to go through so much to get what they need. Great article Rogue!

Cat Hammes
Racine, WI
Tuesday, October 11, 2022
Editor Response Thanks Cat. Many brothers just don't try. They should reach out to the DAV and keep after them.
Excellent article. I agree, no illegal immigrant should be given benefits that American citizens, especially American Veterans, have to pay into and work towards!

If someone wants the benefits of being an American citizen, let them become an American citizen!

Ruth Sidow
Daytona Beach, FFlorida
Tuesday, October 11, 2022
Editor Response Thanks for taking the time to write.
This article speaks volumes. The VA has been working hard for our veterans but we need more help. Our veterans need more assistance with claims and people to care about there needs.

I personally know of a Veteran who has fought for his rights with our government to get his disability to 100%. It’s taken him years and this year he finally won the battle.

Others need to know that it’s not impossible and that persistence is a must. We as Americans need to help our Veterans that fought for us so let’s fight for them.

Christy Severino
Palm Beach Gardens , FL
Tuesday, October 11, 2022
Editor Response Thanks, and you're right! Never give up!

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