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Bikernet Supreme Brent And Kiyo Knuckle Feature

From the master of classic Harleys to Brent

By the Owner, Brent Rogers and Kelly Dube with photos by Cookie, and Peter Linney

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This bike kicked off nearly 10 years ago. The original chassis and mock up built around a Shovelhead designed by Scott Craig.

The bike then slipped into my garage and was worked on periodically over the years to follow.

Amazingly I stumbled into Garage company one day. Yoshi, the owner, was offered a 1946 FL Knucklehead engine for a steal.
At the time, he had many Knuckleheads, so he was kind enough to pass the deal on to me.

The bike went through a few different types of front ends over the years including Narrow glide, Triumph pre unit, to eventually settling on a VL I-beam rear legs springer, a classic. In order to accommodate an original set of stelling & Hellings risers, graciously given to me by Kiyo, needing a bit of work, Kiyo then restored them to near perfection. The handlebars are original narrowed Flanders bent with internal throttles added, also handle by Kiyo in Gardena, California.

The motor and transmission were rebuilt by Kiyo.
The upsweep exhaust was custom made by Kiyo.
Small ripple sections exiting the heads were done by a friend Richard Reyes.

“Kiyo is becoming known as one of the ‘go to guys’ for Knuckle work,” said Kelly Dube, “as well as Panhead and Shovelhead engine work.”

Originally I had a tall Sissy bar on the bike and even though I really loved it, I ultimately decided
to go with a much lower sissy bar.

Very much a fan of Scott Craig's moon cricket bike, I always loved the way it looked like a Schwinn bicycle.

Much to my surprise the moon cricket sissy bar was still in Scott's Possession and he was kind enough to donate it to the cause, Along with the rear wheel from the moon cricket, as well.

Ultimately running into too many problems with fitment with the sissy bar, Kiyo decided to do a similar version from scratch. It is one of my favorite parts of this bike. The seat and P-pad were upholstered by Michael Maestas.

I was introduced to Michael through Scott Craig 10 years ago and I consider him a good friend.
Michael was Tony Nancy's apprentice for nearly 15 years. Michael mostly works on high end automobiles these days, so I appreciate him doing such a small job for me !!

The seats are very well done bringing a 1960s show vibe to the bike. I intended to have Scott Craig paint the bike but he was traveling a lot at the time and I got impatient.

Remembering a previous offer from Michael to be introduced to Bill Carter to talk paint, Michael made the call. Days later we met and Bill agreed to paint the bike.

I was always a fan of the custom car Bill painted in the ‘60s called the Choosey Beggar. Bill remembered it well and agreed to do a vintage lavender pearl with candy purple fades. Bill and Larry Watson called this particular purple, Candy Ink.

Bill Carter is a legendary painter and drag racer and I'm honored he painted my bike. Bill has a problem with his knee and has difficulty walking, so out of necessity I ended up being his assistant throughout the paint job.

What an honor to see such a master at his craft
Bill is a genius !!! I am proud to also call him a friend ...

Many hours were spent staring at placement of parts on this bike and always taking the time to create a relationship from part to part. Keeping it flowing was the objective!

“Brent did not want the Master Cylinder ‘hanging out in the wind,’” said Kelly Dube. “So, Kiyo put the old Hurst Airheart master cylinder, just aft of the oil pump. With very little room to work with, the Master Craftsman Kiyo, after several attempts, made the Master work with bends to the rod and running under the pipes and the crank case. This brake HAD to work because, no front brake!!!!!”

“Brent wanted it, Kiyo made it happen!!!!”

We Thought about every nut and bolt!!


Owner: Brent Rogers

Bike Name: 1946 Knucklehead

City/State: Los Angeles, CA

Builder: Kiyo - Kiyo’s Garage

City/state: Gardena, CA 90249

Company Info:
Address: 1508 W. 134th St
Phone: 714 414 3000
Web site:

Fabrication: Kiyo’s Garage

Manufacturing: Harley Davidson

Welding: Kiyo’s Garage

Machining: Kiyo’s Garage


Year: 1946

Make: Harley-Davidson Knucklehead

Model: FL

Displacement: 74 ci

Builder or Rebuilder: Kiyo’s Garage

Cases: OEM

Case finish: Polished

Barrels: OEM

Bore: Standard

Pistons: Standard

Barrel finish: Black

Lower end: OEM

Stroke: 74 ci

Rods: Standard

Heads: OEM

Head finish: Black

Valves and springs: OEM

Pushrods: OEM

Cams: OEM

Lifters: OEM

Carburetion: Linkert

Air cleaner: Ed Roth

Exhaust: Kiyo’s Garage/ Richard Reyes


Year: 1946 Harley Davidson

Make: Harley Davidson

Gear configuration: 4 speed Andrews

Primary: Custom Chrome Engineering

Clutch: Foot Clutch

Kicker: Yes


Year: Panhead

Builder: Harley-Davidson

Style or Model: Staight Leg

Stretch: None

Rake: None

Modifications: Plated/Molded

Front End

Make: HD

Model: VL Springer

Year: 1936

Length: 28-inch

Risers: Stelling & Hellings

Mods: None

Sheet metal

By: Kiyo’s Garage

Tanks: Wassell, Made in England

Fenders: English Rib Steel, Made in England

Oil tank: OEM Knucklehead


Sheet metal: Kiyo’s Garage

Molding: Bill Carter

Base coat: Bill Carter

Graphics: Bill Carter

Type: 1950 Vintage Lavender Pearl

Frame: Bill Carter

Molding: Bill Carter

Base coat: Bill Carter

Type: 1950 Vintage Lavender Pearl

Pinstriping: Danny D



Make: Jones

Size: WMO 21-inch

Brake calipers: None

Brake rotor(s): None

Tire: Avon Speedmaster


Make: Jones

Size: 19-inch

Brake calipers: Juice, with Hurst Airheart

Tire: Good Year Grasshopper 19”


Foot controls: Custom- Kiyo’s Garage

Finish: Chrome

Handlebar controls: Internal Throttle

Finish: Chrome

Shifting: Hand

Kickstand: OEM


Ignition: Mallory

Wiring: Kiyo’s Garage

Harness: Owner

Headlight: Vintage, Maker Unknown

Taillight: Knucklehead

What’s Left

Seat: Michael Maestas

Mirror(s): None

Gas caps: Vintage

Handlebars: Flanders Narrowed with Internal Throttle

Grips: HD

Pegs: Custom Chrome Engineering (Randy Smith)

Throttle: OEM Knucklehead Internal

Specialty items:
Chrome by Supreme
Polishing by Boyles & Schneider

Credits: Special Thanks to
Kiyo at Kiyo’s Garage
Bill Carter
Jill Tomandl
Scott Craig
Richard Reyes
Michael Maestas
Yoshi at Garage Company


Kiyos inspiration was derived and manifested from none other than Hideo “Pops” Yoshimura.

(Hideo "Pops" Yoshimura (October 7, 1922 – March 29, 1995) was a motorcycle tuner, race team owner and manufacturer of specialty motorcycle accessories. He is remembered for his ties to the beginnings of AMA Superbike racing and the Suzuki factory racing team. He was born in Fukuoka City, Japan.[1]

Yoshimura was called into military service during the Second World War where he was trained as an aircraft mechanic.[1] After the war, he began tuning motorcycles for American servicemen stationed in Japan and in 1954, he opened his first shop, with his wife and children helping him.[1] In 1971, he moved his business to Los Angeles at the beginning of the four-cylinder superbike era. He gained a reputation as an excellent motorcycle tuner.[1]

In 1976 the AMA introduced a racing class for production based bikes and Yoshimura established himself by entering fast, reliable Kawasaki Z1 bikes.[1] In 1978 he switched to Suzuki bikes and began winning races.[1] Steve McLaughlin won the 1978 Daytona Superbike race while Wes Cooley and Mike Baldwin won the prestigious 1978 Suzuka 8 Hours in Japan.[2] With Wes Cooley as his rider, Yoshimura claimed the AMA Superbike national championship in 1979 and 1980.[1] Yoshimura formed a close relationship with Suzuki and eventually his team became the official Suzuki factory racing team in the United States. His company experienced success as one of the world's largest performance aftermarket sport bike exhaust manufacturers.[1]

Yoshimura died of cancer in 1995. He left a legacy as a master craftsman, tuner and fabricator and was one of the pioneering personalities of superbike racing.[1] In 2000, he was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame.[1] His son continues to operate the company which still enjoys success in the AMA superbike class with rider Mat Mladin winning six championships in seven years, and Ben Spies winning the 2006-2008 championships.

Yoshimura celebrated its 60th Anniversary event at the 2014 Suzuka 8 Hours race in Japan. Kevin Schwantz and Satoshi Tsujimoto raced a "Pops Yoshimura" special race bike for the Yoshimura Legends race team.)

According to Kiyo, Pops was NOT just an excellent mechanic, he was almost godlike with his “spiritual” approach to all things mechanical and racing. The majority of Kiyo stems from Pops Yoshimura. Although the history books in the US will not say as much if any about the spiritualness of Pops, in Japan it is well known about Pops Yoshimura.

In the beginning, Pops got his start with British bikes…………………

What’s happening now at Kiyo’s Garage?

Kiyo is still working on and making his favorite engine, “The Knuckle” a runner and making them last as well.

Check out the gas tank on the knuckle and Kiyo hand built and he also painted the tank as well. Quite the fabricator and artist.

If you want perfection and smooth running Knucks, Pans and Shovels, stop by and see Kiyo and his lovely wife/shop foreman and see what type of bike you can dream up and put together.

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