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BIKERNET™ BOOK REVIEW-- The Harley-Davidson Motor CO.

Archive Collection By: Randy Leffingwell and Darwin Holmstrom

By David Campbell

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The Harley-Davidson Motor CO. - Archive Collection
By: Randy Leffingwell and Darwin Holmstrom
Publisher: Quatro Publishing Group

Like those too broke for Sturgis parties this books gives us a glimpse into the Harley-Davidson museum. Through amazing photos and a strong narrative it give you a peek into what you will see when you actually get to make that pilgrimage to the source.

H-D is one of the few companies that saw the need early on to preserve its history in both documentation and examples of its product. Not all items in the Archive Collection are original but the idea it to capture and preserve forever the memorable moments in the companies wonderful past.

Original production units, experimental units, bikes from collectors, and items from other lines like the golf carts are preserved and on display for everyone to enjoy. Some are completely restored, some are in the condition in which they were found. Randy Leffingwell worked with the archivist to carefully photograph each item that is presented in this book. With close to 10,000 photographs taken of 196 motorcycles this was a labor of love.

Starting with the oldest bike, a 1903 serial number 1 single cylinder motorcycle to a 2015 XG-500 Street Model you will find an excellent representation of Harley-Davidsons motorcycles. Each photo comes with a description of the bike and a little of its history. This book is not only a peek into the archives but also a good history book.

I am sure this book will bring your pilgrimage to a higher priority on your bucket list. Take a gander...

-- David Campbell
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