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It's Doable if We Can Get to the Table

By Bandit, Wayfarer, Rogue, Bob T., Sam Burns, Barry Green, the Redhead, Laura, Stealth and the rest of the Crew

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Why do I ponder this shit, but I do
. It’s not as if my folks were industry leaders or politicians. I should smoke weed and relax, but no.

So, what happens when we prove that Global Warming is a doomsday hoax? We’ve basically lost 20 years when we should have been thinking about the infrastructure for a growing population. How do we want to drive in the future? I’m sure we don’t want more traffic jams. How can we expand roads, make them two-tiered? How can we keep a vibrant car industry and maybe curb the number of new cars entering the lanes?

How do we respect freedom of travel, the enjoyment of riding, the freedom to build bikes and keep roads available? We need to shift our focus first, but we need to do it soon.

I heard there was a pow-wow with the President and Senate and House leaders. It’s going to take some thought and concentration.

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. Most recently the Smoke Out and Quick Throttle Magazine came on board.

BARTEL’S HARLEY BURGLARIZED—A single dark van pulled into the Bartels’ parking lot late Tuesday night. About five guys got out completely cloaked in black but wearing miners’ hats with lights.

They broke a single pane of floor to ceiling glass and stormed into the apparel department. Each member of the team grabbed an arm full of 5-Ball Leathers and Lil’ Joe leathers and stormed out to the parking lot through shards of glass to jump into the van and escaped.

I'll take a handful of my books down to the shop.
I'll take a handful of my books down to the shop.

It’s suspected it was members of the new Mayan TV series crew. They needed the real thing for the show. Who knows?

They took our exclusive Special Opps Vests with multiple pockets.

They also took the Jacket I wear the most, the Jak 5/8 sleeve buffalo leather shirts. I have a couple of XXL chocolate brown versions. I wear one on a regular basis.

We are also suppling Bartels’ with our new lighter leather Jak shirts with collar that buttons down. Very sharp.

The new Jak shirts are not available on the site yet, nor are the chocolate brown 5/8 sleeve Jak shirt. Let me know if you would like either. I’ll get it going.

We are scrambling to restock Bartel’s with our 5/8 Jak Shirts and the new Bikernet full sleeve Jak shirt.

If you would like to be a 5-Ball dealer, let us know.

5-Ball leathers

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Click for Leathers and More.



SEAL BEACH CAR AND BIKE SHOW-- First year to have old bikes. There were over 500 cars

--Art Hall

This was the second attempt by the City of Milwaukee to force the Outlaws MC to remove their club logo from their clubhouse, a building which the club owns.

I think actions like this are directly related to issues like the ones facing the Mongols MC and profiling in general. The government continues to seek methods of stealing the identity of motorcycle clubs thinking that will force the clubs to disband.

In the incident relating to the Outlaws Milwaukee clubhouse, using the anti-graffiti law to force the club to remove its logo from the clubhouse was a blatant misinterpretation of the graffiti law. I hope this information will help other clubs if faced with a similar problem.

Tony Sanfelipo
Motorcycle Marketing Specialist
(414) 223-4800
(414) 271-3374 Fax
111 E Kilbourn Avenue, Suite 1100, Milwaukee, WI53202

 See the whole story under Special Reports on Bikernet.--Bandit

Stanley is diagnosed with terminal lung and brain cancer. His brother-in-law, Michael Smith, got in touch with a local biker named David Thompson.

I was contacted this morning about 6:30 this morning by Mike Smith through Facebook - and he informed me about Jon, you know he's terminal, and he's not looking really good, and one of his wishes was to hear a bunch of motorcycles out his window.

In response to this request, Thompson put out an open call for bikers to surround Stanley's house in South Bend, Indiana. Just 6 hours after asking bikers to assemble, 200 of them on more than 100 bikes turned up outside Stanley's home.

The touching incident happened on June 12, 2017. Stanley was then taken outside by his family and put into a sidecar so that he could not only hear the roar of the Harley-Davidsons but feel their vibrations too.

You could tell he enjoyed the feeling of that one last rumble. He was holding on.

A few hours after having his last wish fulfilled, Jon passed away in his wife's arms.

--from Wayfarer
Bikernet News Desk Chief


Bill Location: Iowa•Senate
Bill Title: SF 343

An act prohibiting the use of automated or remote systems for traffic law enforcement, requiring the removal of existing systems, and including effective date provisions

NMA Recommendation: Support
UPDATE March 26, 2019: Passed Senate in 30 to 19 vote. Referred to House Public Safety Committee.

SF 343 was introduced on February 21, 2019 and referred to the Judiciary Committee. A subcommittee hearing was scheduled for February 14, 2019.

The bill would prohibit the use of automated photo systems for traffic law enforcement. The NMA opposes red-light cameras and speed cameras for the reasons noted at the provided links.

Click to find out more.
Click to find out more.

QUICK, REOPEN THE BANDIT’S CANTINA BAD JOKE LIBRARY--Q: How do you know you are a true stoner?
A: When your bong gets washed more than your dishes!

Police Officer: "How high are you?"
Pothead: "No officer, it's "Hi, How are you?"

Q: What do you call a pothead with two spliffs?
A: Double jointed.

Q: What do you call one bowl between three tokers ?
A: Malnutrition.

Q: Why is the roach clip called a roach clip?
A: Because pot holder was taken

Q: Did you hear about the kid that overdosed on weed?
A: Neither did I.

Q: What do you call a family that grows Marijuana in their backyard?
A: A Joint Family.

Q: What do you call a stoners wife?
A: Mississippi

Q: What does marijuana and the Carolina Panthers have in common?
A: They both get smoked in bowls.

If the whole world smoked a joint at the same time, There would be world peace for at least two hours.
Followed by a global food shortage.

Q: What is a stoners idea of a balanced diet?
A: A joint in each hand!

Q: What do you call Harrison Ford when he smokes weed?
A: Han So-high

Q: Why don't you see any pot heads in elementary school?
A: Because they're all in HIGH school

Q: What do you call an apple pie getting high in McDonalds?
A: A baked apple pie.

Q: What did the stoners girlfriend say?
A: If I can't marry a dude, I'll Mary Jane

Q: What do you call money that grows on trees?
A: Marijuana

Q: What do get when you soak a spliff in Vodka?
A: The Holy Spirit!

Q: What do you call a potato that smokes weed?
A: A baked potato.

--from Rogue

THE BAD COP FILE INVESTIGATED--We found 85,000 cops who’ve been investigated for misconduct. Now you can read their records.

By John Kelly and Mark Nichols, MSN

At least 85,000 law enforcement officers across the USA have been investigated or disciplined for misconduct over the past decade, an investigation by USA TODAY Network found.

Officers have beaten members of the public, planted evidence and used their badges to harass women. They have lied, stolen, dealt drugs, driven drunk and abused their spouses.

Despite their role as public servants, the men and women who swear an oath to keep communities safe can generally avoid public scrutiny for their misdeeds.

The records of their misconduct are filed away, rarely seen by anyone outside their departments. Police unions and their political allies have worked to put special protections in place ensuring some records are shielded from public view, or even destroyed.

Reporters from USA TODAY, its 100-plus affiliated newsrooms and the nonprofit Invisible Institute in Chicago have spent more than a year creating the biggest collection of police misconduct records.

Obtained from thousands of state agencies, prosecutors, police departments and sheriffs, the records detail at least 200,000 incidents of alleged misconduct, much of it previously unreported. The records obtained include more than 110,000 internal affairs investigations by hundreds of individual departments and more than 30,000 officers who were decertified by 44 state oversight agencies.

--from Rogue

DIRECT FROM THE WHITEHOUSE--US Economy Grows by 3.2% in the First Quarter, Topping Expectations

“The U.S. economy grew at a faster pace than expected in the first quarter and posted its best growth to start a year in four years,” Fred Imbert reports for CNBC.

“First-quarter gross domestic product expanded by 3.2%, the Bureau of Economic Analysis said Friday in its initial read of the economy for that period. Economists polled by Dow Jones expected growth of 2.5%.”

“Veterans of the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu have slammed [Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN)], for accusing them of killing ‘thousands’ of Somalis and ignoring the fact they were engaged in a United Nations mission designed to protect civilians from a murderous warlord following a devastating famine and civil war,” Russ Read reports for the Washington Examiner. “Danny McKnight, who was the Ranger colonel who commanded U.S. troops, and Kyle Lamb, who was a Delta Force operator, said they were in Somalia in part to protect the Majerteen, Omar's tribe, from the ruthless warlord Mohammed Farah Aidid.” 19 U.S. troops were killed in service of that mission.

NEWS FROM THE LEATHER MASTER, ADAM CROFT--Thank you very much for making my work apart of Bikernet Headquarters. It's truly a blessing.

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--Adam Croft

Sometimes boring conferences can be made more fun with friends. Glad to catch up with my favorite former WI Governor and the founder of ABATE of WI. Proud to include these men in my circle of friends, already planning a small ride this summer.

— with Tommy Thompson and Tony Pan Sanfelipo.

THE MAV ART UPDATE--This week's Weekly Winner is Richard P. from Aurora, Colorado! Richard will be receiving this SIGNED print of "The Mechanik" from Monte!

You could be the next winner just by entering! If you want a chance to be the next Weekly Winner, click HERE to enter, remember, you must enter each week for each drawing, if you already have an entry registered for the current drawing, the system will tell you that you are already signed up. Good luck!

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--
WEEKEND ROUND-UP for April 24th 2019

Perhaps the our so-called leaders in Washington and state governments should be made to read what Thomas Jefferson had to say.

One other thing, I went too national cemetery in Maimi, Florida for Vietnam veterans. I listened as the names were read, said so long to my brother again and my younger brother. He volunteered, followed me to SE Asia. It’s not right that he left before me.

My hope is that we will ride again later. My wife and I are riding over to the Leesbugg rally today.

Lets hope you have a great day and a good ride.

Deland, FL

Far more sequestration is possible. The Nature Conservancy estimates that “natural climate solutions,” like restoring degraded soils, safeguarding wetlands, and planting new forests, could account for almost 40 percent of the carbon savings needed to keep the world on the 2-degree Celsius path generally seen as necessary to keep climate chaos to survivable levels.

Large swaths of the globe are already greening. India, which has begun restoring almost ten million hectares—37,000 square miles, is, along with China, part of what a recent Nature Sustainability paper called a “strikingly prominent” pattern of greening. In both of those countries, new land-use practices, bolstered by rising levels of atmospheric CO2, have brought huge increases in the area covered by vegetation.


--Climate Depot

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Click to order.


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Biker New England TV - with Hermis Yanis - -

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LATEST FROM THE NMA --Forum About Modifying Speed Limits and Driver Behavior

The April 15-16, 2019 conference in Ruckersville, Virginia was billed as a “national forum [seeking] to address the neglected problem of speeding.” The sponsoring organizations, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), are leading proponents of lowering speed limits with the goal of reducing highway fatalities to near zero levels. Both organizations are also supportive of automated enforcement, i.e., speed cameras, to ensure that drivers not in strict adherence with posted limits are penalized.

The purpose of the conference per GHSA was “to illuminate the issue of speeding and develop strategies to address this challenge, which continues to factor into nearly one third of traffic fatalities each year in the U.S. The forum will gather a diverse group of stakeholders to identify promising approaches to reduce speeding, prevent crashes and save lives. In addition, GHSA and IIHS will seek input from attendees to help shape a new pilot program to curb speeding in rural and suburban areas.”

The National Motorists Association and its membership are certainly among those stakeholders. Joe Bahen, an NMA Virginia life member and past Sentinel Award winner, graciously agreed to attend the IIHS/GHSA forum. His goal was to participate in the discussions, presenting motorist points of view while also establishing valuable connections with FHWA officials and other key players in the speed limit evaluation process.

Joe’s conference report:

As the NMA suggested, I attended the National Forum on Speeding to participate in the development of a model speed management pilot program. I was pleased to see that IIHS and GHSA are considering the viewpoint of a large and diverse group of stakeholders.

The morning session was moderated by Pam Fischer, an outside consultant. She started the discussion by asking “what is speeding?” She asked if exceeding the posted speed limit by 1 mph is speeding. Several of the participants certainly feel that it is. However, Dr. Christian Richard of the Battelle Center said that everybody speeds by 1 mph or more.

He pointed out that there are different types of speeders: a high speeder group that engages in extreme behavior, a moderate speeder group, and a low speeder group. For most drivers, speeding is driving above the enforcement threshold. A retired traffic judge spoke up and said that the judiciary does not want to deal with tickets for less than 10 over. Most seemed to agree that the pilot program should not target the low speeder group.

Mike Griffith, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Director of Safety Technologies, said that work is being done to “fill the gaps” in its USLIMITS2 computer program for determining safe speed limits in urban areas. My experience is that the program results in reasonable speed limits for limited-access freeways. I have not used it for non-limited access roads in urban or suburban areas.

Lt. Michael Rodriguez of the Buffalo Grove, Illinois, police said that it is common for patrol officers to have a daily quota for speeding tickets. Those officers typically go to their “fishing holes,” write three tickets and then go about their day. This gave me the opening to say that the first step in the pilot should be to have an engineer check the speed limit at the fishing holes using USLIMITS2. I then repeated “fix the fishing holes" during the afternoon breakout sessions.

The only push-back I got was from Eileen McCarthy, a lawyer representing a D.C. pedestrian and bicycle group. Among her comments: “Engineers shouldn’t be the ones who set speed limits in cities.” “We need to make it challenging for vehicles to be in the city.” “Take parking out.” “What’s a child’s life worth?”

Most everyone there seemed to believe that automated enforcement is the solution to speeding problems. Cameras are surely going to be part of the pilot.

I have no idea where the pilot is going to be or what it is going to look like. Nevertheless, I feel we should continue to urge that a spot speed study and a USLIMITS2 analysis be done at each location in the pilot where a speed camera is planned.

We should also monitor the forthcoming changes in USLIMITS2 and contact FHWA's Mike Griffith if we find that the program results in unrealistic speed limits in urban areas.

The NMA raised alarms in the Fall 2018 issue of Driving Freedoms (“The Big Lie”) about concerted efforts to dump proven engineering standards for setting practical and safe speed limits, standards like the 85th percentile rule.

The alternative being proposed seems to be an arbitrary and universal reduction of speed limits with a higher degree of enforcement. While that sentiment was expressed quite clearly by some during the IIHS/GHSA conference, the NMA’s participation through Joe Bahen has provided an avenue to continue influencing the discussion.

Click to join.
Click to join.

THE BATTERY CONFERENCE--France, Germany agree on first battery cell consortium

France and Germany have earmarked 1.7 billion euros ($1.90 billion) to support several company alliances looking to produce electric car battery cells, a step aimed at reducing the dependence of European carmakers on Asian suppliers.

BERLIN: France and Germany have asked the European Commission to green-light state subsidies for a cross-border battery cell consortium involving carmaker PSA with its German subsidiary Opel and Total's Saft, FAZ newspaper reported on Monday.

The economy ministries of both countries sent a letter of intent to the European Union's executive body asking Brussels to quickly give its go-ahead, the newspaper said, adding that the sum of the planned support was not mentioned.

France and Germany have earmarked 1.7 billion euros ($1.90 billion) to support several company alliances looking to produce electric car battery cells, a step aimed at reducing the dependence of European carmakers on Asian suppliers.

--India Times

--from the Wayfarer
International Reporter
Bikernet News Bureau


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