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BANDIT IS F.I.C.K.L.E. BIKERNET NEWS for December 7 2017

Floating In Cuba while Kicking-back with Limitless Enjoyment

By La La, "Sidehack' Jerry, Rogue, Barry Green, Uncle Monkey, Joe Tersei and the rest of the Bikernet crew

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Bandit is still in Cuba. I am here with the rest of the Bikernet crew holding down Bikernet Headquarters. Making sure this machine stays well oiled and is going strong upon his return. I thought I'd speak to Bandit for a moment in the language he has become accustomed (Cuban colloquialisms and Spanish) to over the last week. I have also uploaded some Cuban slang for you to look over in case you should need it for interpretation upon his return.
Tranquilo Bandito,
Estoes un paquete, pero....(This is hard to swallow, but...) Tu eres guayabitos en la azotea.(You're crazy.) Se formó un relajo.(Things got out of hand.) ¡Regresa a casa ya!(Come home already!)
As always the Bikernet weekly news is brought to you by: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown and BorntoRide.com, Sturgis Museum.
It’s been a great run,
but all good things must come to an end.

Here’s what you need to know:
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Tier 4 prices are going out with BANG!
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-- Sturgis Buffalo Chip 

Live Acoustic Music,
Open Bar, Free Hors d'Oeuvres, ...




I think you can have some fun with this on Thursdays Post.

A little strange for me But I wonder about some others.

-- Rogue
Just when the world's values seemed so different than our own... Then we realize that we all can band together on similar ideas and desires. Makes even me feel better about the direction the world is heading. 
I'm sure someone will get a kick out of this. Thanks Rogue!


BIKERNET GUN NUT ALERT: WEST COAST EDITION-- California: Sign Up for Upcoming NRA and CRPA Webinars Regarding California “Assault Weapon” Laws

On Tuesday, December 19, and on Thursday, December 21, NRA and CRPA will be host a two-part webinar regarding California’s recently enacted “assault weapon” restrictions. Specifically, the webinars will address options other than registration which are available to California gun owners who are now in possession of a firearm classified as an “assault weapon” under Senate Bill 880 and Assembly Bill 1135.

The first webinar, which will be held on Tuesday, December 19, 2017, at 12:00 noon PST, will provide California gun owners with information on how to legally assemble what is commonly referred to as a California “compliant” firearm. As part of this webinar, several potential “fixed” magazine modifications currently available on the market, as well as other related products, will be discussed.

The second webinar, which will be held on Thursday, December 21, 2017, at 12:00 noon PST, will provide California gun owners with information on how to legally assemble what is commonly referred to as a California “featureless” firearm. As part of this webinar, several available aftermarket modifications designed to make either a rifle or pistol “featureless” will be discussed.

To register for Part One, which will provide gun owners with information on how to lawfully build a California “compliant” rifle, click here.

To register for Part Two, which will provide gun owners with information on how to lawfully build a California “featureless” rifle, click here.

As is the case with previous NRA and CRPA webinars, don’t worry if you are unable to attend. Both webinars will be recorded and made freely available on both NRA and CRPA websites. Additional webinars regarding other changes to California gun laws, including the recently adopted “assault weapon” regulations and the processes for registering newly classified “assault weapons,” can also be found there.

Continue to check your inbox and the California Stand and Fight webpage for updates on issues impacting your Second Amendment rights and hunting heritage in California.





 We need term limits and prosecution of these so called public servants and enough with the benefits for life they give themselves. if seats are empty maybe we could find a few honest people. perhaps it would be a good idea to cut off california, new york, let them be here own little kingdoms without our tax monies. well I have to get off the soap box,0500 time for coffee. 




deland, FL


I'm totally behind you, on the entrenched, career politicians messing up this beautiful country for their own personal gain. Service to your country should by more cushy for our troops rather than these stuffy conniving dogs. We definitely need to fix that situation{cursing tirade redacted}.
Although, on your second point.... The US could cut California and notice no benefit financially since Californians get .99 cents for every dollar paid in Federal Tax(that still equates to more money going into the federal government than it receives in federal spending). New York on the other hand in 2013 alone paid the federal government 19.9 Billion more than it received in federal spending in the state.
Can I recommend a peek at the infographic below to better sort out what's best for the country?{hint:1 = more financially dependent, 50 = least dependent}

Source: WalletHub

Then again, your motivations may not be of the financial nature. Still it would hurt us more than them. It's a bummer but I think we're just going to have to do this the hard way. Figure shit out as we go so we can fix all that has been broken by poor leadership.

Pass the coffee AJ. We're going to need it.

BIKERNET’S LOVE FOR TEARS-- Newest addition to the iconic S&S® Teardrop Air Cleaner line




Created in 1975, the S&S Teardrop Air Cleaner has long been the iconic shape of v-twin performance.  Adding to that legacy, the new Mini Teardrop is a compact version designed around the S&S  Stealth high flow air cleaner system for a simple install and, in most applications, emissions compliant as well.  A natural for the HD® Sportster® and Street®, but looks and performs great on Dyna®, Softail®, and touring models as well. Available in chrome or gloss black as a full air cleaner kit or a retrofit cover for existing Stealth air cleaners. Available direct from S&S or through your favorite distributor.


Click here for more information!.  http://sscycle.com/mini-teardrop


Been a while since the classic teardrop line got some love. Excited about this one as we've taken our contemporary high flow Stealth air cleaner platform and wrapped it in a newly designed mini Teardrop. Classic looks and modern performance, that's a pretty good format, right?

 Talk soon.






OLDEST TECH TAKES OUT NEWEST TECH IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE-- French military using winged warriors to hunt down rogue drones.

This is amazing.



A golden eagle grabs a flying drone during a military training exercise at Mont-de-Marsan French Air Force base, Southwestern France.

Following incidents of drones flying over the presidential palace and restricted military sites – along with the deadly 2015 Paris terror attacks – the French Air Force has trained four golden eagles to intercept and destroy the rogue aircraft.

Aptly named d'Artagnan, Athos, Porthos and Aramis – an homage to Alexandre Dumas’ “The Three Musketeers” – the four birds of prey have been honing their attack skills at the Mont-de-Marsan in southwestern France since mid-2016.


“A drone means food for these birds,” Gerald Machoukow, the military base's falconer, told FRANCE 24. “Now they automatically go after them.”

The use of hunting birds – normally falcons and northern goshawks – by militaries around the globe is common practice in the fight to scare other critters away from runways and so cut the risk of accidents during takeoff or landing. But it wasn’t until 2015 when the Dutch started using bald eagles to intercept drones that other militaries started to see the benefit of these winged warriors.

The French bred the four golden eagles – three males and one female -- using artificial insemination since eagles are a protected species and harvesting wild eggs is strictly forbidden. They chose the golden eagle because of the birds hooked beak and sharp eyesight.

Also weighing in around 11 pounds, the birds are in a similar weight class as the drones they’re sent to destroy and clocking in at a top air speed of 50 miles per hour, with the capability of spotting its target from over a mile away, the eagles are deft hunters.

To protect the eagles from drone blades and any explosive device that might be attached to them, the French military designed mittens of leather and Kevlar (an anti-blast material), to protect the bird’s talons.


A golden eagle carries a flying drone (2017). "I love these birds," Machoukow told Agence France-Presse.  "I don't want to send them to their death." The birds are first taught to attack in a straight line before graduating to diving from heights. Soon they’ll be patrolling the skies over the Pyrenees Mountains in southern France and could possibly be deployed at airports and special events, such as political summits and soccer tournaments.

The French air force already expects four more eagles to join the fleet.

 --Sam Burns




Logomachy [loh-gom-uh-kee]


1. a dispute about or concerning words.

2. an argument or debate marked by the reckless or incorrect use of words; meaningless battle of words.


And suppose he tackled me again with this logomachy, which might vainly have been set before ancient Oedipus.

-- Jules Verne, Journey to the Center of the Earth, translated by Frederick Amadeus Malleson, 1877


English logomachy comes straight from the Greek noun logomachía “battle of words.” The Greek noun is very rare and also very late, first used in the First Epistle to Timothy, traditionally attributed to St. Paul (c5-67 a.d.). Logomachy entered English at the end of the 16th century.



Indian Scout FTR1200 Custom

This is a fine hotrod ! While it doesn't seem like 2 up riding would work well , for a street racer or bar hopper , it can not be much better !

 Tom Amann


 Andes, NY









Who:     Operation Gratitude

What:    Thousands of Volunteers to Assemble 10,000 Care Kits and to celebrate the Two Millionth Operation Gratitude Care Package.

Where: 21100 Lassen Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311

When:  Saturday, December 9 from 10am to Noon

Why:     Operation Gratitude's mission is twofold:  To lift morale in the Military and First Responder communities; and to provide volunteer opportunities for Americans to express appreciation to all who serve our nation.


Key Messages:

Operation Gratitude is assembling and delivering their 2 Millionth and 2,000,001st Care Packages to members of the Military.                                    

Founder Carolyn Blashek will assemble Operation Gratitude's 2 Millionth Care Package. The organization's new CEO, retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Schmiegel will assemble the 2,000,001st Care Package.                                         

More than 350,000 volunteers donated 25 million hours of volunteer service over the past 14 years to bring this milestone moment to fruition.                              

With thousands of volunteers participating on December 9th, this celebration is not only an acknowledgement of what Operation Gratitude has achieved since its inception, but a symbol of what it intends to replicate in other communities across America.

Operation Gratitude sends 250,000+ individually addressed care packages annually to Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen deployed overseas, to their children left behind, and to First Responders, New Recruits, Veterans, Wounded Heroes, and their Care Givers. Each package contains snacks, hygiene products, entertainment, and handmade items, as well as personal letters of support.

After 9-11, founder Carolyn Blashek started volunteering at the military lounge at Los Angeles airport. In March 2003, a soldier came into the office and broke down at her desk. He was on leave from a war zone for his mother's funeral, his wife had left him, and his only child had died as an infant-he had no one else in his life.  "I'm going back over there; I know I won't make it back this time, but it really doesn't matter because no one would even care," he told her. Right then, Blashek realized that when bullets are flying, troops must believe that someone at home cares about them as an individual. That's when Operation Gratitude was born.

While this grassroots movement started in Blashek's living room, it now encompasses Americans all over the country donating items and writing letters to those who serve.


Yamaha And Graves Motorsports Announce Supersport Team And YZF-R3 Support Program For 2018 MotoAmerica Road Racing Championship

Cypress, CA - December 6, 2017 – Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. (YMUS), and Graves Motorsports are proud to announce that 2015 MotoAmerica Supersport Champion JD Beach will continue as a Monster Energy/Yamaha Extended Service (Y.E.S.)/Graves/Yamaha Supersport team rider competing in the 2018 MotoAmerica Supersport Championship. In addition, Yamaha and Graves are introducing a brand-new Graves/Yamaha YZF-R3 Support Program for riders who wish to compete aboard specially prepared Yamaha R3 motorcycles in MotoAmerica’s new 2018 Junior Cup Championship.

Monster Energy/Yamaha Extended Service/Graves/Yamaha
Anxious to put the #1 plate back on his Yamaha YZF-R6 Supersport machine is returning team rider JD Beach, who finished a close second to his former teammate Garrett Gerloff in the 2017 MotoAmerica Supersport Championship.

“It was a great feeling to put ink to paper and sign up for my fifth season with the Monster Energy/Y.E.S./Graves/Yamaha team. Each year, it’s like a dream come true for me to be able to continue with this great family as their rider on the awesome R6. For me, racing in the MotoAmerica Supersport Championship again, I think, will be best for my continuing development as a rider. We made a lot of mistakes last year, so, for 2018, I’m extremely determined to fix those, have a great season, and win back the #1 plate on my R6. I feel like I’ve got some unfinished business in this class. I want to get that taken care of first, and then set my sights on the next goal in my racing career.”

Graves/Yamaha YZF-R3 Support Program For 2018 MotoAmerica Junior Cup
Graves Motorsports, who is beginning its third decade as a partner with Yamaha Factory Racing, is offering, in cooperation with YMUS, two levels of race-prepped R3 motorcycles, both of which include Graves Motorsports components and ongoing technical support from Graves and YMUS, for competing in the 2018 MotoAmerica Junior Cup Championship.
In addition, Yamaha Factory Racing Brand Ambassador and bLU cRU Rider Coach Josh Hayes will serve as a mentor for Graves/Yamaha R3 Support Program riders competing in the 2018 MotoAmerica Junior Cup.

Commenting on the program, Chuck Graves, president of Graves Motorsports said, “What a great way to begin our 21st year of working with Yamaha Factory Racing! With this Graves/Yamaha R3 Support Program, we’re helping to develop the grass roots of motorcycle road racing here in the U.S., and also in the MotoAmerica AMA/FIM North American Road Racing Championship. Ever since Yamaha launched the R3 a couple of years ago, we’ve been continually developing more and more race-ready parts for the bike. It’s an excellent motorcycle on which riders can develop their riding and racing skills, and we’re really looking forward to the inaugural season of the MotoAmerica Junior Cup Championship. Yamaha fans and Yamaha racers’ families now have another Championship in which they can cheer on Yamaha bLU cRU riders.”
For more details about the Graves/Yamaha R3 Support Program, call Graves Motorsports at 800-867-6480, extension 800, or send an email to sales@gravesport.com

BIKERNET KEEPS AN EYE ON REPRESENTATION-- Motorcycle Riders Foundation Delivers Petition at First Meeting of the Motorcyclist Advisory Council, Asking to ‘Let Riders Speak’

WASHINGTON, DC – A petition containing over 5,000 signatures was delivered to the first meeting of the Federal Highway Administration’s Motorcyclist Advisory Council on Tuesday. The document was presented by the Motorcycle Riders Foundation and demanded that the Council designate additional seats to represent the motorcycle rider community. Currently, the Council has 10 available seats; only one of which is filled by a motorcycle rider association representative.

Reauthorized in the latest highway bill in 2016, the Motorcyclist Advisory Council or ‘MAC’ was created to coordinate with and counsel the Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) on infrastructure and other issues that affect motorcyclists. It was originally conceptualized in 2005, and designed to allow the motorcycle community a dialogue with government officials; the only one of its kind. Previous iterations of the group also held 10 seats, however unlike the current parameters, 4 of the 10 council members included representatives from the motorcycling community from various state and federal motorcycle associations. When the MAC was reauthorized, the Federal Highway Administration eliminated all but one of these, only calling for 1 representative from the motorcycling community with the other 9 positions to be filled by experts in roadway data, design and engineering.

“We continue to be concerned that [the MAC], the ONLY group of its kind on a national scale, fails to include adequate representation of the nearly 8.5 million motorcycle riders on our nation’s roadways,” said Megan Ekstrom, Vice-President of Government Affairs for the Motorcycle Riders Foundation in prepared comments delivered at the meeting. “Only ONE out of TEN of these individuals can speak for the rider community at large and has the authority to do so and is here to serve that specific purpose. The MAC should have more of these,” Ekstrom went on to say.

Members of Congress also weighed in. The Senate issued a letter, led by Senators Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Dan Sullivan (R-AK) asking for additional seats for motorcycle riders association. The letter, sent in February, included Senator John Thune (R-SD), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation which has jurisdiction over transportation-related matters.

The U.S. House of Representatives issued its own letter to Secretary Chao, outlining their own concerns and asking the Secretary of Transportation to allow the motorcycle community a strong voice on the Council. The letter stated, “It is critical to allow motorcyclists to have a strong voice on this Council. These are the individuals who have experience and can provide a motorcyclist’s insights on the challenges and benefits of our roadways. Depending on where they live, riders have unique experiences and are differently impacted by roadway and barrier design, and construction, among others.”

Seated in the audience of Tuesday’s meeting was Andy Kelly. Kelly, a rider for most of his life and a member of ABATE of Pennsylvania, which stands for “Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education” made the trip to Washington, DC to attend the meeting after signing the petition. A handful of other motorcycle riders representing various state and local rider associations were also in the audience, allowed to listen, but not officially weigh in on issues that affect them as riders.

“This is an example of government at its worst,” said Ekstrom. “The purpose of this group is to advise on issues important to motorcyclists, how can the MAC identify and prioritize these issues, without adequate rider representation?”


A copy of the petition and Ekstrom’s remarks are below.



We Call on the Department of Transportation to Add Seats to the Motorcyclist Advisory Council for Motorcycle Riders’ Associations

In 2015, Congress re-established the Motorcyclist Advisory Council in the Highway Bill to advise the Federal Highway Administration on “issues of concern to motorcyclists.” This important group would serve as the ONLY official forum on a national scale for motorcyclists to have an open dialogue with the Government to discuss concerns like road and barrier design, the emergence of autonomous vehicles and other areas of the nation’s highways and infrastructure which impact motorcyclists in a unique way.

In 2017, an announcement was made naming 10 individuals to serve as appointees to the Council. Regrettably, all but one individual selected was represent the technical aspects of the Council, including engineering, construction and traffic safety systems as well as roadway data. Only one seat out of ten was designated for a national motorcycle riders’ association and speak for the 8.5 million motorcyclists in the U.S. And though 8 of the 10 appointees have their motorcycle endorsements, their intended purpose for participation on the Council is to represent the infrastructure and technical side of the conversation, not to advocate for riders. Nor do they have the authority to speak on behalf of riders at large, as would other motorcycle riders’ associations at the national and regional levels.

We, the below signed, call on the Secretary of Transportation to add 3 additional seats to the MAC; another seat for a national motorcycle rider’s association dedicated to on-street riders as well as at least two other seats for regional motorcycle riders’ associations.

Adding these three seats will ensure a balanced and fair composition to the Council and will adequately represent the voice and concerns of street motorcyclists across the nation.



Prepared Remarks By Megan Ekstrom, Vice-President of Government Affairs


Motorcycle Riders Foundation
On 5th of December 2017
At the Motorcyclist Advisory Council Meeting


My name is Megan Ekstrom and I am the Vice-President of Government Affairs for the Motorcycle Riders Foundation. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation or MRF provides leadership for states’ and regional motorcycle riders associations as well as motorcycle clubs and individual riders. Through our state partners and affiliates, we have a network of over 250,000 motorcycle riders representing all 50 states.

I’d like to start by thanking the Federal Highway Administration for allowing me to speak. As many in this room already know, the MRF has been critical of the parameters and the process for participation in the Motorcyclist Advisory Council - particularly with regard to the lack of representation for state and national motorcycle riders’ associations.

First, I want to be very clear that our grievances are in no way intended to be an attack or criticism of the 10 current appointees to the MAC. Each one of these individuals (several of which I know personally) bring important areas of expertise to the table. Whether that’s engineering or construction, safety or roadway data, each of their voices is critical to ensuring a successful MAC. I also recognize that the majority of the appointees are motorcycle riders themselves and can speak to their own individual riding experience.

While we recognize and appreciate this effort to be inclusive, we continue to be concerned that this important group, the ONLY one of its kind on a national scale, fails to include adequate representation of the nearly 8.5 million motorcycle riders on our nation’s roadways.

While the majority of MAC appointees have their motorcycle endorsement, only ONE out of TEN of these individuals can speak for the rider community at large and has the authority to do so and is here to serve that specific purpose

We believe the MAC should have more of these.

Associations have the ability to speak on behalf of a larger group of individuals, identifying common ground, areas of interest and prioritization of issues. They can point out different concerns in various parts of the country, geographically identifying where needs are most urgent based on feedback from their extensive member networks.

While the AMA can certainly help to fulfill that role, we are concerned that only one voice to speak on behalf of 8.5 million is enough.

I am not alone in voicing this concern – this year almost 40 members of congress from both the House and Senate, both Republican and Democrat, sent a letter to Transportation Secretary Chao laying out the concerns I have reiterated. Each of these letters stated that in order to facilitate a successful MAC, the Federal Highway Administration should allow more seats for designated motorcycle riders associations in order to ensure a productive dialogue.

I will submit these letters again for the record as well as a petition that I am bringing forth:


This petition signed by over 5,000 motorcycle riders in the U.S. calls on the Secretary to add 3 additional seats to the MAC: another seat for a national motorcycle rider’s association dedicated to on-street riders as well as at least two other seats for regional or state motorcycle riders’ associations.  If these 3 seats are added, which is permitted under the discretion of the Secretary, it will result in a more robust conversation, ensuring that the purpose of the MAC, as written under the statute, is fulfilled as it was intended by Congress

Thank you for listening to our concerns - like everyone in this room, the MRF simply wants to ensure that the unique needs, experiences, and requirements of motorcyclists from across the U.S. are being considered and heard.

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Reader Comments

Well done, a lot of work while the old guy goofs off in a tropical paradise.
Betta bring back some cool stuff Bandit!

Doc Robinson
Somerton Park, SA, Australia
Friday, December 8, 2017
Editor Response And Cigars.
You knocked the news out of the park - Dat Be Good
Every once in a while a change of pace is good and I for one liked it.

Palm Bay, FL
Friday, December 8, 2017
Editor Response I will pass this along.
Great job LaLa. At least we know the place won't go to hell when Bandit slips out the back door is search of adventure.

Uncle Monkey
Moose Jaw, SK, Canada
Friday, December 8, 2017

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