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Daytona Bike Week Attraction

Rogue - Photos Rogue and Others

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If you made it to Sons of Speed or Warren Lane’s Bike Show at the Broken Spoke Saloon there is a good chance you got to see Bad Boy Berry and if you were lucky have your photo taken with him and maybe even sign the stand.


Many years ago, there was a chain of restaurants that had a Big Boy statue holding a hamburger outside their business. Called Bob's Big Boy, there's still a weekly biker and hotrod meet and greet at Bob's in Burbank, California.

Well Berry Wardlaw of Accurate Engineering in Dothan Alabama the engine builder of the stars, racers and others decided he just had to have one of the fine statues. Well not just any one mind you but one of the few that were made of aluminum as opposed to the fiberglass.

 The first time I saw it was in May of 2023 before the group ride from Accurate Engineering to Clarksville and Berry and Vivian getting married.

 There were all kinds of speculation on what Berry planned to do with Big Boy and since he was Not Holding a hamburger what would he hold in the future.

Most people speculated some kind of motorcycle engine, But Berry would not say what his plans were other than he would post photos on Facebook from time to time for anyone interested. Hell, everyone who knows him was interested.

 From Time-to-time images of Big Boy appeared on Berry’s Facebook page, as he was being transformed.


The first public display was at Sons of Speed races by Billy Lane.


Attention to detail was carefully chosen, Tattoo, Belt Buckle, Shop Towel, the wrench and toolbox.


All In All, a cool combination and a Big Hit With A Lot Of People.


 Bad Boy Berry is currently on display at the Accurate Engineering Headquarters observing the numerous projects going on there. 

Oh Yeah, a Better Photo Of The Engine.

We will just have to wait and see where Big Bob shows up next.

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Reader Comments

Just exceptional. It is an original work with so many details. This just made my day. Thanks to Berry and Rogue for bringing this to us.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024
Editor Response Bob's Big Boy forever...
Will they be selling miniature collectible Bad Boys ?? Why not ??

Tuesday, March 19, 2024
Editor Response Ah, the Bobblehead Boy. The Redhead brought home a Bobblehead chubby chipmunk, but it was the last one...
Bandit and Rogue, another fine article with photography.
I really do miss y'all, more than words can convey.
Berry's engine work is finer than frog's hair.
His mass accumulation of knowledge acquired through study, apprenticeship with the greatest builders of the past, and amazing memory with keen interest in his craft makes him the most sought out master engine builders on the planet.

It has been my pleasure to have found myself at Accurate Engineering's door.

Great article, Rogue!

Marilyn Elmore Bragg (Mistress Marilyn)
Tuesday, March 19, 2024
Editor Response Thanks,

Berry has taken the Assalt Weapan out of the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum, and it's headed back to Bonneville with a purpose-built Accurate Engineering Panhead engine and two Mikunis bolted to a nitrous enabled throttle body. It's gonna fly.
I think this is AWESOME!

Janna Holland
Dothan, AL
Monday, March 18, 2024
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