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Thursday Edition

Arizona Bike Week 2022: All the Action

The Desert Comes Alive with Roar of Engines, Thundering Wild Parties

by Cycle Source Magazine

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Here's the Cycle Source FXR offering.
Here's the Cycle Source FXR offering.

Arizona, huh? Well, I heard it was a big-money game, and I gotta tell you I am not a fan of more motorcycle events containing less motorcycles. But we got invited to partake in the FXR Friends Throwdown, and host a bike show at WestWorld, so we decided to roll out and see for ourselves.

After two challenging years, like most of us in the motorcycle industry, Arizona Bike Week got the green flag to have its annual rally at WestWorld of Scottsdale. Unlike the last event, where tiny corrals would be installed to keep people separated, it would be wide open.
However, one other big change was made to suit the requests of many. This time the motorcycle show, camping, and party areas would be one ticket and the concert venue would be another. That meant for the low, total-week price of $12 you could come and go as you please, see the free bands under the Handlebar Saloon tent, watch the Wall of Death, attend the Cycle Source Custom Bike Show and Paul Yaffe’s Baddest Bagger event. There were stunt shows by The Motorcross Extreme Stunt, a couple of rides, one dubbed the “Dry Heat Run” by the Hamsters USA which benefitted LifeScapes of South Dakota.

The rides were very well attended and I gotta say, people from this part of the country do not play when it comes to riding. Something about the desert setting must install that do or die mentality ‘cause everyone seemed to ride fast and hard. But hey, that was all good with us.

The week started with an assembled group of builders who had challenged each other to a build off between friends. The FXR Friends Throwdown sponsored by Law Tigers contained Brian Klock, Paul Yaffe, Jason Mook, Curtis Hofmann, Jeff Zielinski and Nick Trask. There were a number of party craters including Flash from Bikers Against Bullies, James Patience, Rick Bray, Steve Red, Xavier Muriel and yours truly bringing the total number of FXRs on the ride to a whopping 12.

This Dirty Dozen started off in Winslow, Arizona, for a spirited ride down the canyon pass of the BeeLine Highway. Funny to see brand new bikes exceeding 100 mph but like I said, the desert makes you do crazy things. They all entered the city and the celebration culminated at Yaffe’s booth inside WestWorld.

Most made it, a few broke down, some got repaired and some got towed in, just like a great ride should be. The memories that came out of this single event made this trip worth the 6000 miles it took us to be there, but there was more, way more.
For its first year the Cycle Source Custom Bike Show rolled into AZ on Friday with 33 classes and much to our surprise an amazing amount of support. We had some 80 motorcycles turnout and by the end of the day not a single complaint. Our Best of Show turned out to be the very same bike that the FXR friends selected as the best FXR from our show and that was Xavier Muriel of Providence Cycle Worx. This bike is dope, a chopper take on the FXR platform, that was clean as a new suit.

Yaffe’s Baddest Bagger event rocked Saturday and drew a great showing as well. Another awesome COVID victory. It celebrated only the third person to receive the much-coveted Championship ring custom made by Scott Ziegler for the best of show. That honor went to Logan Black.

Out in the campgrounds there was everything from million-dollar RV coaches to army tents. And buddy, in the tent camping area, they were getting it done. By Friday early evening we strolled through the scene of an impromptu weenie bite competition and were offered several doses of what was promised to be the best homemade moonshine on the planet. I can’t fathom what it was like there later that night, but most of the tents were still intact the next day, so I guess they lived happily ever after.
The concerts actually received record crowds in spite of the split event site. Rob Zombie was off the hook with not a single seat left in the incredible building and the headliner on Saturday was none other than Lynyrd Skynyrd, and I don’t even have to tell you how that went, but it was a sea of people who took every inch of floor space.

All in all, I’d give this one a solid B plus, especially during the Covid plaque. Seriously a good grade cause we’re not using the curve. The grounds are beautiful. The promoters listened to the customers and pushed to expand motorcycle activities. Great bunch of people and for sure an event we will be attending again next year!
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