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A Restored 1930 Indian from the Sturgis Museum

From a Junk Pile in a South Dakota Hay Field

By Christine Paige Diers with Sturgis Museum Images and historic image from Bob T.

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About 30 years ago, Neil Hultman pulled a 1930 Indian out of a junk pile in a hay field in South Dakota.  At the time, he wasn’t sure what would become of this bike, but he knew someday it would be a project worth doing.  Neil is a long-time Jackpine Gypsy – having joined the club in 1947.  Throughout the years, Neil has played a variety of rolls in the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  He’s been a road captain and led many rides through the Black Hills.  He’s been a racer.  He worked at the race track for many years, and helped plan and execute many events for the Jackpine Gypsies throughout the years. 

A few years ago, Neil had retired, was living in Boulder Canyon near Sturgis, and he welcomed his nephew from Colorado for a visit during the Sturgis Rally.  That was when Neil told Ron Kriz about the 75 cubic inch side-valve bike just waiting to be saved.  And save it they did.  Neil and Ron worked together to get the bike put together, find parts to replace any missing pieces and get it cleaned up and restored.  While Ron was in charge of the complete restoration, he had help from some greats in the motorcycle world, too.  Woody Carson (since deceased) built the front cylinder and transmission.  Bill Tuman, a retired professional racer assisted in rebuilding the engine, painting and assembly.  It took five years to complete the restoration, but both Ron and Neil think it was well worth the time and effort. 

Shortly after it was completed, the bike won the Rat’s Hole Custom Antique Classic-Restored class in 2007 and the People’s Choice Award for the pre-1960 class in 2008.   Now, it makes its home in the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum where thousands of visitors get to see the excellent restoration work every year.

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Reader Comments

Beautiful bike. Man I love old school bikes of any kind especialy the V-twin Harley-Davidson and Indians .That's a sharp piece of history done real good. My compliments to the individual who brought this machine back to life.

Beautiful it is.

roxboro, NC
Thursday, June 7, 2012

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