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Ride Forever -
Thursday Edition

A Custom Indian Chief like no other

Noise Cycles & Zach Hines take a cruiser model to racing design

by Jeff Millard

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This past weekend, at the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival, Indian Motorcycle debuted a custom Indian Chief like never before.
From cruiser to racer, the RT-3/4 custom Indian Chief was designed by Noise Cycles and brought to life by Zach Hindes.
Have a glimpse of the photos of the completed build, along with a series of videos filmed and directed by Scott Toepfer.
As you can see, the build and specs is unique as its concept & execution.

Next step: Paint.

In this second stage of the custom RT-4/13 Indian Chief Zach Hindes brings things from design to reality. Lots of modifying existing pieces and hand-fabricated parts will make this road and race machine work as it should, and look incredible.

Filmed & directed by Scott G Toepfer (@sgtoepfer)
Episode 2: Design (Noise Cycles): HERE

Episode 1: Planning (Noise Cycles): HERE

Full video playlist including planning and design found HERE
  • Build & Fabrication - Zach Hindes
  • Engine - Stock 111ci
  • Transmission - Stock 6 speed
  • Exhaust - Custom Stainless Steel by Zach Hindes
  • Muffler - Racefit
  • Frame - Modified rear section from twin shocks to mono shock & modified swing arm by Zach Hindes
  • Front Forks - Modified from single disc to to dual disc by Zach Hindes
  • Wheels - Custom by Roland Sands Design - 17 inch rear / 19 inch front
  • Tires - Dunlop
  • Brakes - Beringer
  • Gas Tank - Custom by Zach Hindes
  • Footpeg mounts - Custom by Roland Sands Design
  • Racing Fairing - Vintage 1970's modified by Zach Hindes
  • Seat Pan - Vintage 1970's modified by Zach Hindes
Photo Credit Scott G Toepfer (@sgtoepfer)
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