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Wild News from ABATE of Arizona, the AMA, Nash Motorcycles, the MRF, Tariff Cops, Trailblazers, Chopper Town, Indian, you name it

By Bandit, Bob T, Rogue, Ujjwal Dey, Tony Pan, Joe Smith, Rik Savenko, Markus Cuff, Uncle Monkey and the rest of the Bikernet crew

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Interesting times.
Tomorrow the new President takes office. That will be interesting. Yesterday riders in Arizona defeated the proposed Helmet Law, so freedom was recognized.

Click or order a copy, quick.
Click or order a copy, quick.

Next week, I’m heading to Cincinnati to the V-Twin Dealer show. I’m working on a seminar on EPA issues and showing a film called “Climate Hustle.” It basically points out the problems with the Climate Change agenda. Bottom line, Oil isn’t the Bad guy. Incredible. If you get a chance to watch it, it will rock the control-freak world.

Click for more info.
Click for more info.

It’s so not funny how our society can be steered one way or the other, when time after time we learn that there needs to be balance and Freedom works. That’s the Code of the West.

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

The Bikernet Weekly news is sponsored in part by the following organizations: Cycle Source Magazine, Iron Trader News, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, the Sturgis Museum, Born to Ride and the bros at Choppertown.

Let’s hit the news running.
Check the Iron Trader out.
Check the Iron Trader out.


We defeated out Helmet Bill HB2046 8-0 vote against the bill in its’ first committee which was transportation! YES!!!

--Deborah Butitta
ABATE of AZ BOD Member
MRF BOD Member

Well, it's been 12 years since we've seen this, but here it is:

--Sandra Clark
CMRA Legislative Committee Chair
MRF State Representative
203-886-8770 (call or text)



Wanted to let you know that we extended the 2 for 1 downloads deal for one more week. So you can grab any movies you need for the weekend!

Choppertown and Jesse James Austin Speed Shop on still sale at 50% off until Tuesday as well!
All Digital Download Movies are 2-for-1 through next Tuesday - just add one to your cart and the next one of equal or lesser value will show $0.00 - NO LIMIT
We wouldn't be here without your support, looking forward to more exciting films, live shows, and videos next year!

Stay independent,
--Zack and Scott

Click to get there, quick.
Click to get there, quick.


Made in Los Angeles, Ca
Goodyear welt construction
5.5 ounce full grain leather with hand polish and antiquing
Rubber slip and oil resistant sole and heel

Available here now for pre-order:

Click for action.
Click for action.

Can the unit be mounted on other motorcycles?

No, the mounting bracket won’t fit other bikes. In the future TMW will produce brackets to fit other motorcycles, both from Harley-Davidson and from other manufacturers.

How is the unit attached to the motorcycle?

The mounting bracket bolts around both down tubes. No drilling, welding, cutting or other alterations to the frame are needed.

How long does it take to install?

A TMW-certified dealer can install the standard conversion on a stock Harley in about 8 hours of shop time. The job may take longer if it involves removing and re-mounting other aftermarket gear you’ve installed on the bike. The TiltLock conversion requires about 12 hours, or 8 as a retrofit on an existing standard conversion.

A Honda Gold Wing takes longer, usually about 12 hours of shop time to install the standard conversion on a stock GL1800.

Can I install it myself?

Although we don't doubt your mechanical ability, our insurance company does not allow for self-install. Please contact us to find your nearest dealer.

2017 WISHES--
And may your friends always bring you joy!
--from Joe Smith

A Biker Movie for Bikers, by Bikers

A lot of hype has been circulating on social media outlets lately concerning the soon-to-be-released movie, “Rebel on the Highway.” This independent film, unlike many before it, is unique in that there are no professional actors, no overt violence or sexuality and no big movie production company dictating the direction.

“Rebel” is the dream child of Charlie Brechtel and is co-written by Charlie and his wife, Sabrina. It is co-produced by Brechtel, Frank Verbeck and Dennis Sanfilippo. The actors are real-life bikers and famed musicians. Brechtel and Sanfilippo have a deep background in the music industry. Brechtel, originally from New Orleans, has played with John Lee Hooker, Gregg Allman, Dr. John and Deacon Jones, among others.

Deacon Jones is in the movie along with some other musicians, most notably Charlie Musselwhite, Guitar Mac and Lester Chambers, who plays the Blind Bluesman.
Filming has been ongoing in locations including California, Louisiana, Wisconsin and New York.

by Tony Pan

From Dave Zien,


Here are some really new kick as bags we’ve just released they fit great on FXR’s and Dyna’s (even without a luggage rack ). The Largest bag ( that also has a roll bag that attaches on top ) is the CD3600 Sissybar bag ,( 3515-0171) a great bag that offers plenty of room while still looking great on the bike.

The bag dimensions are 16 x 9.75 x 16.25 and the roll bag is 13.25 x 9 x 8. Retails for $250.00 and has all necessary mounting straps and a rain fly as well as heavy duty mounting construction that makes the bag look great when it’s full or empty.

It mounts with an adjustable mounting sleeve and fits tight to your sissybar. The next in line is the CD1750 (3515-0172) and it’s 11 x 11 x 12.25 and retails for $175.00 again everything here is reinforced- heavy duty and has the fiberglass honeycomb shell to maintain strength and rigidity .

The last piece is the CD1700 (3515-0173) and is 14x 11 x 11- like all of the bags in this series all of the mounting points are heavy duty and has oversized mounting rings to overcome any mounting challenges.

This bag retails for $165.00 and like all of the bags in this series has nylon meshing zipper teeth and chrome sliders with large pulls for easy use with gloved hands and a high vis rain cover with locking cinch cord.

These bags are built tough and look great , check out the pictures of them on an FXR and also they complement our Step Up Seat.

--Buster , Saddlemen


BRAND New BAAS Bikernet Reader Comment!--
Plasma Cutting Steel Signs

How much would you charge me for a heavy metal sign that has two rounded stakes to put in the ground with rounded stopping bar in the middle all black powder coated a fair size so readable for the top all capital letters please put


In center of sign have cut out pictures something to do with 9 / 11. Please contact me soon thank you !

(telephone number redacted for security)

What I want sign for is to put under flag pole in center of my yard so I need help from you for the size

-- Rebecca Strong

Stuart , Nebraska

I reached out to BAAS Metal Works, but here is their email for any metal signs

BIKER BALL and Benefit - February 11, 2017--
Sturgis Motorcycle Museum

The Biker Ball starts at 6pm and is a FREE event with donations encouraged.
Let's PARTY with a purpose! Help the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum raise funds for the building expansion project. The expansion will provide more room for bikes and displays. The expanded museum will also enhance the downtown area and draw more interest to Sturgis and the Black Hills.

The Biker Ball and Benefit includes music, door prizes, dancing, snacks, silent auction, and the unveiling of the modified Indian Scout RAFFLE BIKE which is presented by Glencoe Camp Resort. Raffle tickets are $10, or 3 for $25, or 7 for $50 plus a free T-shirt, or 15 for $100 plus a membership to the museum and a T-shirt.
Dress to impress is preferred but not required.
Make plans to join us Saturday Feb. 11th.

Correction for the last newsletter:

This year's Hall of Fame Induction Breakfast will take place on
Wednesday, August 9th, 2017.
Many of you have sent an email for special notification when tickets go on sale and we will be sure to send these out.
Thank you for your support!


The below comes from our friends in Arizona. There has been some recent activity regarding a state bill that would make it illegal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet BUT a provision in the legislation would allow you to ‘buy’ your way out of having to comply with the law. This is a new twist on a helmet law that we think sets a bad precedent.

Below is an article on the bill and lawmaker introducing the measure:

Further, our friends in Arizona shared the below information about a hearing on the bill scheduled for TOMORROW. If you are interested in expressing your concerns over this ESPECIALLY if you live in Arizona (or want to share with friends that do) please read the following and consider reading out to the legislators:

CALL TO ACTION - Proposed Helmet Regulation
Representative Randal Friese introduced legislation (HB2046) to amend SECTIONS 28-964, 28-6501 AND 41-3203, ARIZONA REVISED STATUTES; RELATING TO VEHICLES. Amending this statute would require all motorcycle riders in Arizona to wear a helmet or be subjected to a fine of Five Hundred dollars which three hundred would be going towards Spinal and Head Injuries Trust Fund. We have seen Rep. Friese try this game year after year and Arizona motorcyclists have succeeded in stopping this infringement on our right to choose to wear a helmet or not.

This proposed legislation will be heard in the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee meeting on Wednesday, January 18th at 2 pm.

There are three things you can do:

1. Call and/or email your representative and express displeasure over this proposed legislation and ask them to speak to the representatives on the TI committee.
2. Call and/or email the committee members themselves.
3. Show up in support of the motorcycle community during the hearing. Remember that there is a decorum for those who are in the gallery. I will go over the “rules” of the committee meeting in a separate announcement if you can make it down to the capital.

If you email a representative, make sure to include your full name, address, phone number and reference the bill number (HB2046) in the subject line and email body.
Here are a few suggested bullet points to bring up when speaking to or writing the representatives.

- According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA); in 81% of fatal crashes involving helmeted motorcyclists, the fatal injury was to a part of the body other than the head. In the same report, NHTSA also stated that the same was true in 64% of fatal accidents involving helmetless motorcyclists.
- According to the National Center for Health Statistics; un-helmeted motorcyclists injuries account for less than 0.001% of all American health care costs.
- Accidents involving motorcyclists tend to be caused by distracted and/or impaired automobile drivers.
- We believe that motorcyclists are being singled out as a group and this is just a “tax” on our transportation choice.
- We believe the choice to wear or not wear a helmet should be left up to the adult riding the motorcycle.
-DOT approved helmets are not designed to withstand an impact from more than 6 feet.

Remember to be courteous and professional. We want the representatives on our side.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Keep fighting the good fight!
Mike Infanzon
ABATE of Arizona, State Designated Lobbyist

I believe there’s even more evidence to ride free. You have all you senses alive and alert without a helmet to distract or impair your riding ability. Helmets give riders a false sense of security and mess with vision and hearing.--Bandit

Check the shop for new, lower pricing. There are new books and we now have the opportunity to sell the DVD or Blue Ray versions of “Climate Hustle.”

Click to buy direct.
Click to buy direct.

I just read the article on your Excelsior-Henderson build and ride to Sturgis, well written, hell of an adventure, with the last minute parts and uncertainty of the machine its self, setting the tone for the whole thing, haha good times.

I'm writting you in regards to the EH #103. I have the bike now, almost done with a complete engine/trans/chassis over haul. It’s just about time to figure out the seat and rear fender setup. From what I could tell on the website it looked like you removed the struts and allowed the swingarm to carry the fender then used a spring seat?

I was hoping you may still have large photos, and that I may be able to obtain them for reference, or any insite you may have about this or the machine in general.

-- Heath

We are trying to help Heath with some shots and info on the famous E-H used in the Sons of Anarchy series.--Bandit

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Reader Comments

That Reading Standard is a beauty. Good look for Rogue. Turns out they didn't want my old shoes but wanted money...reminds me of my kids.

Wish the "shop now" ads actually had a link.

The demise of Victory has brought some interesting articles, open letters, and business/bottom line philosophies to print, but hats off to Uncle Monkey for his excellent take on this. I know it is what it is, but I'm just not built right for your vest. However, it would be nice to have a vest rather than a cut style for mutants like myself.

Things are really looking up in the Trikes and Bagger segments and I'm whistling a new tune. Thanks.


Friday, January 20, 2017
Editor Response Hey Sam,

We appreciate your comments. Let me know if I can help with a vest. You made Uncle Monkey's day.

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