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Time to Suit Up for Action

By Bandit, J.J. Solari, Wayfarer, Bob T., Sam Burns, Barry Green, Laura, the Redhead and the rest of the gang

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This will be a major year coming up.
Our government, truth and democracy is at stake. We can’t continue to let 10,000 people across our borders daily without cost and consequences.

These are dangerous times and we need everyone to wake up and get involved. Here at Bikernet, we will continue to deliver thought-provoking info on oil bans, car bans, freedom bans, but it’s up to you to check out everything, make decisions and vote.

If you don’t want to take on the task to save the country, join the MRF, the IMA or your local motorcycle rights group and let them do the hard work.

Let’s hit the news:

Click for all the info...
Click for all the info...

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

Check the Iron Trader out.
Check the Iron Trader out.

THE ELECTRIC FILES--India's Government may end subsidy on electric two-wheelers: Report

Earlier this year, the government had already reduced the subsidy, which resulted in a decrease in the demand for electric two-wheelers. However, the demand seems to be stabilizing now, leading government officials to argue that the transition to cleaner-fuel vehicles will happen naturally due to the economic advantages of running them, despite their higher initial cost.

The subsidy for electric two-wheelers is expected to end in a few weeks as the government is not keen on introducing the third phase of Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles (or FAME III), according to the Times of India.

As per the report, the finance ministry and other wings of the government do not see any merit in extending EV subsidies.

Read more at:

International Editor™

OFFICIAL BUFFALO CHIP MOTORCYCLE SHOW GUIDE 2024--Cure PMS with These Custom Motorcycle Shows.

It can be tough being a motorcycle enthusiast during the first few months of the year. If only a passion for bikes could burn hot enough to change the weather! Hardcore riders might learn the best practices for winter motorcycle riding, but that leaves the rest of us with a bad case of PMS—parked motorcycle syndrome.

Thankfully, winter and spring provide time for builders, manufacturers and aftermarket companies to develop their latest creations. You’ll have the opportunity to get out of the house and see all their amazing handiwork during these upcoming custom motorcycle shows.

Colorado Motorcycle Expo
January 27-28, 2024
National Western Complex
Denver, CO
When it comes to cool custom motorcycles, parts and entertainment, you’ll find the best of the West in the Mile High City during the Colorado Motorcycle Expo. This two-day event is the largest motorcycle show and competition in the Rocky Mountain region and the largest indoor parts swap in the country.

See around 100 bikes competing in up to 20 categories, search for treasures in the swap meet or hunt for your next ride in the used bike corral. There’s something for everyone with a full schedule of entertainment and activities including live music, tattoo contests, adult big wheel races, vendor shopping, kids’ activities and more!

Sturgis Buffalo Chip President Rod “Woody” Woodruff will be on site to award the first in a series of “Spirit of the Chip” Awards for 2024. This award celebrates the bike and builder that represents the spirit of the Buffalo Chip and the custom motorcycle culture so prevalent at the Chip. The award includes a custom guitar trophy and two week-long passes for the annual motorcycle and music festival during the 2024 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Make sure you pay a visit to the Sturgis Buffalo Chip® display while you’re there for a chance to win passes to the Best Party Anywhere® during the 2023 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Enter to Win!

Motor Bike Expo
January 19-21, 2024
Verona, Italy
Every January, Verona, Italy becomes the capital of the motorcycle world as enthusiasts from across the globe descend on the city for the world’s largest custom motorcycle event. This massive expo attracts more than 170,000 visitors to explore over 700 exhibitors in over 1 million square feet of exhibition space.

MBE is the beating heart of the international motorcycle scene. It provides a complete representation of the global two-wheel industry from special to sport to off-road and touring. You’ll have the opportunity to admire unique custom motorcycles from around the globe, as well as the latest models from major motorcycle manufacturers. (Not to mention, all the beautiful MBE hostesses.)

Get a taste of the show by checking out the Buffalo Chip’s previous trips to MBE in Sturgis Rider News’ Highlights from Motor Bike Expo.

Mama Tried Motorcycle Show
February 24-25, 2024
Eagles Ballroom
Milwaukee, WI
To a custom builder, an invitation to display your bike at the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show is as good as getting a golden ticket. This indoor invitational features only the best, with over 100 motorcycles of all calibers––flat tracker, hill climber, chopper, bar hopper, you name it. And you’d be hard pressed to find a cooler venue to see them all in.

In frigid Milwaukee, this two-day event helps builders, riders and enthusiasts keep their fire stoked all winter long. Make sure to plan your trip for an extra day on the front end to check out the Flat Out Friday indoor flat track racing shenanigans.

To catch more of the vibe from this show and the races, check out Sturgis Rider News’ No Fun at Mama Tried & Flat Out Friday.

Donnie Smith Bike Show
March 23-24, 2024
St. Paul RiverCentre
St. Paul, MN
You can count on the Donnie Smith Show for a memorable kickoff to your spring riding season. Known as the Midwest Extravaganza, it offers 35 classes of custom motorcycles, the largest swap meet on the planet, tons of vendors and live entertainment. Strolling around the show will also give you the chance to meet industry celebrities, premium sponsors, artists and gear heads.

The Buffalo Chip is the first display you’ll spot as you travel down the escalator into the show. Stop by to see the signature series B4 custom built by Lloydz Garage to be auctioned off during the Legends Ride®. Along with this eye candy, Chip staff will be on-site to answer questions and sign you up for free passes to the Best Party Anywhere.

In addition, Buffalo Chip President Rod “Woody” Woodruff will personally select the motorcycle that fires him up the most for the rally and best represents the Best Party Anywhere to win another “Spirit of the Chip” Award. The award includes a custom guitar trophy and two week-long passes for the annual motorcycle and music festival during the 2024 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Check out Sturgis Rider News’ The Return of the Donnie Smith Show for highlights from the 2022 event.

The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show
April 12-14, 2024
Austin American Statesman
Austin, TX
In an increasingly digital and mass-produced world, the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show is working to revive the culture of physical craftsmanship. This exhibition is an inspiring showcase of works from builders and craftsmen that combine knowledge, skill, and ingenuity to create one-of-a-kind truly hand-built machines.

People crave the satisfaction and creative outlet of producing something truly unique and fit to their own design and functional preferences. This renaissance of working with our hands has helped create the movement that is the custom motorcycle scene.

By sharing this work, The Handbuilt Show adds fuel to a revolution in the making. It is their vision that visiting the show will inspire you to pick up tools and use your hands to make something of your own.

The One Motorcycle Show
April 19-21, 2024
The Zidell Yards Barge Building
Portland, OR
Grab a pal and come feast your senses on custom motorcycles, cars, art, rock and roll, stunt shows, bike demos, vendors, a little racing, grub, brews and everything else that could possibly be squeezed into an abandoned 14-acre shipyard.

Since its inception in 2009, the One Motorcycle Show has been attracting thousands of bikers, non-bikers and bike enthusiasts to the Pacific Northwest’s booming moto mecca for three days of immersive motorcycle fun each year.

Celebrating its 15th year in 2024, the show features over 300 custom, classic, concept and rare motorcycles from all over the world for all types of folks to enjoy—young, old, mild and wild.

Get a feel for the show by checking out Cool Bikes & Cool Kids from the One Motorcycle Show.

May 27th, noon to 8:00 p.m. at the Deadwood Mountain Grand.
May 27th, noon to 8:00 p.m. at the Deadwood Mountain Grand.

Black Hills Motorcycle Show
May 25, 2024
Deadwood Mountain Grand
Deadwood, SD
After a highly successful reboot in 2023, Deadwood Custom Cycles is again presenting the Black Hills Motorcycle Show in Historic Deadwood, South Dakota. The new venue, fresh entertainment, and exciting vendors that debuted last year all combined to make this one of the premier motorcycle shows in the Midwest!

If you can make it through winter, the best motorcycle event of them all is waiting for you on the other side—the Best Party Anywhere at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip!

It’s got everything gearheads, enthusiasts, riders and racers would want, including daily custom motorcycle shows, legendary rides, multiple days and disciplines of racing and thousands of your new best friends. Not to mention nine nights of world-class Sturgis concerts.

Presented by the Sturgis Buffalo ChipBuffalo Chip®

This nine-day festival of concerts and motorcycle events promises to bring you exciting events like flat track races and live performances from artists like Aerosmith, Willie Nelson, Ozzy Osbourne, Kid Rock, Keith Urban, Rob Zombie and many more.

Find out more or get passes to the Best Party Anywhere at and find out why it continues to be one of the most televised festivals in the world.

--Robert P.
Marketing Director
The Largest Buffalo Chip in the World

Click for Action
Click for Action


It’s coming up this summer with more wild action than you could imagine. The Cycle Source Magazine and Grease and Gears TV will cover every move and Bikernet will keep you up on all the plans and competitions.


GRAMP’S RANTS--by J.J. Solari, the Methless-Methuselah Mouseketeer

Calling the enemy "terror" is a government/journalism tactic to avoid you putting an identity on actual humans trying to kill you for not joining their religion.

Fighting terror is impossible. But you are supposed to think it’s something actually sensible and noble. All the while what it really is, is government and journalists being on the side of the enemy and calling you an idiot and priming you for your slaughter. So far, they've been right.

Calling the enemy terror is like calling firearms a health crisis, calling oil as having something to do with fossils, calling hairspray and air conditioners a destroyer of the ozone layer, calling Jan 6th an insurgency, calling looting reparations, calling healthy people a threat to the sick, calling something a vaccine that does not come under the definition of a vaccine, calling you losing your job "keeping everyone safe,” calling carbon dioxide a “greenhouse gas that leaves footprints” when there is actually no such thing as a greenhouse gas much less one that leaves footprints, and then there’s the one about the earth actually being a greenhouse - which in reality is glass-enclosed building which is heated by trapped incoming infrared light radiation. Not by carbon dioxide heating up the interior.

You’ll notice no greenhouse in history has ever erupted into explosive flames due to “overheating.” However, in government-journalistland earth is a greenhouse. Earth will someday be declared by these two petri dishes of diseased souls as being Paradise once everyone on it is extinct. Then the government “employees” and the journalists will buttfuck each other into Green Monkey Rectal Disease oblivion and Gaia will rejoice by masturbating her own Earthtwat with a mighty Redwood whilst singing the Peter, Paul and Mary songbook.

You see, government “employees” and journalist “reporters” get away with these "let's see how fucked up these zombies are" experiments because so far, they haven't hit the Pushback Zone. Because apparently there isn't one. The zombies are, in fact, at this point, actually zombies. Stay listless my friend.

--J.J. Solari


Our award-winning Cookie Dough whiskey rolls in like a mischievous bulldog who just found your secret stash. With irresistible aromas of freshly baked cookies wafting from the oven, don't be fooled; this bulldog comes with a cookie dough-infused bite of chocolate, butter and hints of caramel. Pour up a glass and unleash the bulldog within.

"I tried it. Hold on, it’s sweet." --Bandit

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--
The Master Comes to Bikernet

I've heard a lot about Steve Huntzinger, and his restorations. I admire his determination to bring these old motorbikes back to the exact specs they were built by, and his attention to getting it right, no matter how long it takes.

Oh man, it would be priceless to serve as an apprentice for like-minded people who show abilities and a love for getting history right like Mr. Huntzinger does.

My hope is that the likes of men like Steve Huntzinger and Matt Walksler will be around for many years to come, so great American craftsmanship from years gone by will be kept alive. Thank You Gentlemen

--Greg Wellman
Mount Pleasant, NC


Check out Episode 4 of Season 2 of Amazon Prime's JACK REACHER -- based on the novels by Lee Child.

In episode 4, Reacher and his 3 former-comrades take down a biker gang who corner them in a parking lot.

Do you really imagine that's how a Motorcycle Club would approach a target already described as dangerous and needing more manpower than a handful? Also, I would reckon, at least some of the guys in each biker club would have done military service at some point or other.

Scene grab at

--A Media Reviewer

It’s never dull around the shop. Frank the mastermind, is working with Cary Brobeck the Publisher of Choppers Magazine to throw a Los Angeles custom bike show in mid-January.

Hang on for more reports.

Click for action
Click for action

ENTER THE BIKERNET BEER GARDENS--Could Loosen Up Lager and be the perfect garage beer?

Deep in the rustbelt, there exists a place with so much iron oxide that fighting it has become as regular an occurrence as oil changes or tire rotation. This battle has become so routine that the products and creations made to combat the flecks of red and brown began to be exported. PB Blaster is headquartered northwest of the birthplace of American steel in Cleveland and has been helping the everyman wage war on rusty hardware for years. Now one brewery is helping us celebrate victory against rust, or at least have a cold consolation prize as we put our tools away.

Collision Bend Brewing Company might sound like they are more likely to create a “paint-match pilsner” or “insurance estimate ale,” but instead it was head brewer Ben Northeim who created the Loosen Up Lager, which is now all we want in our garage fridge. “B’laster actually reached out to us back in the summer and wanted to make a beer,” said Northiem via email. “How could we say no to doing a collaboration with another Cleveland company?”

If there are characteristics of a garage beer, Loosen up Lager seems to have all of them: Easy drinking, available in a can, and reasonable alcohol by volume (5.2%). Northiem let us know that drinkers can expect tasting notes of toasted bread, caramel, toffee, and a very slight nuttiness. We can now all rejoice that the decision to make it taste like the real PB B’laster was immediately nixed. Of course, PB Blaster is not fit for human consumption, but ask anyone who has been rolling around under a car trying to get exhaust hardware off and they will tell you that they unintentionally discovered exactly what B’laster tastes like.

So, we can say with confidence what this doesn’t taste like, but if you want to taste it for yourself, you better act fast. This first batch of Loosen Up Lager is only available for a limited time—very limited according to Northeim. Use Collision Bend Brewery’s website to find your six pack. If you miss out like we likely will, just know that Northiem tipped us off that another round is on the way, but the exact release is under wraps a bit longer.

--Kyle Smith

With Hagerty Insurance
With Hagerty Insurance

What worked for these bicyclists should work for you and me and other ageing motorcyclists too.

What do you think--- a bit lengthy but nice glimpse into effects of strength training and how it can be applied for two-wheeled travelers.


My 60-year-old dad and I both added one 30-minute strength workout a week on top of our usual bicycle riding, here’s the difference it made.

Few of us want to forgo bike time for picking up and putting down heavy objects. But what if it’s worth the sacrifice? Alex Ballinger tests the benefit of six weeks’ strength work - and ropes in his dad for good measure.

Article at

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