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By Bandit, Wayfarer, Laura, Shovelhead Dave, Sam Burns, Gearhead, Bob T., the Redhead and the rest of the gang

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Kimberly, Miss Buffalo Chip 2023
Kimberly, Miss Buffalo Chip 2023


A brother wrote to me this week. He wasn’t happy about our government's policies. 
My friend we are in trouble. Trump is likely the only one who can fix this, but I am not sure he is electable. None of the others can get us there--on either side

My crystal ball says Biden will drop out at the last minute, and they'll throw someone else in that can't be vetted or attacked that will get elected but will likely be worse than Biden, the liberals are emboldened that no one is really doing anything to stop them

Thankfully you live in South Dakota, one of only a few decent states to live in, for now anyway.

And my response:
Don’t lose faith. I believe all their policies are cracking. By election time, you will need to be an idiot to vote for anything democratic. They will be revealed as the anti-American, failed policy party.

All we need is one sensible, freedom loving individual to step up & win everything.

How’s that?

I watched Easy Rider the other night. Had to pay for it. It was worth every dime.
I watched Easy Rider the other night. Had to pay for it. It was worth every dime.

Freedom and the truth always win. Let’s hit the news.

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Click for all the info...

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

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Click for more info.

SERIOUS HOPE—We published this on the blog earlier this week, because of the timely nature of it, but I will share it again here:

Rogue, me, Kirk Willard thousands of other guys have been fighting for motorcyclists’ rights for decades. We continue to fight, but lots of brothers and sisters don’t pay attention.

By now most folks are aware of the green movement and what it’s doing to the Fossil Fuel industry, hell even the meat industry. Their problem and their worst fear is that they are wrong. So, what did they do? They called anyone who didn’t agree a denier.

We’re grubby bikers, we deny everything and fuck you, if you don’t like it. So, let’s cut to the chase. They are wrong and the movement pointing out how wrong is growing. I’ve been pushing and looking for solutions for over a decade.

Recently, with the Motorcycle Riders Foundation at my back I came up with a congressional resolution. It was and is a fight for every kid on the planet, who needs to know the truth and who should know we are living in the Best of Times, not the worst.

Last week became incredibly significant. I can’t say it loud enough. Throughout this year we have tried to find someone who would shove our resolution in front of Congress and force a hearing. We finally found support with Senator Rounds office in South Dakota.

Week before last we faced a major setback. Montana lost a court case. It could impact the entire energy industry in Montana and send a very negative message across the country.

The problem with this entire effort is not the facts, the science or the truth, it’s guts. The world and politicians on both sides of the isle are being bullied and paid off. No one wants to step up and say, “Sorry, but we’re not doomed.”

So, what happened in the last couple of days? We had the debates and one guy shook the stage. Vivek had the balls to say on national albeit fading, television that Climate Doom is a hoax and must be addressed.

Then Rocky, the lobbyist from the MRF met with… I will let him tell the story.


Had drinks with staffers for Sen. Daines of Montana yesterday and mentioned the climate. Below is what they told me on the topic.

1. Yes, the state didn't base their argument on the facts, but an approach to get the case dismissed. Could have been for a couple reasons.

2. Very unfavorable judge for the case. Based upon merits.

3. They are appealing the case. If they receive a more favorable judge then the case can be built on merit it deserves.

Think most importantly they knew exactly the case I was talking about. They think there is a bigger battlefield on this case and didn’t seem worried. I guess that is TBD.


I immediately let Dr. Ed Berry, a freedom fighting physicist in Montana know about this development. Here’s what Ed said, “I am working on an Amicus Brief to the Montana Supreme Court. I think I can persuade the court like I did in 2011.”

The scientists at the CO2 Coalition are also on the case.

Are you beginning to see why last week turned into a major event?

Stay involved and Free,


NASH LABOR DAY SALE--America was built on hard work!

"There is joy in work. There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something." ~ Henry Ford





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Click for action.

NHTSA Investigates Tesla Again...

In a letter made public this week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is seeking answers from Tesla on the company's “Autopilot” system. The letter sent on July 26th states, “Recently, NHTSA became aware that Tesla has introduced an Autopilot configuration that, when enabled, allows drivers using Autopilot to operate their vehicles for extended periods without Autopilot prompting the driver to apply torque to the steering wheel.”

As the letter notes, the ramifications of this feature are worrisome. “Relaxation of controls designed to ensure that the driver remains engaged in the dynamic driving task could lead to greater driver inattention and failure of the driver to properly supervise Autopilot.”

It is unclear whether Tesla responded by the August 25th deadline noted in the correspondence. However, this action by NHTSA comes on the heels of several other investigations of Tesla. Most important for motorcyclists is the investigation, started nearly a year ago, concerning the deaths of three bikers in crashes involving Teslas believed to be in autopilot mode.

Stories like this one are why the Motorcycle Riders Foundation continues to press federal officials for safety standards on self-driving cars and how they interact with motorcyclists. As the summer riding season comes to a close, don’t forget the words of former NHTSA senior safety adviser, Missy Cummings, “It’s very dangerous for motorcycles to be around Teslas.”

To read the letter from NHTSA click here.

Ride Safe and Ride Free.



FROM BIKERNET BLOG-- Royal Enfield eager to enter used motorcycle business

* Royal Enfield is likely to enter the used-bike segment
* The company has got Trademark for "Reown" brand
* They could sell used ones from current dealerships

The surprising news is there’s a high chance all these used bikes will be sold through their existing dealer network. While this provides a great many outlets immediately, it’s a strange move by a company that has the biggest market share for middle-weight motorcycle segment. After all, if a customer walks in and can buy used company-quality-assured motorcycle, then they may not splurge on a top-end new model offerings of Royal Enfield.

The motorcycles are a premium segment bike in India's economy and the middle-class majority may not want the burden of loans if they can outright buy used older model Enfield.


Editor: Bikernet Blog & Facebook Page

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I have a hard cover book for you if you want it. It's 548 pages and 330 photos and it's got a photo of you in it with Michael Lichter at the Seattle ER Bike Show. And there's footage of your ER Bike Show in Vallejo, with Silvermoon and his yellow chopper. And there's also footage of the 1991 Seattle Autorama where you guys had the ER Streamliner and I got to meet Dave Campos and got his pic next to the Streamliner.

And then there's the bike run stuff, the build of the 74 Shovel where its motor and tranny got burned up in the Seattle bike shop and then 6 months later went through the Frisco Earthquake. It was a horrible, cursed build, hah. There's also bike run stuff in there with my ‘67 Shovel Chop and a coupla Redwood Runs action, shit like that.

And if ya don't like the book very much, it weighs 2 pounds so you can throw it at folks and it'll hurt.


"I’m looking forward to Dave’s book. He should get together with SugarBear and work on the Chopper History Encyclopedia." --Bandit


This is a blast. Think about it and give it a shot. Think about something that happened to you with your motorcycle and see if you can describe it in 100 words. Send it to We give a bling package to the winner once a month, publish your story and make you famous. Here’s an example.


"Hilary" reminded me of the1979 Storm

We rode from Northern Cal. The rain came down in buckets. We pulled off under the redwoods in Big Sur. My wife crawled into the back seat of a car. I threw a sleeping bag on the ground under a leaking makeshift lean-to. It didn’t stop.

The fog threatened like a dense cloud of gray paint, and my wife said, “It won't stop until late afternoon.” We had to ride. We pull out in the morning rain moments before the fog engulfed the highway. We fought the downpours, the following cloud of doom, wrecked cars, 18-wheelers, dead animals and limited vision until we caught a glimmer of the lights of Santa Barbara just before nightfall. We slipped the veil of death once more.



An example from Popular Science magazine dated January 1963. For those who suggest "Remember to always trust science, it’s never wrong."..... well,

"Science is never settled." ~ Keith Bandit Ball

Don't regret these epic words later, act now!

Editor: Bikernet Blog

And save the World. It's a blast and whacky forever!
And save the World. It's a blast and whacky forever!


Atom Bomb-Clay Rathburn Salem, VA, United States builder blogger

Atom Bomb Custom Motorcycles

--Sam Burns
Feature Bike Editor™

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Click for action


"Never regard study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn" ~ Albert Einstein

Wisdom Quote

"However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at."  ~ Stephen Hawking

EVs ARE RUNNING OUT OF CUSTOMERS — and some dealers don't want them anymore

More dealers are saying they have to turn away electric vehicles as demand cools. Without early adopters, EVs are a tougher sell.

As EV growth cools, dealers are the ones left in the lurch.

Electric-car inventory has been piling up on dealership lots this year as companies up their EV production, leading some dealers to say enough is enough. Some are telling automakers they don't want any more until they can sell what's sitting, several dealers told Insider.

"We have turned away EV inventory," said Scott Kunes, the chief operating officer of Kunes Auto and RV Group, which sells Detroit brands as well as Nissan and Mitsubishi in the Midwest. "We need to ensure that we have a good turn on it."

Automakers are "asking us to make a large investment," Kunes added, "and we're just wanting to see some return on that investment."

Plug-in-vehicle availability is increasing rapidly, a sign the EV-adoption growth curve is about to hit a serious slowdown. A switch from enthusiastic and wealthy early adopters to more apprehensive and budget-minded car shoppers is throwing the electric-car transition for a loop, forcing car companies to change their outlooks and pull back on ambitious EV production goals.

"It's not just that these vehicles are expensive — which they are. We're talking about a much more nuanced lifestyle change," said Sam Fiorani, the vice president of global vehicle forecasting at AutoForecast Solutions. He pointed to differences in the EV ownership experience, including charging and range anxiety, as stoppers for many buyers.

"It's hard for the average customer to make that leap while spending an extra $10,000," Fiorani said.

--Alexa St. John and Nora Naughton
The Insider

Order Greg's book and learn the facts. Click on the image.
Order Greg's book and learn the facts. Click on the image.


“What historians will definitely wonder about in future centuries is how deeply flawed logic, obscured by shrewd and unrelenting propaganda, actually enabled a coalition of powerful special interests to convince nearly everyone in the world that CO2 from human industry was a dangerous, planet-destroying toxin. It will be remembered as the greatest mass delusion in the history of the world- that CO2, the life of plants, was considered for a time to be a deadly poison.”

Wallace Manheimer has had a 50+ year career as a scientist at the US Naval Research Laboratory. He has published ~150 reviewed scientific publications and has recently published a book Mass Delusions, how they harm sustainable energy, fusion and fusion breeding, available on Amazon.



Tonight, I’ve got my mama’s church potluck meatloaf in my oven… my house smells like my Arkansas childhood. Earlier, I was smirking to myself as I mixed the ingredients with my bare hands, thinking about my visit with my mama last night.

Mama is deaf, and barely can read. Poor deaf Southern folks born in the fifties kind of slipped through the cracks as far as literacy went… it has always amazed me that she gave birth to not one, but two, daughters who are voracious readers and writers. When I was a kid, she taught me to read before I was four years old. I would sit beside the bathtub when she was in the bath and wash her back and write her notes in the soap running down her back.

I sometimes hold my phone for her and let her slowly read my stories I’ve turned in. She is well aware of who I am and what I do… she knows I have traveled a zillion miles, half of them on motorcycles.

So, last night, I was letting her read my copy turned in this week and answering her daily questions about politics… then, I told my mama something I have told her many times before. I told her I want to buy a new Harley and maybe ride to Sturgis next year…. And she gives me the whole, I wish you would stay off them things, gonna break your neck… spill.

I said ‘Mom, you been saying that speech for almost 25 years.. literally half my life. Have you not figured out its not ever gonna work?’ She said ‘yea, but now I can say ‘You are too old.’

-- AIW

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Reader Comments

Love the lid, Bandit!

Ann Baysinger Robinson
Long Beach, CA
Tuesday, October 3, 2023
Editor Response Thanks! I where them because of skin cancer threats.
There are a couple of gas stations that have started selling ethanol free fuel, yeah! However, it's only 87 octane. I have a shovel and an Evo. Should I continue to use the crap gas or is the lower octane okay? What about an octane booster?
Thank you, Soda

Bullhead City, AZ
Thursday, September 7, 2023
Editor Response Here's the deal as far as I know. Ethanol contains water, so if it comes in contact with metal, it will rust or in the case of brass build scum and block jets.

I would suggest running non-ethanol fuel. Sure, you can give your motor a shot of octane booster, or antique guys always use Marvel Mystery Oil.
Regarding Jim Weed's uncle's suggestion-- well, anyone who has been using a computer for over a decade knows how much stress taking a regular backup can be. Leaving it to automated one does not seem to help "separate the weed from the chaff". When my last laptop "died", I realized I lost only that which was not worth a backup. And the new laptop suddenly had enough space for everything important, useful and purposeful.

Deadwood, SD
Tuesday, September 5, 2023
The cartoon about collectors and their inheritors reminded me of what I faced after my parents died. They had a four bedroom house with six bedrooms of stuff in them. It took forever to go through everything since there were family heirlooms mixed in with the crap.

One of my parent's neighbors almost had a heart attack once I had this finished and everything cleared out. My goal is to avoid this with my children, though I doubt I will take up my uncle's suggestion when I told him about what I was dealing with. My uncle thought that the best way to not have this happen was to move every 5 years or one good fire.

Jim Weed
San Diego, CA
Friday, September 1, 2023
Editor Response Yep, I've moved too many times to count. I'm trying to pass antique shops, just keep going.

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