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Friday Edition


From Wars to Hot Babes in Paradise

By Bandit, Bob T, Rogue, Buckshot, Joe Smith, Sarge, David Campbell, Barry Green, Ujjwal Dey, Sam Burns, Mr. Wonderful, Joe Smith and the rest of the Bikernet crew

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The last two weeks have been amazing,
although my fortune cookie told me to watch out for evil spirits. But maybe that was a Halloween warning.

I scored an abandoned ’72 Ford F250 Pickup and we’re working on it like crazy. It runs like a champ but needed a lot of detailing.

Last Saturday I flew to Carson City, Nevada and picked up my four-year-old project, the Salt Torpedo, a streamlined trike for Bonneville.

I immediately set up the Torpedo in the shop and went to work. We printed out the AMA Bonneville Racing Book and we are going to town on it. It needs to be on the salt next year. Let's hit the news.

Check the Iron Trader out.
Check the Iron Trader out.

The Bikernet Weekly News is sponsored in part by companies who also dig Freedom including: Cycle Source Magazine, the MRF, Las Vegas Bikefest, Iron Trader News, ChopperTown, BorntoRide.com and the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. Most recently the Smoke Out and Quick Throttle Magazine came on board.


SON FRANK WORKING WITH KLOCKWERKS—On his dresser fender update. “It’s a Slicer front fender from Klockwerks,” Frank said. “It’s tough and fit perfectly.”


I was at Berry Wardlaw’s after doing the Barber Vintage Festival with him.
I was scheduled to leave Tuesday but changed it to Monday.

Got I the left lane and turned on radar detector and laser jammer and passed everything but the gas stations.

I got a couple of sprinkles but never had to put rain gear on.

Berry got hit hard. He stayed at his shop and did all the things he could to protect the Accurate Engineering shop tools and bikes.
He has a lot of work ahead of him but he is okay.

Nothing happened at my place, which is on the east coast of Florida.

Supreme Comanding Editor
Bikernet Baggers

Click to bag it.
Click to bag it.

NMA REPORT: What’s Going on at the DMV?-- For years, comedians have made fun of long lines at the DMV (Departments of Motor Vehicles), but you know what…it’s not really funny anymore.

The widespread problem seems to be three-fold.

· Short term: A number of states are now under a tight deadline to implement REAL ID and motorists must apply for one in person.
· Long term: Some state computer systems and software have not kept up with modern times.
· Long term: There aren’t enough funds to either hire or find qualified personnel to fill positions for expanded services.
It’s a huge problem if you have all three issues such as the state of California.

By October 1, 2020, California will need to find a way to issue 23.5 million REAL IDs. That’s close to one million license conversions a month between now and then. Since January, the state has only issued 1.5 million. In the past year, California DMV wait times have risen 46 percent compared to 2017, but the agency reported in early October that it has been making progress by reducing customer-without-appointment wait times from 130 minutes in July to 73 minutes in September.

The underlying problem though is the very old computer system running the driver’s licensing system. The California DMV has had dozens of computer blackouts in the past two years that brought the entire system down for hours at a time.

The governor ordered a performance audit last month and California lawmakers have also gotten involved. During a committee hearing this summer, DMV Director Jean Shiamoto said that they are also having an issue due to the service expansion of issuing a new digital driver’s license.

Shiamoto asked lawmakers for an additional $26 million for more personnel on top of the $60 million budget increase granted last year. Recently, the DMV redesigned its website for easier access and officials are hopeful that drivers can now handle more of their business online.

Earlier this summer, Idaho and Colorado underwent an extensive computer upgrade through the company Gemalto, the largest DMV software vendor in the US. In Idaho, offices were closed for the first two weeks in August to facilitate the upgrade. By the end of August, the upgraded computer systems went down for more than a week, crippling the ability of every local driver’s license office to process everyday transactions in both states.

Idaho county sheriff offices oversee the state’s DMV offices and now they are asking the state to take over that function since these computer problems have been plaguing them for months. Sheriffs say their offices are not equipped to handle such ongoing problems. The Idaho governor has responded by putting a working group together to resolve the issues. Idahoans with expiring driver’s licenses now have until the end of October to renew them.

Minnesota started issuing REAL ID licenses on October 1 and so far no long lines have been reported. However, more than a year ago, a $100-million-plus computer system was rolled out and it is still plagued with problems.

Lawmakers have proposed diverting $5.5 million from the REAL ID budget through February to work on the continuing issues. After February 2019, the work to fix the MNLARS system could cease if lawmakers and the governor do not provide additional funding. A more secure funding plan failed earlier this year.

Hawaii had longer lines this summer because a few years ago the state changed the length of a driver’s license expiration terms, from six to eight years. Two years ago, the DMV had 2,000 renewals per month and this year there are now 12,000 renewals per month. Hawaii introduced appointments and even opened up some offices on Saturday mornings. The department is also finding it difficult to fill positions.

Lines in North Carolina were so bad this summer that the DMV enlisted volunteers from all DOT employees to take on volunteer four-hour shifts. DMV Commissioner Torre Jessup says about 600,000 people have already gone through the REAL ID process with average wait times now twice as long as last year. In August, Jessup said that one of the biggest problems is filling positions. Out of the 552 driver’s licenses examiners, 80 positions remain open. The DMV has 113 DMV offices statewide.

In late August, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) announced that it planned to close 87 DMV offices to allow the agency to move staff and resources to other offices that serve more people. Seventy-eight of the offices set for closure were the only ones in their counties and many customers would have had to drive 50 miles or more for services.

Texas’s Sunset Commission rejected the recommendation to shutter the mainly rural offices. Lt. Governor Dan Patrick also objected to the idea and said that the biggest problem for DPS licensing offices is that a majority of people visit to renew driver’s licenses when that could be an online function. He has encouraged the DPS to develop a more aggressive plan to educate drivers about renewing online and has pledged to make this a high priority in the next legislative session.

The Sunset Committee also sent a recommendation to the legislature to transfer responsibility for the driver’s license program from DPS to the DMV. If approved, that transfer will take place by September 2021.

These problems across multiple states are not readily solved. Before you go to your local DMV office, the NMA recommends that you check the agency’s website and see if you can do your business online, at a kiosk or even at the service counter of your local grocery store or library. If not, then make sure you bring all the required documentation so that you won’t have to make another trip or stand in line more than once.

LATEST FROM S&S--S&S Cycle - Carbon Fiber Teardrop Air Cleaner

The iconic S&S Cycle teardrop air cleaner gets a modern makeover

Classic lines and a legacy that dates back to 1975, the S&S Cycle Teardrop Air Cleaner has done time on the drag strip, the salt flats and countless other race disciplines as well as highlighting some of the premier customs in our space.

Hard to imagine they could make it any better, but they have and we’re excited to see a legit carbon fiber version available with their high flow Stealth Air Cleaner line. Vacuum formed carbon fiber, sprayed in a high temp clear and sandwiched between satin-finished, billet aluminum rings that sit on top of their proven Stealth intake system.

CARB approved and available for all 1999-2019 Harley Davidson® big twin models and an easy install as well. Cover only kits also available for all existing S&S Stealth systems. Check out the details https://www.sscycle.com/carbon-fiber-teardrop/

We've been working on this one for a hot minute, love the look of carbon fiber. We wanted something that would look as right on a wild custom as it would on a black Street Glide. I believe we hit the target! ~ DZ

David Zemla
VP - Marketing
S&S Cycle, Inc.


JJ SOLARI RESPONDS TO VAGO RUNNING FOR OFFICE--Here's an overland letter to the editor I just mailed to the San Berdoo Sun.

Dear Editor; Hey, I saw the story you ran about the former Vago running for the City Counsel in Upland. Apparently the appointed chief of police of that town, a.....I have it here, hold on.......here it is: the appointed chief of police of Upland, a "Darren Goodman" .....he says he has a problem with this.

The chief of police of Upland, Darren Goodman, an appointed bureaucrat, has a problem with who the rest of us can vote for! Darren Goodman - who will never have to run for office to acquire a lifetime of a whopping salary, pension, health care and having his teeth fixed - he want's me to know his opinion on who is fit for me to vote for.

Why is an appointed official dictating who is holy and sanctified-enough to run for office? Why is that. Why isn't the mayor of Upland, assuming there is one, telling this expert in saintliness and candidate-worthiness to spend a little less time talking to reporters and a little more time sitting and waiting quietly for a crime to be committed before he opens his yap about his opinion of the culprit.

Do you suppose Darren uses the same magical insight when determining who he should issue tickets to that he uses on who is morally fit to run for office?....... "The reason I stopped you sir is because I have a feeling that tomorrow you are going to exceed the speed limit in a school zone. So I will give you the ticket now. You see, I am a godlike judge of character and ability and job performance. I am, in fact, an omniscient being, if you will."

Actually I don't blame Darren for being ignorant of the right of a citizen to run for office since he is in office due to an appointment. No, I don't blame him. I blame whoever promoted him. He's the problem. Thank you.


--J.J. Solari

ToyMakerz Celebrity David Ankin to be at SEMA Show, Gears Up for Season Three of Hit Show--David Ankin will be making appearances and signing autographs at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas as the hit television show ToyMakerz announces it has entered into a high-octane partnership with A+E Television Networks (AETN) to air season three on The History Channel and FYI.

Combined, the show will have a reach of 146 million homes each week. ToyMakerz will be a key part of the AETN’s new DRIVE Motor Block. The team, led by celebrity stunt man and specialty motor vehicle creator, David Ankin, has many things in store for this third season.

“I am really excited to be on stage at the SEMA Show to share my story and for our third season of ToyMakerz, we have been creating several specialty vehicles that people are going to be blown away by,” says Ankin, creator and star of the hit show ToyMakerz. “We have a real feel for the types of custom builds people want to see and we’re ready to tackle those projects from the ground up. It’s going to be an exciting season of builds for sure… some of the fastest, and most unique, cars and motorcycles ever made, and then driven to the extreme!”

The action-packed season three is about to kick off, with the episodes slated for airing February 10, 2019 on The History Channel Sunday mornings, reaching some 90 million homes. Immediately re-airs will occur on the FYI network in a prime-time Saturday night slot, reaching 56.1million homes.

Ankin is a master fabricator, creator, and celebrity stuntman who has used ingenuity and his passion for bikes, cars, and hot rods to develop the ultimate diverse following of gearheads, motor vehicle enthusiasts of all types, and families. Each season Ankin leads his team in creating a variety of unique motor vehicle builds, like one-of-a-kind hot rods, muscle cars, trucks, motorcycles, and classic cars. Season 3 builds will include a twin-seat, front-engine dragster for the street, custom racing drones, and a truly one-of-a-kind “Willys Exhibition Car.”

Ankin will be attending the 2018 SEMA Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center from October 30, 2018 – November 2, 2108. He will be signing autographs at The History Channel booth and will make appearances at other areas during the event. He will be at the KW booth on October 30, 2018 from 10 am – 11 am and speaking on stage at the Shell Pioneering Performance Stage on October 30, 2018 at 11:30 am.

ToyMakerz is located in North Carolina, where most of the episodes are produced. The ToyMakerz TV show is currently re-airing episodes from season 2 on Amazon On-Demand, and ToyMakerz season one is also available on iTunes and Amazon. ToyMakerz is produced by Los Angeles based production company, Lucky13Cinematicand has an interactive app powered by Source Digital. For more information about ToyMakerz, visit the site at: www.toymakerz.com.

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--


What a great selection of tits for this Sunday Post!

Tacoma, WA

Did you read the latest issue of the Cantina Series?--Bandit

Don't miss out. Join the Cantina. Touch her...
Don't miss out. Join the Cantina. Touch her...


A few months ago we got a call from filmmakers Jason Edwards and Casey Casseday about a film they had made years ago with Billy Lane, honoring American servicemen. They wanted to know if we'd be interested in putting their special film out to our fans and we jumped at the chance.

Dedicated to the members of the US Armed Forces, Billy and his master builder colleagues upgraded, modified, and tricked out custom choppers in front of tens of thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Featuring: Billy Lane, Aaron Greene, Kendall Johnson, Jennifer Scott, Paul Cox, Mondo Porras


Click for Action.
Click for Action.


The New Vanderhall Carmel

Vanderhall Motor Works hosted the first public appearance of its new Carmel three-wheeled roadster in Las Vegas, October 11-14.

The fifth autocycle model Vanderhall has announced since 2016, the Carmel shares similarities with the company’s volume-leader Venice three-wheeled roadster..

However, the Carmel adds doors to ease ingress/egress and additional interior space. The new model will be powered by the aluminum-block GM 1.5L four-cylinder turbocharged engine, rated at 200 horsepower.

This represents almost a 10-percent increase over the current Venice’s 180-HP iron-block 1.4L GM turbocharged I-4. The 1.5L engine is also lighter, giving the new Vanderhall model road-hugging 75/25 weight distribution.

“The new Carmel emphasizes our ongoing commitment to the autocycle segment,” said Vanderhall marketing director Daniel Boyer. “In contrast to other manufacturers in our market, the one and only thing Vanderhall does is manufacture All-American autocycles. We are committed to being the leaders in this segment, and the Carmel is the latest evidence of that dedication.”

The Carmel follows four other significant introductions from Vanderhall, which hand-crafts all its vehicles in Utah. The company’s flagship Laguna autocycle with hand-laid carbon-fiber body was launched in 2016. Last year, the more-affordable composite-bodied Venice appeared. The Venice serves as the foundation for the all-electric Edison2 model and one-seater Speedster – which is scheduled to be in dealerships before year’s end.

For the 2019 model year, the Vanderhall Carmel adds front entry doors and demonstrates the line’s next evolutionary step. In addition to the aluminum-block engine, high-performance 4-piston brakes are standard. Further, provisions for accessory air conditioning and a removable roof have been integrated. Unique 19-inch wheels inside Z-rated tires are another departure from the current models, which run 18s.

The Carmel will be offered in four distinctive colors: Silver Vintage Metallic, Poseidon Blue Metallic, Ruby Metallic, and Pearl White. Other features such as the patented mono-aluminum chassis and ABS composite body carry over from the existing Venice model.

For more information on the Vanderhall line-up or to locate your closest dealer, please visit Vanderhall Motor Works Inc. at vanderhallusa.com.

AUSTRALIAN CLUB NEWS--Victorian cops target MC club in raids

Seven people have been arrested and charged in what Victorian police say was a major anti-biker operation.

Echo Taskforce detectives yesterday raided properties in Glenroy, Carrum Downs, Frankston, Mickleham. Highett, Truganina, Hampton Park and Cranbourne West as part of an ongoing investigation targeting the Finks motorcycle club.

A gun, ammunition and other weapons were seized.

The raids follow a police probe into drug trafficking, an alleged aggravated burglary at Hampton Park on September 9 and an affray at Kew on July 13 and the arrest of high profile biker Brent James ‘BJ’ Reker in Frankston on September 12.

A 43-year-old South Australian man was also charged as part of the operation last month with serious offences including aggravated home invasion, intentionally causing injury, making threats to kill and unlawful assault.

Those arrested are:

¦ A 33-year-old Frankston man, charged with aggravated home invasion, aggravated burglary, intentionally cause injury and making threats to kill. He briefly faced Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Thursday night and was remanded to appear in the same court on Friday.

¦ A Hampton Park woman, 28, charged with aggravated home invasion, aggravated burglary, intentionally causing injury and making threats to kill. She briefly faced Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Thursday night and was remanded to appear in the same court on Friday.

¦ A 38-year-old Frankston man, charged with possessing a drug of dependence and possessing a prohibited weapon. He was bailed to appear at Frankston Magistrates’ Court on February 8.

¦ A Truganina man, 24, charged with affray. He was bailed to appear at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on January 17.

¦ A 34 year-old Glenroy man, charged with affray and possessing a drug of dependence. He was bailed to appear at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on January 17.

¦ A 28-year-old Frankston man, charged with possessing a drug of dependence. He was bailed to appear at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on January 17.

¦ A Highett woman, 28, charged with possession of a drug of dependence and possessing a controlled weapon. She was bailed to appear at Moorabbin Justice Centre at a later date.

Police said detectives from the anti-biker Echo taskforce, the State Anti-Gangs Division, the police K9 unit and uniformed officers were involved in the raids.

Biketoberfest Action--
Next Event: Thursday, October 18th – Sunday, October 21st, 20181 Comment

Biketoberfest this year will be held Thursday, October 18th thru Sunday, October 21st, 2018.

Biktoberfest may be the smaller of the two major rallies in Daytona, but that doesn't mean it's lacking! Come and experience the parade of motorcycles on Main Street, or ride The A1A for it's scenic views of sunny Florida beaches and the Atlantic Ocean.

Live music, bike shows, poker runs, bike contests, manufacturers' exhibits, demo rides, stunt shows, street festivals, charity rides and industry celebrities, the Miss Biketoberfest contest, and wet t-shirt and bikini contest are some of the crowd-drawing events available.

Not only with there be racing at the Daytona International Speedway, but special attractions and vendors will be set up inside and outside the Speedway just for Biketoberfest.

Biketoberfest Location
Daytona Beach CVB
126 East Orange Ave
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
Contact Information
Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce
Phone: (386) 255-0981
Website: https://www.daytonachamber.com/

Related Events
Baddest Bagger Daytona Biketoberfest
Hard Rock Daytona Beach Bikes, Music and BBQ

CHOW HALL OF THE WEEK-- The Sausage Thin Crust Pizza has been found!


Villa Nova Pizza in Lockport, IL! They have been using the same Italian sausage recipe for over 50 years and it is amazing. The way they slice their pizza guarantees that TWO meatball sized sausage pieces are on each and every slice! The crust has that perfect crispy crunch!

It is an awesome pizza! Get here now!

Subscribe here, youtube.com/c/ABikerDude to see more amazing food destinations!
Check out the Biker Dude.
Check out the Biker Dude.


GEORGE CHRISTIE BACK IN THE NEWS—George Christie has a supporting roll in the TV series MobKing, originally and internet series.

We are raising funds to finish shooting our remaining 10 webisodes and to package it all for network distribution. We have 12 mini Mobisodes written and in production. We have a three-season treatment, look book and bible.

We have an established EMMY award winning production crew and an established cast. These funds will go to the completion of these Mobisodes (webisodes) as well as the creation of the pilot, which will hopefully be available on either Netflix or HBO this upcoming Fall.

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Reader Comments

Tell Sam, I don t think he knew my uncle. He built cars and Harley engines in the Hollywood hills back in the late '50s early '60s. A hot rod Pan won t run on junk gas.

Monday, October 22, 2018
The Salt Torpedo is looking awesome! I should fit in that seat just fine!

Paul Aiken
Charlotte, NC
Friday, October 19, 2018
Editor Response Hey Paul, how tall are you? You may be the guy.
About the pretty lady in the Texas Flag bikini. I just want you to know that i immediately "stood up". Patriotic or what?

Gearhead, I believe I knew your uncle and what he said was yjsy HE was running on high test mescal, but the bike was running on crappy gas pumped out of a barrel just to get across the border. Easy mistake, especially when Unc was tanked.

I think old Shade might be over simplifying a bit but it certainly made a point. A sore one for many.

Thursday, October 18, 2018
Editor Response I'll let Gearhead know...

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