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News that will hit you harder than a cup of coffee with a splash of Jack.

By Bandit, Bob T., Rogue, Ray Wheeler, Richard & Chris Kranzler, Ben Lamboeuf, Yale, Vern, bad Uncle Monkey, and the rest of the crew.

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If you’re like me, you’re pissed off,
disillusioned and ready to run for the door. In a hot flash I would jump on my Mudflap girl FXR and head for the hills. I often think of Arizona as the last bastion of the old west. I think about living in a garage and riding to the border every morning for Heovos Rancheros and a Corona.

When I flip the cards over and ignore the political bullshit, I like it just fine where we are on the edge of the Port of Los Angeles. If only we could get these bastard to think Land of the Brave (educated) and home of the free. Let’s ride, I mean hit the news:

The Thursday News is sponsored in part by Cycle Source Magazine.

Click and go to the rally...
Click and go to the rally...

I did three tours off the coast of Vietnam on this ship, the USS St. Paul. --Bandit
I did three tours off the coast of Vietnam on this ship, the USS St. Paul. --Bandit

BIKERNET WORKING WITH DISABLED AMERICAN VETS—And the RASF, Rear Area Support Foundation Inc. This program grants wishes for those returning from combat, in hopes that it helps them move from military life to civilian life by getting them around everyday civilian activities. To see the results or to find out more visit them on line at

INDIAN DEMO RIDES THIS WEEKEND--Indian Motorcycle of Orange County
FRIDAY 3/28/2014 to SUNDAY 3/30/2014.
Ride the all-new 2014 Indian Chief motorcycles - the Indian Chief Classic, the Indian Chief Vintage, and the Indian Chieftain - and experience the confidence-inspiring handling and impressive power of the Thunder Stroke 111 engine.

13031 Goldenwest Street
Westminster, CA 92683
All riders will need a valid motorcycle endorsement and proper attire (long pants, closed-toe shoes, eye protection, & a DOT approved helmet).


Contact the dealer to learn more about the demo event. If you would like to contact Indian Motorcycle® directly, please call us at 1-800-765-2747 or visit our Contact Us page.

Indian Motorcycle of Orange County
13031 Goldenwest Street
Westminster, CA 92683


QUICK, OPEN THE BAD JOKE LIBRARY--Two southern girls were sitting on their front porch one evening. One girl had just arrived back from New York and she was telling her girlfriend about some of the sites she had seen in the big city.

In a heavy southern drawl, she says, "You know, they have women up there who have sex with other women."

In a whispered voice, her friend replies, "Oh, my! What do they call them?"

"They call them lesbians. "And there's men who have sex with other men," says the woman. "They call them homosexuals."

Then, she pauses, lowers her voice even more and says, "And, they have these men up there that will put their face in a woman's privates and kiss all around...

"Do tell!"gasps her friend, "What do they call them?"

"Heck if I know, I just patted him on the head and called him, “Precious.”

--from Rogue

THE BIKERNET BONNEVILLE FILES: Bob Bennett is a long time Bonneville competitor, holds a number of records, is knocking on the door on a 200 mph record, and has the distinction of having his name engraved on the Viet Nam Memorial Wall as KIA even though he is quite alive. In 2013 Bob dedicated his new record to the 32 men who died in his unit.. Alpha Company.

Bob hit a peak speed 203 mph with his normally aspirated 1650cc class Sportster. The GPS Speedo's first red light illuminates at exactly 200 mph with the digital display's memory displaying the exact peak mph reached during the run. Bob hit 203 mph without a turbo or supercharger.

Bob writes: "Attached are a few pictures of my bike at speed week last year. The tail section has the 32 names of the men in my Company that were KIA in 1967. The bike number 3399 represents 3rd Bat 39th Inf. 9th Ind Div."

They say adrenaline sears major events in your memory that makes them so clear you relive them over and over again. As you get older the short term day to day crap gets less important and fades quickly. Bob returned to Viet Nam recently to retrace his path and to pay honor, by way of remembrance, to those who were with him that died.

There are a lot of vets at Bonneville.

Bennett's Performance.

--from RB Racing

V-ROD TURBOS FROM RB RACING -- RB Racing's new V-Rod Intercooled 360 hp turbos.

Hey, they have been around for a decade. Like on any Harley packaging and engineering out a proper turbo system is difficult. We started on them a few years back but our racing activities at Bonneville took precedence.

We are always booked up with our projects but we robbed some time and finished up our earlier work. Money, resources, time and manpower are always the limit in business. It chews up a lot of all of these to tool up for a new product.

S&S CYCLE STEALTH AIR CLEANER-- Stealth air cleaner kits now CARB compliant

S&S Cycle has announced that it has been issued with an Executive Order (EO # D-355-11) by California Air Resources Board, which allows S&S Stealth air cleaners to be installed on Delphi EFI equipped 2001 and up Harley-Davidson Big Twin and Sportster models.

All S&S Stealth air cleaner kits for 2001-up EFI models now come with a special sticker and instructions for applying it to an inconspicuous location on the frame. So, if for some reason a rider does get stopped, there is proof that the S&S Stealth air cleaner is legal.

The S&S Stealth air cleaners feature an air directional stinger cone in the filter, which is said to direct air smoothly into the bore of the carburetor or EFI throttle body for reduced turbulence and increased flow. The air cleaner can be used with the stock H-D Twin Cam 88, 96 or 103 air cleaner cover, or can be used with any of several S&S designed covers. High flow (1in taller) filter kits are also available.

La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
Tel: 608 627 1497

TRAIN ROLLS INTO 2014 STURGIS BUFFALO CHIP MUSIC FESTIVAL-- The Sturgis Buffalo Chip announces that Train will unleash its feel-good hits on fans at the Buffalo Chip’s nine-day Motorcycle and Music Festival this summer. The radio-friendly trio will headline the festival Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014, capping off a day of military tributes during the Buffalo Chip’s annual Freedom Celebration. Train’s performance marks the first time fans will be able to see the GRAMMY-award-winning band perform in the Chip’s natural outdoor amphitheater during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

“Train’s hits span two decades. Their songs have such catchy hooks that it’s just impossible not to sing along,” says Rod Woodruff, President of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. “I’m genuinely excited as I look forward to Train’s first performance at the Chip. Their concert performance will be a real highlight of a great party.”

Festival guests can expect to hear well-known Train hit songs like “Hey, Soul Sister,” “Drive By,” “Drops of Jupiter,” “Marry Me,” “50 Ways to Say Goodbye,” “Meet Virginia,” “Calling All Angels” and “Save Me, San Francisco.”

Train has delivered four Platinum-selling studio albums, earned eight GRAMMY nominations and won three GRAMMY awards since its formation in the mid ‘90s. Despite its major commercial success, the band remains humble and notes that its biggest pleasure comes from being able perform for its fans.

Train joins a nine-day lineup of national touring artists to take to the Chip’s main stage Aug. 1-9, including Zac Brown Band, Mötley Crüe, Alice Cooper, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Florida Georgia Line, John Mayall and many others. Over 30 bands will fill out the festival’s concert lineup, and the Buffalo Chip will announce the remaining acts throughout the coming months.

Passes for the Buffalo Chip’s 33rd annual Motorcycle and Music Festival are on sale now. All concerts are free with camping. For more information or to get passes to the Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling, visit or call (605) 347-9000.

BRAND New Bikernet Reader Comment!--The Art Of Kevin Ash

A talent my friend and drawing from your inner self You can't buy that gift .

I love all the drawings on this site, now can't wait to meet you in person ,

It was always a passion of mine at school.

Hope you get loads of work ,

--Terry Morley
Milton Keynes , Bucks, United Kingdom

TENNESSEE Motorcycle Helmet Law Debate -- This Morning at 5am and News at 9pm. Nashville, Tenn--Tennessee law requires drivers to wear seat belts and motorcyclists have to wear helmets. But some riders believe they should have a choice when it comes to helmets.

There are at least 31 states that give motorcyclists the choice of whether or not to wear a helmet, but Tennessee is not one of them. Senator Mike Bell has been on a crusade to change that.

For eight years he's pushed legislation to make helmets optional for experienced riders over 25 who take safety courses and agree to carry additional liability and medical insurance. Senator Bells says wearing helmets should be left to the individual.

Health experts and insurance companies say changing the helmet law will lead to more traumatic brain injuries, deaths and medical costs that will be passed along to hospitals and eventually rate payers. If the bill passes, senator Bell says Tennessee will still have one of the most restrictive helmet laws in the country.


--from Rogue

A friend, Fatbob, called this morning. “I need to unload a bunch of ’36 Knuckleheads and Flathead stuff,” he said. “It’s enough to build several motorcycles.”

Give him a call at 815-519-4494.

Gary still owns an H-D dealership in Paso Robles, CA. He's still boot tough.
Gary still owns an H-D dealership in Paso Robles, CA. He's still boot tough.

Belvedere Company Owner Uncovers Eight “Crazy” Pepper Spray Laws in United States--

Seven States Plus D.C. Have “Bizarre Laws” Regulating Non-Lethal Self-Defense Products

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- In an article posted on The Belvedere Company's web site, the company's owner, Paul Jones, has listed seven states plus the District of Columbia with “crazy” laws pertaining to carrying and using pepper spray for self-protection.

“If you think states have bizarre laws pertaining to guns, alcohol, and drugs,” Jones writes, “just wait to see what some politicians are doing to protect you from pepper spray! Although pepper spray is, in fact, legal in all 50 states, you might have to jump through some hoops to protect yourself.”

In alphabetical order, Jones identifies Alaska, California, D.C., Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, and Wisconsin as the eight jurisdictions with the oddest regulations for buying, selling, or owning pepper spray.

Alaska: The only restriction is that you can’t carry it in school unless you have permission and then you must be over 21 years old. This means that only teachers or high school seniors held back several years can carry pepper spray.

California: Only a person with no felony record can carry pepper spray, and then no more than 2.5 ounces. It is only legal to use it for protection against animals, not people.

District of Columbia: Jones calls this regulation “the craziest one of all. You can carry pepper spray but you must go to your local police station and 'register' it.” The law does not specify what form this registration must take. Jones comments: “I don’t know how you can register something that has no serial number on it or what benefit this rule serves.”

Massachusetts: The Bay State restricts sales to firearms dealers only and your spray must be “licensed” by the police.

Michigan: You can only possess a canister containing less than 35 grams and the pepper spray can’t be more than 2% strength. (“Good thing Michigan has eliminated crime,” quips Jones, “so there is no need for self-protection.”)

New York: “These regulations are as crazy as anything I’ve ever heard,” says Jones, because in New York, you must buy your pepper spray from either a licensed gun dealer or a pharmacist. “What do gun shops and drug stores have in common?,” asks Jones: “Maybe a good lobbyist.” In addition, a customer can buy a maximum of two pepper sprays at a time. Oddly enough, Jones points out, although buying pepper spray on line or by mail order is illegal if the product is labeled for self-protection against humans, New Yorkers can buy exactly the same product on line “as long as it is labeled for protection from dogs or bears.”

New Jersey: Pepper spray is restricted to “pocket sized” only. “The power or the number of pepper sprays you carry in New Jersey don't matter,” Jones notes, “as long as they fit in a pocket.” The law does not define what “pocket sized” means. “Coat pocket? Pants pocket? Shirt pocket? New Jersey doesn't say.”

Wisconsin: Citizens can carry pepper spray as long as the maximum concentration is less than 10% (which is fine) but you cannot have one that holds more than 2 ounces. The crazy thing is, Mace is illegal, but Wisconsinites can carry pepper spray.”

“Isn’t it comforting,” Jones notes wryly, “to know that politicians are busy protecting you from protecting yourself?”

Jones recommends that people visit the web site of The Belvedere Company at, where they can purchase pepper sprays, alarms, whistles, and other devices that can disable or frighten criminals intent on assault.

The products The Belvedere Company sells are easy to use, Jones says. “You don't have to be physically strong or fast or nimble, but you have to be willing to use it and you have to be alert and aware of your surroundings all the time.”

Visit for more information or to make a purchase.

Paul Jones

--from Rogue

XTREME MACHINE SADDLEBAG LATCH COVERS FROM BIKERS CHOICE--Made from CNC machined aluminum in the USA, sold in pairs, and available in black, black cut, or chrome. Matches Xtreme Machine wheels, and fits 93-13 Touring models.

For more information on this product visit

BIKERNET OPENS STRIP CLUB IN WILMINGTON—We had to have the best girl to kick it off.

We will let you know when the grand opening is scheduled sometime in 1959. Check the Sunday Post in the Cantina for more revealing shots. 

All New Cantina Membership with discounts. Click on the image for more info.
All New Cantina Membership with discounts. Click on the image for more info.


Click to Join
Click to Join


BIKERS INSIDE THE BELTWAY NATIONAL LOBBY DAY-- The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is pleased to report that the 6th annual Michael Boz Kerr Bikers Inside The Beltway will be held Thursday, May 15th in the nations capitol, Washington D.C. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation will have secure free parking for motorcycles just steps from the U.S. Capitol Building.

Last year this event drew hundreds of motorcyclists from across the country. Don't miss out on the greatest gathering of politically active motorcyclists in Washington, D.C.

9:00 am to 11:00 am is arrival, registration, instruction and lobby material pickup. Meet at the motorcycle parking area on 3rd street, map below.

The MRF encourages you to schedule appointments with your Representative and Senators offices.

Plan your appointments according to your arrival time. If you plan to arrive promptly at 9:00 am, you can schedule meetings anytime from 9:45 am on. If you plan on arriving at 11:00 am at the latest then you can schedule meetings from 11:30 am until 1:15 pm and of course after the Congressional Program.

Should you not be able to get an appointment, plan on dropping by as many offices from your State as you can during that time. Feel free to contact the MRF office with any questions about scheduling or otherwise.

Unfortunately the House of Representatives will not be in session the day of our event. The meetings with staff still carry significant importance. The Senate will be in session that day.

The MRF has secured free parking from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm just steps from the U.S. Capitol and the House and Senate office buildings. The exact location of the parking is on 3rd street SW and NW between Madison and Jefferson drives. A map can be found here:

An event flyer for Bikers Inside The Beltway National Lobby day is also available on the website here:

This year we will feature something new! Bikers Inside the Beltway Follow Up - Follow Through Seminar. It is going to be a one-day event on Friday, May 16th at the Baltimore Doubletree BWI Airport, 890 Elkridge Landing Road Linthicum, Maryland, 21090. There is no charge for this event. Please be sure to register via the MRF website. An event flyer can be found here:

Click to Join
Click to Join

Click for more info.
Click for more info.

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Victory Indian are bullying long time Indian dealers threatening them with law suits unless they pay to use the Indian name. These are small parts suppliers who have been around since the wigwam closed--not a class act. What next? Sue me for having the Indian name on my Scout's tank?

Allan Lowson
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Sunday, March 30, 2014
Editor Response Unfortunately, Indian is forced to support their trademark or lose it. Strange times, and I hope they can work out something reasonable, and or positive for the little guys who kept the flame glowing all these decades.

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