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Ride Forever -
Tuesday Edition

5-Ball Racing Report for August 14th, 2014

Countdown is on, we are only days away now.

By Ray C. Wheeler

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But first the adrenaline junky list:

****Mojave Mile****In The Books****April 12-13****12,000 foot runway, one mile shutdown....
****N H R A**** Leaders, T/F, Doug Kalitta, F/C, Robert Hight, M/C, Andrew Hines**** 
****NHRA**** 8/14-17****Brainerd, Mn. 
****E C T A Ohio Mile****5/3-4 (In The Books)****6/7-8 ****6/10 ****Valerie Thompson kicks ass, 208.71, BMW S 1000 RR) ****7/12-13****9/27-28****
****El Mirage****6-22****John Noonan, ****250.7**** (NEW RECORD) on a 250.69 record****, Next Up 7-13, 9-14, 10-19, 11/8-9****
****S C T A Speed Week****August 9-15, 2014****RAINED OUT****
****10 Days, 44.444444 Seconds ****Bonneville Speed Trials****August 23-28****
****World Finals****Sept. 30----October 3, 2014****

First and fore most the 10-day weather forecast for Wendover, Utah. 

Average predicted temperature from Friday the 15th through Friday the 22nd is 91 balmy degrees accompanied with light breezy days.

ZERO chance of rain. 

The planets and the stars appear to be aligning perfectly for the Bonneville Speed Trials. Looks like the Salt Gods are very happy.

Bright and early Sunday morning the 24th, with a wave of the starters flag in a figure-eight and it’s time for our moment on the salt. A moment in time with information recorded, a number your team alone can claim. Some Salt Pilots are fortunate enough to accomplish their life long dreams recording their fastest personal time. In some cases the number qualifies for a coveted class record.

Scooter Grubb
Scooter Grubb

This morning Dr. Willie and I loaded and delivered the Raycer to the Team at Twins Turbo for completion of the intercooler. The Twins are installing a dry ice tray, sealing the tail section and adding a pair of scoops for big gulps of cool air while traveling at warp speeds on the infamous Bonneville Salt Flats. 

Missed the news last week while on the road heading to Sturgis. Hauled Ass early Wednesday the 30th out of Bikernet Headquarters, destination, Sturgis, 1,300 miles later. Arrived first light Friday morning, Exit 32 to set up for Lyndall Racing Brakes with the Unknown Industries. The FXRs are equipped with composite rotors, taking advantage of their near weightlessness, their handling advantages and superior stopping power. We’re running a pair of 320mm forever black on the Busa frontend. Stopping is a good thing once in awhile.

Sturgis 2014--12 days on the road, with a few images and a ton of unbelievable tales to embellish in the future. 

Arrived Friday, 8/1/14. 

Turn right Clyde, Exit 32 Sturgis, South Dakota . Anchoring our 10x10 on the asphalt with the talented Unknown Industries Crew. 

Horsepower and Torque

With 13 ½ gallons of race fuel used on the dyno, our results reached 263 HP and 248 ft. lbs of Torque.

Sunday 8/3/14, about noon I met Master Tuner Dan Thayer on the edge of town to retrieve a Tuned and very Happy 5-Ball “Raycer” sporting a Turbo Doc Series 66 Aerocharger. Dan Thayer adjusted Turbo mounting, front stainless steel exhaust, Twins Turbo, Bell Intercooler system. He tuned the 124-inch R&R Cycle/Hyperformance Twin Cam engine, Daytona Twin Tech Gen 4 computer, Horsepower Inc. 62mm Throttle Body, Marc Susman air plenum, kicked with a Spyke starter and charging system, Rivera Pro Clutch w/ lockup. 

Home from Sturgis

Arrived safe and somewhat sound early morning Monday the 11th. It’s been nonstop in preparing for the upcoming ultimate quest for adrenaline, speed and a safe return. Leaving for the salt in less than a week, followed by the Bonne Belle and crew. 

Ride Safe, Fast and Forever, 

Haul Ass!
Ride for Your Life!
--Ray C Wheeler
Performance Editor

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