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Ride Forever -
Thursday Edition

5-Ball Racing Report from Bonneville

Checking in after a week on the salt.

By Ray C. Wheeler

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****Mojave Mile****In The Books****April 12-13****12,000 foot runway, one mile shutdown....
****N H R A**** Leaders, T/F, Doug Kalitta, F/C, Robert Hight, M/C, Andrew Hines**** 
****E C T A Ohio Mile****5/3-4 (In The Books)****6/7-8 ****6/10 Valerie Thompson kicks ass, 208.71, BMW S 1000 RR) ****7/12-13****9/27-28****
****El Mirage****6-22****John Noonan, ****250.7**** (NEW RECORD) on a 250.69 record****, Next Up 7-13, 9-14, 10-19, 11/8-9****
RAINED Out****S C T A Speed Week****August 9-15, 2014****
****Bonneville Speed Trials****August 23-28****
****In the Books****
****World Finals****Sept. 30----October 3, 2014****
****Will the course dry????****

Here’s a quick account of the Bonneville Speed Trials 2014 event. 

Thank You Delvene Manning and your multitude of Dedicated VOLUNTEERS……

One more time and your, 5-Ball Racing Team rolled home safe and sound. 

The Fastest in a field of 270 motorcycles entered was piloted by a lovely lady. The Bike is an electric side car/streamline,  241 MPH.  Blazin down the track, Congratulations…

Fastest normally aspirated was Andy Sills on his S1000 BMW, Modified partial streamliner at 224 MPH.  Thursday afternoon in the final hours with a 4 mph crosswind on an extremely deteriorating track. 

Four pilots were tied at 221 mph late in the day. Hiro on his blown JIMS machine V-Twin, Mike Garcia on a Hayabusa, Cary Alter on a Hayabusa and Andy Sills on his BMW, S1000. 


Arrived early Friday morning to discover lots of water at Lands End, the entry point onto the salt. In spite of the wet view, Racers from around the globe were lined up since first light. 

We made our way onto the salt, destination the Pits. Spent the day with Doc (Washington Racer) and Gypsy from Gnarly Cut setting up our home away from home. 

Doc out of Washington was camped next to us on his hot rod Sportster. 


Tech lines were huge, so we dialed our mobile garage in for a week on the challenging week on the salt. 

Dale arrived from Salt Lake with his slippin’ and slidin’ Honda Hot Rod. On the track it was the Twist and Slide show on his 193 MPH Street Bike 

Late afternoon the S&S Cycle Team bikes lined up on a clean patch of salt for group photos. Thank You S&S Cycle. Thanks also to Scooter and Horst. 


Amazing start of the day, less than six bikes in the Tech Line. Kyle and Gypsy helped loaded our gear; helmet, gloves, boots and one fine Vanson Tuxedo. We rolled to Tech. Actually Kyle and Gypsy pushed while huffing and puffing along. 

After a very short list including, safety wire the primary oil plug, axel cotter key, fire cover for all fuel lines. We had a two-inch area exposed. Discovered after Tech, our fuel line without the wrap is rated at 3,000 degrees and NHRA approved. Better wrapped than not…


Ran into Kiwi Mike and Carolyn. Mike was kind enough to share a sticker for the 5-Ball Racing Team Raycer. 

Although bikes were making passes, I made the decision to wait patiently for a dry, safe track with traction. 

We attempted two passes with the 1940 classic Bonne Belle.
We attempted two passes with the 1940 classic Bonne Belle.

Seems the horsepower bikes had limited traction at best. 


The afternoon started looking better by the mile. Slid into my Tuxedo and headed for the staging lanes. The International course seemed to be holding the power and torque.

My first ride, THANKS to a major Team effort covering the last 2-½ years of hard work, over and over in many cases seeking the happy spots. 

After initial staging, groups of 10 Racers are sent to the second staging area where the Avons will meet the salt for a timed ride. 

The ride out was spectacular, the Raycer handled like a Busa, imagine that? The power at hand, all 263 HP coupled to 248 foot pounds of Torque, Dan Thayer tuned and ready, was the track?

I was 4th in line when the wind kicks into high gear, shut down until Thursday at the crack of dawn, the last day of a challenging meet. 

The ride in was also perfect, but it rained that night


Track closed, prepped all night in hopes of a dry safe track on Thursday. ….last chance?


From our campsite the sound from the International Course indicated limited traction at best. With every pass the track and traction went away. 

My choice was to pass, not much sense in risking life and limb while spinning my wheels. Seems like I’ve been spinning my wheels forever. 

Next up we’ll install the Oregon plate for late night rides on the So Cal freeways until the Mile Events appear on the calendar. 

The Raycer was heat-cycled everyday on the salt for much needed information for the Twin Tech closed loop computer. Every time we fired the hot rod it sounded stronger and stronger.

Look out asphalt, here we come. 

Ride Safe, Ride Fast and Ride Forever!

Haul Ass!
Ride for Your Life!
Ray C Wheeler
Performance Editor

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