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Monday Edition

5-Ball Racing Belt and Wallet by Howard Knight

The Master Tools His Way into Our Racing Team

By Bandit and Howard Knight

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We met Howard Knight in Milwaukee at a Harley-Davidson ride in show. Immediately we recognized the level of quality craftsman ship in his work. There was something more. He wasn’t a stuck-up leather rock star. We could shoot the shit about his products, motorcycles, women, whiskey, you name it, without attitude. We started to work on a couple of projects for Vets and ultimately for Bikernet.

Here’s a brief look at the master who creates the works of art in leather . . . “One of a kind, one at a time”

Howard’s work is inspired by classical floral styles of centuries past.

Regarded as one of the finest leather artists and designers in the country, he began his journey years ago as a young man learning “leather craft” in 4-H Club.

Honored to have been mentored by master leather carvers Chuck Smith and Ray Pohja, today, Howard’s work is worn and rode by legends around the world.

Howard is also inspired and thrives on creative collaboration with other artists including the finest silver smiths and other exceptional leather artists. “Creativity and design is not finite, it’s ever evolving. I continue to be driven to create ‘over-the-top’ designs,” said Howard.

Each piece, whether it’s a belt or an entire motorcycle, each one is crafted by hand by Howard. He imagines then renders the art then puts his magical hands to work turning his vision into reality. Plus, he only uses the absolute best leathers.

As for Howard the regular guy… he’s passionate about fly-fishing and riding Harleys. When he’s not creating in his studio, he’s likely waste-deep in one of the beautiful rivers near his home in Montana, not only catching fish but also being inspired by the natural rhythms and elegance of water that surrounds him. He also rides his Harley for inspiration.

The brass buckle I made for Howard. We had the wheel nickel plated. It was carefully hand engraved by Heather New of New Line Engraving.
The brass buckle I made for Howard. We had the wheel nickel plated. It was carefully hand engraved by Heather New of New Line Engraving.

Recently I made a buckle for Howard and in return he offered to make me a 5-Ball belt.

After making myself another brass belt buckle and wearing the belt for a while, I commissioned Howard to make me a matching wallet. Here’s how it came together:

This is the kangaroo leather before it is cut to size and sewn into the interior of a wallet.

“The next few photos show the wallet interior in one of my three industrial sewing machines,” said Howard.

“The next photo shows a side of leather prior to cutting out the rectangular shape that will become the legendary 5-Ball racing wallet. I only use American tanned leather, the absence of scratches, brands and large imperfections make waste a minimum. This keeps the price of my leather goods a little more, but my products are of the highest quality materials.”

“Old World pride and craftsmanship are the standard here.”

“I've now applied two coats of dark brown dye. Once this dries for a few hours, I will apply an acrylic finish to protect against moisture and butt sweat. Once that is done, the famous 5-Ball logo will be hand painted.”

“The famous or infamous 5-Ball logo jumps into living color. Could there be a red head out in the world that could the logo into a 6-Ball...not fucking likely!!!!”

“I am going to tool another wallet up. Give the money to a children's charity or a Vet charity. I'm a Desert Storm vet.”

We are working with Howard and Dar Holdsworth of Brass Balls Bobbers and Pros 4 Vets on this raffle and will share the info as soon as it’s available.

Click for more info.
Click for more info.

Contact Rocking K Custom Leather
Tel. 406.531.2589
3443 Baldwin Road
Stevensville, MT 59870


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