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Ride Forever -
Friday Edition


The Gang Setup the 5-Ball Headquarters on the Ruddy Surface of the Round-Up

By Frank Ball with photos by Meredith Devine

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Dustin Hill, my tattooed Biker brother from the gym rides a sic-ass Dyna with all the upgrades. He invited me and 5-Ball Racing Leathers to be a part of his motorcycle event deep in the heart of the Texas hill country, about an hour and half outside of Austin, Texas.

Deemed The Texas Hills Cycle Show at the round up in Blanco, Texas. I rode my FXR chopper, Bandit “Pops” built, out there alone Friday night. I peeled through the back roads and hills. Man, this place was so cool, perfectly tucked away in thick green endless rolling hills and two-lane back roads of the Texas hill country.

As I rode the chopper I was swept away into an old western spirit, twisting and turning through thick gorgeous nature that surrounded me at sunset. I was amazed how the FXR, stretched chopper with the girder front end handled so well. It still fed me an element of danger as the Evo engine and thunder header roared smoothly in the warm Texas heat, a perfect evening for riding.

As I pulled up to the round-up after a strong hour and half ride seemingly out in the middle of deserted Texas country, I felt the feeling of welcome. Rumbling inside the old wooden gates, I was greeted by my tattoo buddies Alex and James and my newest biker bro Johnny Mud.

Frankie Jr. could not make the event, so his sister Maxine bravely agreed to haul the 5-Ball Racing Leathers booth to the event.

Plastered across the back of the booth a mega size poster of Bandit himself made a legendary presence at the event!

With my daughter Maxine, Daren from Hawaii and many more friends, we roamed the isles of beautiful custom built motorcycles lining the top deck of the music venue. A magical Texas evening opened in the vast night sky, after we finished doing some 5-Ball business.

Later, we headed off to some joint in Blanco, a bar found again seemingly in the middle of nowhere, a decorated mid-century retro house, right out of a Marty Robin’s western ballad. We partied a bit with the 5-Ball ladies and left the five ball business in the hands of Maxine Ball.

We returned after a night of love under the Texas stars. Saturday we glowed and roamed the tumble-weed strewn grounds to check the vendors and hang with friends. I want to share a big shout out to those who attended. It was a good time and a perfect Texas biker adventure.

Here’s a few people Dustin would like to thank for sponsoring the Texas Hills Cycle Show and attending vendors:

Kara & Mario the owners of The Roundup. Cowboy Harley-Davidson, Campo Bravo Tequila & Waterloo Sparkling Water for being sponsors.

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Reader Comments

Kool wrap-up. Well written in the Bikernet family style. So, the legacy will continue as the 5-ball keeps rolling.

el Waggs
Oceanside, CA
Tuesday, June 13, 2023
Editor Response You goddamn right!
Nice feature. Sorry, I missed the show and meeting some of the family. Maybe a little artistic license on the tumbleweeds. Find those mostly in West Texas and on the High Plains.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023
Editor Response We will make sure you hook up at the next event.

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