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2015 Bikernet Holiday Shopping Guide

A Wish List For The Motorcycle Enthusiast And A Gold Mine Of Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

By The Bikernet Elves

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Welcome to the Bikernet Holiday Guide. You will find in this special section a selection of gift idea for you and for your riding friends. You can also see it as a handy wish list you can share with your family and pals (nudge, nudge).
The guide will be upgraded as new items and fresh ideas become available, so make sure to check back often to see what's new.


CCE Finned Dishpan Rocker Covers

These Finned Rocker Covers were “Originally” designed and manufactured by Randy Smith and CCE back in 1968. Designed to eliminate the oil seepage associated with the stock Panhead rocker box covers, these covers also imparted noise dampening and a cooler running motor.  They were a great success not only because of their mechanical improvement but also because of their distinctive style.
We’ve reintroduced these to the market using the original tooling Randy designed and cast at the same foundry.  Available in As-Cast and Polished. Retails $307.00-$382.00


Lindby Custom Highway Bars

All of Lindby Custom Highway bars are meant to be compatible with many models of motorcycles and controls that are set in their original stock position. Made from 1 1/4in. high-strength steel for long-lasting durability. Precision bent and welded for a perfect fit every time. Neoprene O-rings provide traction in all climates. Available in a chrome-plated, glossy black powder-coat finish or flat black powder-coat finish.

Loading motorcycles, ATVs & other toys the easy way

Condor’s T-Ramp, Trailer Ramp system allow one person to easily load, unload, and transport any Motorcycle, ATV, UTV, Snowmobile, or riding lawnmower, in any pick-up truck. The 12-foot long ramp mode provides a safe gradual incline, so you can keep both feet flat on the deck.  No more “white knuckle” rides on shaky ramps to load or unload your motorcycle. 
With a simple push on the wireless key fob, the T-Ramp will lower or raise the patented hitch mechanism for use as a trailer or ramp and when folded, will easily detach from your truck and roll away for compact storage in your garage. 
Also, the T-Ramp can remain on the hitch of your truck when not in use, taking up no space in the cargo bed. And you can leave the tailgate open or closed while trailering or when folded. So whether you’re using the T-Ramp as a Trailer, or a Ramp, or both, it is easy to load, unload, and haul your toys by yourself. Proudly Made in America. ; 800-461-1344


Forged Aluminum Mirrors From Bahn

Be fully aware of your surroundings with the new forged aluminum Bahn Mirrors that prove style doesn’t need to be sacrificed over function. Unique precision-machined features on both the stems and heads provide contrast to the smooth black anodized “tuxedo” or chrome finishes. The stylish tapered stems help maintain a compact profile while providing ample height and reach for the large convex glass surface area. Precision-fit ball-and-socket joints offer easy adjustment and firm positioning of the mirrors to eliminate movement caused by vibration. The elegantly contoured mirror heads measure 5” long x 3-1/8” tall and meet DOT-compliant size standards for the ultimate blend of clean, custom styling and real-world functionality. 
Bahn Mirrors are available in premium chrome or black anodized “tuxedo” finishes as direct replacements for Harley-Davidson models (except Street 500 and 750), with model-specific adapters available (sold separately) for fitment on Indian, Victory and a wide variety of metric cruiser applications.
P/N 1767: Bahn Mirrors, Tuxedo – $199.99 
P/N 1768: Bahn Mirrors, Chrome – $199.99


Bad Dad

Bad Dad is committed to making high quality parts that allow our customers to create the custom motorcycles they have envisioned building. Bad Dad focuses on designing products that enhance the aesthetics of the motorcycle while still maintaining the motorcycle's original functionality. It is Bad Dad's goal to create bolt-on custom parts that look as great as they perform and to provide our worldwide customers with the highest level of customer service.


Party with American Bad Ass Kid Rock at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip

Get your passes now for a night of irresistible rhymes, bad boy party anthems and red-blooded, blue-collar blues from the one and only Kid Rock at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip during the 2016 Rally. The motorcycle-riding, freedom-loving, all-around music icon will again bring his over-the-top attitude and extravagant stage show to the Wolfman Jack Stage this summer. That’s right…the show you’ve been begging for hits the Chip on Sunday, Aug. 7, 2016! The Chip has put on the Best Party AnywhereTM for 34 years and you don’t want to miss the 35th anniversary in 2016. Let loose for the lowest price by making your reservation early. Camping and concert passes make great Christmas gifts!


Windvest Windscreens

The high performing sport windscreen redirects the wind out of the rider’s face and chest area while looking over the top of the screen, creating a smooth airflow 3 to 4 inches higher.  Made of a high impact acrylic GE Plexiglas, DOT approved material and is available in a 10” height in our gun smoke color.  WindVest is guaranteed to have you covered.  For more information check us out online at   


CCE Fork Truss

The Custom Cycle Engineering fork truss is truly a performance part by dramatically improving front-end handling. The engineering design and sleek styling are obvious characteristics in this part. The compound arc, which sweeps upward and rearward simultaneously, imparts greater resistance to deflection, twisting and bending of the fork. The addition of large-diameter holes spaced out to a maximum strength calculation helps keep unsprung weight to a minimum. These trusses bolt securely to the lower sliders. They are now available 35mm, 39mm, 41mm, 49mm. Narrow Glide, Mid Glide, Wide Glide. Retails $239.00-$259.00. Also available in polished for different coating options.


Abus Lock-Chain Combination

Lock-chain combinations are an excellent choice when it comes to securing motorcycles. There are usually plenty of attachment options on the wheels and frame for securing them to a stationary object like a fence post or utility pole in the city. A bike that is secured in this way cannot simply be picked up and carried away which is a real security advantage. It may also be possible to use a combination of a brake disk lock and a chain. This GRANIT 68 Victory 12KS Black Loop combination from Abus features a 12 mm strong loop chain with fabric sleeve and a 14 mm steel bolt. Its round shape and the three independently rotating pieces hinder the use of opening tools. The chain, the bolt, the lock body as well as supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of special hardened steel, and the ABUS X-Plus cylinder for highest protection against manipulations e.g. picking. Two keys are supplied with the lock, one LED torch key. ABUS Code Card for additional or replacement key.


RP Tronix POV Camera 

If you’re currently shopping for a POV camera (point of view) such as a Go Pro, don’t spend your money until you’ve had a good look at the RP Tronix (Rivera Primo Tronix) POV camera. The RP Tronix Cam is less expensive and includes many accessories that cost extra with other brand POVs.  The video quality of the RP cam is the same as the Go Pro Hero3, the still images are eight mega pix, while the Go Pro 3 is 16 megs. Do not let that influence your purchase, most camera use will be video where the RP cam excels.
Standard accessories (included with the camera) are; TFT display screen, remote control unit, extra battery AV cable, USB cable, camera carrying pouch, and several mounting devices. RP Cam standard accessories such as the remote control unit and TFT screen are extra cost with most other POV cam kits. After a length test of the RP Cam, I found it most convenient to use, the remote control unit being the deciding factor. When mounted on the handlebars, with the remote clipped to my jacket it was an easy matter to simply trigger the video function or shut the video function off without touching the camera itself. Video files can be downloaded conveniently using the included AV cable. The camera itself has a small memory storage capacity, and uses a micro SD card for additional storage. 


Rush Exhaust for Indian Motorcycles

Rush now offers true duals for '14 - '16 Chieftain, Classic, Vintage and '15 - '16 Roadmaster, Dark Horse models. If you want to give your bike that custom look while receiving more horsepower and a nice deep sound, then you will want a set of Rush true duals. The Rush head pipes are ceramic coated fully inside and outside to keep the temperatures down so you will have a cooler and more comfortable ride. Rush true duals are available in either a show-quality chrome or black finish and come with all of the needed clamps and mounting hardware for easy installation. When you pair a set of Rush War Horse mufflers with our true duals you will get unmatched performance with an unbelievable sound that will make everyone stop and take notice. 


CCE Dyna Engine Mount & Stabilizing Bracket

All Dyna Glide riders can now correct misaligned chassis and get your bike riding straight down that road. The Dyna front engine mount, when installed, allows the rider to dial in the engine to perfect front and rear wheel frame alignment. You can slide the engine left or right using the same alignment principals as the FXR’s or early FLH’s. The bracket has hash marks spread .050 apart. Used in conjunction with the split in the cases you now have a built in scale to align the engine. Retails for $99.00.


Klock Werks Kleaning Products 

Klock Werks' line of Kleaning Products include: Shine Werks cleans, a product that shines and protects plastic, leather, acrylic, plexiglass, lexan, chrome, fiberglass, and paint. Dries quickly and buffs to a streak free finish. Invisible protective coating protects surfaces and repels dirt, dust, fingerprints, smudges and bugs. Resists scratching and marring of surfaces. Repels water, prevents fogging, and is non-abrasive.
Engine Werks is a water based product designed to renew the powder-coat finish on your motor. This product uses solvent free and non-flammable ingredients that are designed to deter dust and dirt from collecting on the surface of the motor.
Matte Werks is formulated with a proprietary mixture of polymers that will clean away bugs and grime, and repel dirt, dust, fingerprints and smudges. Works on plastic, acrylic, plexiglass, lexan, chrome, and fiberglass, without adding an unwanted shine.
Detail Werks microfiber polishing gloves work great with all Klock Werks Kleaning products. The soft, non-abrasive microfiber fabric can be used wet or dry to clean any surface including chrome, metal, plastics, leather, glass and more.
All Klock Werks Kleaning Products are available now online at and through your local Drag Specialty and Parts Unlimited Dealers.


Gauntlet Fairing 

The Memphis Shades Gauntlet fairing features club-bike styling with more wind protection than you'd expect. The smooth, clean lines channel the air, while the frontal area is sufficient to provide full torso coverage when rolling up the miles. 
One-piece Lucite construction features a machined groove to outline the windshield, and a black Class-A finish that looks great as is or can be easily painted. Applications are model specific and feature patented Trigger-Lock hardware, made of electrocoated aluminum in polished or black, with stainless steel fasteners. Very popular with the Dyna crowd, and a perfect fit for the Sportster.
The Gauntlet Fairing is road ready and street worthy.


JIMS No. 5503 Master Cylinder Bleeding Solution

JIMS Master Cylinder Bleeding Solution is designed to allow the technician to draw a vacuum on the hydraulic system.  This is accomplished by using specially designed lids with an air fitting which, when connected to a vacuum bleeder, pulls air out of the hydraulic system. The lids are intentionally made clear to enable the technician to see bubbles bleeding from the brake fluid.  When the bubbles cease, the hydraulic system is bled.  JIMS offers 5 different lids that fit many Harley-Davidson models.  No. 5503 is our master kit, which contains all 5 bleeder lids in a storage case.  It has a MSRP of $235.00.  Individual kits are available for those who want a specific bleeder lid. Individual kits have a MSRP of $49.00.  JIMS brake bleeding lids are designed to be used with an air powered vacuum bleeder (sold separately).; 805-482-6913.


CCE Solenoid Housing Switch

The Solenoid Housing Switch is a multi-tasking part that bolts up to most stock after market starter. Designed as a tuning tool that manually bumps the motor over to adjust timing or valve adjustments. It’s a back-up system to a faulty starter button or a bad solenoid. Allows you to eliminate the starter switch & wire relay on ground up custom builds. And they look freakin cool. Retail price range $93.00-$150.00.


Barnett Scorpion Clutch Basket For ’07-’16 Harley Davidson Big Twins 

This all new Scorpion clutch basket fits ’07-’16 Harley Davidson Big Twins (and 2006 Dynas) and is the highest quality, most durable and cost effective replacement for a weak/broken stock basket. Precision machined from 2024-T3 billet aluminum and hard anodized, this basket is superior in quality and durability to the stock unit. Simply remove your stock ring gear/primary gear from your old basket and bolt on the new Scorpion basket. All hardware and instructions are included. Like all Barnett products, this basket is proudly made in the USA.  
Part #321-30-02012 MSRP: $399; 805-642-9435; Instagram @barnettclutchescables


Condor Wheel Chocks

Condor makes outstanding wheel chocks. All Condor chocks are adjustable for every type of motorcycle and tire size. The Pit Stop /Trailer Stop can be used every day in your garage to hold up your bike for service, checking oil, detailing, and to take up less space than when laying over on a kickstand. Then, the chock can be secured in any trailer or pick-up truck to transport your bike.  
The Trailer-Only Model is designed for mounting on any trailer platform.  
The Chopper Chock is designed for raked-out front ends, low hugger fenders, and for those new tall wheels up to 30”.  
All Condor chocks hold your bike so securely, only 2 tie down straps are necessary, so you can’t damage sensitive suspension components, or fork springs or seals.  
Condor chocks make loading and unloading an easy one-person operation, and are proudly Made in America.


Küryakyn Alley Cat L.E.D. Fuel & Battery Gauge, Gas Cap

Styled to match their popular line of air cleaner kits and covers, the new Alley Cat Gas Cap and Alley Cat L.E.D. Fuel & Battery Gauge from Küryakyn revamp fuel tanks with their aggressive radial design. Crafted from quality cast aluminum, both are available in chrome or gloss black finishes as direct replacements for a wide variety of Harley-Davidson applications.
Easily monitor fuel and voltage levels with the sharp illumination of the Alley Cat L.E.D. Fuel & Battery Gauge. Light up your tank with the extremely bright multi-colored L.E.D.’s that produce a highly visible battery voltage reading on the gauge’s left side, with fuel levels radiantly displayed on the right. The gauge housing measures 3” in diameter and is a direct replacement for stock tank- mounted fuel gauges on ’94-’15 Road Kings, ’00-’15 Softails, ’91-’15 Dynas, ’15 Freewheelers, and ’88-’94 FXR models.
P/N 7381 – Chrome, 7383 Gloss Black, MSRP: $139.99
The Alley Cat Gas Cap flawlessly matches the gauge’s aggressive style and features a vented design to prevent vapor lock. Sportster owners get a major upgrade over the stock cap, and the 3” diameter with coordinating design maintains a unified appearance when installed with the Alley Cat L.E.D. Fuel & Battery Gauge on Harley Big Twins. The Alley Cat Gas Cap is a direct replacement for all ’82-’15 H-D screw-type tanks with right-handed thread. P/N 7382 – Chrome, 7384 – Gloss Black, MSRP: $49.99


Del Rey Wheels From Performance Machine

Performance Machine is pleased to introduce its newest member to our prestigious Contour Collection, the Del Rey. When it comes to class our wheels stand apart from the rest – with glamorous good looks and iconic style. Machined from a meaty aluminum forged wheel blank, the Del Rey speeds fast forward in style with its lightning quick directional spokes and organic sculpted rim. There’s only one way to be remembered, it’s the Del Rey
Available in Chrome, Contrast Cut and Contrast Cut Platinum finishes with retail prices starting at $1549.95 for 1984 to present H-D Applications.
For more information on the Del Rey and other premium Performance Machine products, visit


EVO Finned Rocker Covers

Custom Cycle engineering are the originators of finned rocker covers for Evos, just as they originated them for Panheads 40 years ago.
As usual, the copiers have struck again, but these covers are noted for certain features the imported copies cannot achieve. These Finned rocker covers for EVO feature include a guaranteed fit on each and every model, and they are compatible with the very latest breather system. In addition, the CCE covers have adequate clearance for all factory frames. Since they fully machine their finned rocker covers from domes­tic, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy billets, they’re not subject to warpage and oil seepage as the die-cast imported copies. Here's a definite case of getting what you pay for. Retails for $321.00-$397.00

Piers of the West Coast: Pacific Coast Highway

I visited every pier on the west coast on a motorcycle; over 100 of them. Passing within feet of gigantic aircraft carriers, I crossed incredible bridges that launched the bike airborne; beheld beautiful castles in the sky and slept serenely on Crystal Pier as the ocean rushed beneath me. Historically, piers embraced great sailing ships, welcoming goods and people from exotic lands. Whether bearing silks of China or rum from the Caribbean, this was its Ports O’Call. Those days are long gone yet the memories echo on and it’s still somewhere close to far away. Standing at the end of a pier high above an azure sea, a cool breeze blows by. The rumbling surf pounds the shoreline with bubbling fists and I am riding. The whole of the Pacific Ocean is racing toward me and I am riding on it. Buy this book here

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