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A Mixture of New Technology, 110th Anniversary, and the New Custom Program

By Bandit, the Sheriff, and the factory writers, with photos by the Sheriff, and H-D

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This is an odd one. The Sheriff from Sweden swept into the country and rode a factory bike to Sturgis and around the west, but it was a 2012 model, and not newsworthy for European publications. He needed the latest and the greatest.

He returned the touring model just as a handful of 2013 models became available, but his time with the new Street Bob was limited. Fortunately, the Harley-Davidson fleet center is less than 10 miles from the Bikernet Interplanetary Headquarters in the Port of Los Angeles. Then it started to rain; a swift drizzle, like a brief monsoon during the Sturgis Rally. It quickly took the heat off the 90-degree day as the Sheriff peeled down Avalon Boulevard toward the port, but the new 103-inch Dyna supported his deadline efforts. He peeled onto the oldest freeway in the country and slid up to the Bikernet Headquarters in less than... well, I’ll leave the short number out of the story.

The Sheriff from Sweden. I call him sir.
The Sheriff from Sweden. I call him sir.

“That’s the beauty of the Bob,” the sheriff said, panting. “It’s so little, with so much power. Sons of Anarchy, beware.”

Here are the basics behind this new model: Harley-Davidson rolls into its 110th model year with a line of authentic American motorcycles that includes 110th Anniversary Editions of select Harley-Davidson motorcycle models and a restyled Dyna Street Bob. Harley-Davidson Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) offers two new models: the CVO Breakout, a high-performance Softail model with exciting new finish options, and the CVO Road King, fitted with an innovative vented windshield and high-output audio system.

Specifically, the Harley-Davidson Street Bob gets a tougher profile for 2013 with new blacked-out triple clamps and power train, and a chopped rear fender with side-mounted license plate and stop/turn/tail lights. This rowdy Dyna bobber features a solo seat and mini-ape handlebar mounted on new risers that make it easier to customize. New paint options include Hard Candy Custom metal flake and a scalloped two-tone option.

Speaking of Sons of Anarchy, Street Bob is restyled for 2013 as a stripped-down and rowdy bobber based on the Harley-Davidson Dyna platform to capture the pure essence of Sons of Anarchy-styled motorcycling; a brawny American V-Twin engine powering a bike with essential equipment and not much more.
That’s just the basic platform behind the Street Bob. Behind the tough look is new technology and electronics. “The electronics on the handlebars now afford quicker response,” said the Sheriff pacing around the shop. “And you have computer-like benefits tellin’ the rider the gear and additional stuff on the LED screen on the gas tank. The ignition is now on tank finally, with no key dangling on the side.”

There are two other 2013 surprise elements behind this model. “The Street Bob serves as a great starting point for the rider intent on personal customization, which is now why it can be personalized through H-D1 factory customization,” according to the factory. I find the use of the term “intent,” interesting. My thesaurus lists synonyms such as resolved, determined, and committed. Sounds like an addiction instead of a beneficial service, or the opening of a glorious metal flake door to the freedom of chromed expression.

The factory web-based program allows customers to select factory-installed options to personalize fit, function and style with more than 2,000 combinations. The customer guides the customizing process, and that’s how it will be delivered to his local dealer. I call that amazing on one hand and shameful on the other. New styling features include a black Twin Cam 96 powertrain with highlighted details, blacked-out front end, clean rear fender with combination stop/tail/turn lighting and side-mount license plate, a round air cleaner and new scallop graphics in a two-tone paint option.

“It’s a great idea, but you must restrain yourself a few times,” said the Sheriff, “so you don’t go bankrupt when you push enter.”

On one hand, it’s a masterful factory service and creation that allows customers to build their dream machine with a push of a computer button, but on the other hand, so much of the custom experience includes research, learning, tools, challenge, workmanship, and ultimately, accomplishment. Not everyone is capable or has the shop resources, so I get it, but maybe somewhere down the road the customer could be afforded insight into the customizing experience. It could be a way for the customer to understand the machine, and the factory to understand customer desires.

Actually, there are two more benefits for 2013. One, a new series of paint schemes:

Harley-Davidson launches a new formula for old-school cool with Hard Candy Custom, a styling movement that spans generations, cultures and markets from Brooklyn to Yokohama. Rooted in themes first seen in the chopper era of the late 1960s, Hard Candy Custom embraces a trend that's reemerged from garages around the globe; dazzling metal flake paint, brilliant chrome, and styling details in accessories, gear and apparel that are simultaneously current and nostalgic.
Hard Candy Custom elements include 16 new "big flake" paint finishes, three of which will be selectively offered as a solid-color option on five Harley-Davidson production motorcycles for 2013. Now the sparkle of a traditional metal flake finish can be ordered as original equipment paint and serve as the foundation for personal customization that embraces the bright, bold and expressive style of So Cal in the '60s. Hard Candy Big Red Flake made its debut in 2012 on the Seventy-Two model, and for 2013 that color is joined by Hard Candy Lucky Green Flake and Hard Candy Coloma Gold Flake. At least one Hard Candy Custom color will be offered on these Harley-Davidson motorcycle models: Seventy-Two, Street Bob, Blackline, Softail Deluxe, and Forty-Eight.
The three production Hard Candy Custom colors are created by applying tinted flakes, each more than seven times the size of metal flake used in typical production metallic paint, over a black base coat. The flake is then covered with multiple layers of clear coat, and combined with hand sanding, it produces a finished surface with extraordinary depth. Each Hard Candy Custom paint set will be finished with graphics specific to the motorcycle model, including a special Hard Candy Custom logo.

The finish gets bigger and bolder with 12 more-intricate, two-tone Hard Candy Custom Flake Core Series paint sets and fuel tanks from the Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories Color Shop, available for many Sportster, Dyna, Softail and Touring model motorcycles. One paint set offered on the 2013 CVO Breakout, Hard Candy Gold Dust and Liquid Sun with Pagan Gold, is also a Hard Candy Custom selection.
Start with the color, but you can keep the project rolling with pieces from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories. New and recently introduced accessory items that extend the Hard Candy Custom theme include the Silver Charcoal Metal Flake Solo Seat, the Sprung Solo Seat in White or Black leather with contrasting diamond-pattern stitching, leather Single Side Swingarm bags, and a Down Tube bag. Dozens of other Genuine Motor Accessories, from handlebars to sissy bars, can be installed to complete a custom transformation.

Harley-Davidson MotorClothes will offer a selection of Hard Candy Custom logo T-shirts for men and women in the Black Label Collection, and new helmets with graphics and a surface finish inspired by the Hard Candy Custom movement.

I saw several knockout examples of this new metal flake paint line in Milwaukee, and in the Harley-Davidson Museum. “Pro work but it costs,” said the Sheriff, who is retired Swedish military and suffering the pains of a reduced retirement income while trying to jet set to every major motorcycle event on the globe. “I would put my money into performance upgrades and wait. The craftsmanship is excellent, but I want the bike to grow, performance-wise, before I change the base paint”

The third, or the second 2013 mod, if you’re trying to follow me, is the line of 110th Anniversary model accessories and tribute models.
In 2013, from Milwaukee to Rome and in dozens of other cities all across the globe, Harley-Davidson is celebrating 110 years of classic motorcycles and classic good times. As a rolling tribute to this milestone, Harley-Davidson will produce a limited run of 110th Anniversary Editions of select 2013 Harley-Davidson motorcycles that continue a tradition of commemorating the history of the Motor Company. Each 110th Anniversary Edition model Harley-Davidson will be serialized and feature exclusive paint and commemorative fuel tank badges. Production will vary by model and will be strictly limited to ensure exclusivity.
The Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary celebration will climax in Milwaukee, August 29 to September 1, 2013. Information on 110th Anniversary events, programs, and other merchandise is available at

A highlight of each 110th Anniversary Edition model are solid bronze fuel tank badges, plated in black nickel and then distressed to highlight the bronze. A bright gold-tone Bar and Shield cloisonné is inserted in the main body of the "single wing" badge. In addition to the anniversary tank badge, each motorcycle will carry other model-specific anniversary badging and trim. Each example will carry a serialization badge.

Each of the following 110th Anniversary models will feature an exclusive Anniversary Vintage Bronze/Anniversary Vintage Black paint scheme. When available, these models come with all available factory-installed options as standard equipment.
1200 Custom 110th Anniversary Edition (limited to a quantity of 1,500) Includes Smart Security System
Super Glide Custom 110th Anniversary Edition (limited to a quantity of 1,450) Includes Smart Security System, ABS and Chrome Aluminum Profile Laced wheels
Fat Boy Lo 110th Anniversary Edition (limited to a quantity of 1,750) Includes Smart Security System and ABS
Heritage Softail Classic 110th Anniversary Edition (limited to a quantity of 1,900) Includes Smart Security System, ABS, and Chrome Profile Laced Aluminum wheels with Wide Whitewall tires
Road King 110th Anniversary Edition (limited to a quantity of 1,750) Includes Smart Security system, ABS, Cruise Control, and Contrast Chrome, 28-Spoke Cast Aluminum Wheels
Electra Glide Ultra Limited 110th Anniversary Edition (limited to a quantity of 3,750)
Tri Glide Ultra Classic 110th Anniversary Edition (limited to a quantity of 1,450) Includes Smart Security System
Each CVO Anniversary Edition models will feature an exclusive Diamond Dust and Obsidian paint scheme.
CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide 110th Anniversary Edition (limited to a quantity of 1,100)
CVO Road King 110th Anniversary Edition (limited to a quantity of 900)
CVO Road Glide Custom 110th Anniversary Edition (limited to a quantity of 900)

I’m not going to delve into the Anniversary units. You get the picture. Plus my disjointed list could expand with more new Screamin’ Eagle and CVO options.

So how did this new puppy ride? I asked the Sheriff. “Just like I owned her forever.
With one week on an Ultra, this was like comin’ home to your girlfriend. Moped we say in Europe café racer. Maybe it’s a no-nonsense street bike.”


Blacked out triple clamps, dash, power train, and battery box

Full-length wrinkle-black cast console with integrated ignition

Clean, chopped rear fender with side mounted license plate and stop/turn/tail lights

Round nostalgic/traditional tin air clearer cover with bar and shield logo

Rubber-isolated handlebar risers with forged top clamp for reduced vibration and simplified customization

Available Hard Candy big red flake paint

Tank medallion or optional scallop two-tone paint

Chromed exhaust with dual straight-cut staggered shorty mufflers

4.7-gallon Street Bob gas tank

Solo Seat

Stainless steel, tough large diameter, mini-apes, internally wired

Under the seat battery Box

6-Speed cruise drive transmission

Mid foot controls

Security system optional

19 front wheel, 17 rear laced

43 estimated miles per gallon—fuel injected, 672 pounds

Price around $13,000

How's that for color?
How's that for color?

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Reader Comments

Is the 2013 Street Bob 103 ci or not


Ben Pichette
Greater Grand Sudbury, ON, Canada
Thursday, February 7, 2013
Editor Response No, but you can have your new Street Bob stepped up to 103-inches.
This is it! With the 2-up seat and some highway pegs, the Black Denim paint and I'd be one happy camper!

I had my last scoot stolen, a 2003 SuperGlide and I'll never be able to afford this StreetBob or any other H-D for that matter on VA Disability, but I can DREAM while I'm ridin' my 1994 BMW K75...

Jacksonville, TX
Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Editor Response You can make anything happen, just set your mind to it.
This in from the factory: In Sheriff’s article and to correct your reader comment – as of last year (MY2012) all Big Twins got 103 engines except the Dyna Custom and Street Bob.

For 2013, the Street Bob with H-D1 factory customization you can get the 103 engine. Stock it comes with the 96.

--Jen Hoyer
Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Wilmington, CA
Wednesday, October 3, 2012
Editor Response Thanks Jen
Need to start appealing to women more!

Bonnie Zimmerman
New River, AZ
Thursday, September 13, 2012
Editor Response Do you read Womens Riders Now? Check it out.
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