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Bikernet Book Review: "Wild Bill Gelbke” By “Buzz” Walneck

Bikernet Book Review

Review by David Campbell

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Like hangin in a bar reminiscing with an old friend, telling tails and drinking Hamms. Or sitting around the dining room table going through scrapbooks. As the night goes on the Hamms goes down a little easier, stories get grander and tend to get repeated. This is how Buzz Walneck relates the story of Wild Bill Gelbke and his motorcycle Roadog.

Buzz of The Buzzzzz Rag - Classic Motorcycle Magazine records a little of motorcycle history in this book. He became infatuated with the idea of this locomotive of a motorcycle and embarked on a quest to locate it and share it with the world. When a motorcycle is 17 feet long and weighs in at 3280 pounds, what else would you call it. During his search he uncovered the history behind the bike and the man that made it come to life. Wild Bill Gelbke was a colorful, larger than life man who with his knowledge and passion went about designing and building motorcycles that were ahead of their time. Buzz captures some of his exploits and give a glimpse into the man and his dreams. From his time working as an engineer for McDonnell Douglas to him owning his own motorcycle shop, Wild Bill lived a full and exciting life.

Buzz’s stories left me wanting to hear more about Wild Bill. I am sure there is more to tell and as Buzz helps his legacy and Roadog live on I am sure more stories will surface.

A little history, a little motorcycle with, some mayhem, this book covers it and make you smile.

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