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Monday Edition

10th Annual VVMC Bike Show and Rally

Paul’s Picks of the Best Pix

Story and Photos by Paul Garson

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Preparing for Launch….

Bikernet has been following the adventures of the Venice Vintage Motorcycle Club since day one when they got up and running a decade ago. Along the way they’ve offered monthly group rides as well as a steady stream of world class bike shows and rallies, case in point their most recent bike party, the 2017 10th anniversary, so congrats all around. Again hundreds of vintage, classic and antique bike fans of all flavors showed up for the event taking place near Venice, CA’s famous Abbot Kinney Avenue and the beaches of the Pacific a short putt away. You could say that the surf was up as waves of riders streamed their way into the event from all over CA and beyond. Without further ado, here’s Paul’s Pix, not an easy chore considering the wide spectrum of unique machines and their equally unique riders, so let’s get at it.

Best Non-NFL Kick Off to Show Start

The 1947 Douglas T35S was a one year model, originally owned by GP champion Hugh Anderson of New Zealand. Bike is part of Rob Pollard’s Brit bike collection as is the Sunbeam S7, also vintage 1947.

Best Motorcycle Jousting Stance

Unknown Harley rider patrols the event perimeter looking for entrance portal.

Double Thumbs Up for the Rally
Loren Elyse Buckley and Andrew Hancock manned the Tobaccomotorwear booth, one of many vendors offering their
Surfs Always Up with JSK Project Argent Corundum
Built around the Honda Rebel 250cc powerplant, but radically “updated,” JSK motorcycles has come up with the perfect SoCal lifestyle transport with surfboard in tandem. While frame and motor were retained, 50 lbs. was trimmed from the bike. Builder Samuel Kao, originally from Taiwan, focused on sourcing most of its parts from Taiwan to showcase what are in reality are of high quality. What’s Argent Corundum mean…? Argent can mean money…corundum a super tough mineral abrasive..? So maybe, making money the hard way?

Speaking of Indians…Here’s One that’s Crock related
Torrance, CA based Michael Schacht enjoys his ’39 Indian as a fan of historic vintage iron to the point that he’s invested his blood, sweat and tears over the past many years bringing back the legendary Crocker motorcycle, cloning it down to the original nuts and bolts. It’s truly a story of history repeating itself in a good way. While something only 54 original Crockers exist, Michael has used the original factory documentation to bring them back to life.

Is it Realer than Memorex?

So intent on making it the exact replication of the O.G. Crockers, Michael employed labor intensive sand casting rather than CNC machining to fabricate the bike’s components, each hand-crafted to original Crocker spec sheets.

Best Cup of Coffee…Make that Fifth of Expresso

Entrepreneur/Restaurateur/Biker Lorenzo Dalla Vedova offered us a taste of his new expresso liqueur called Bola just now becoming available. Lorenzo has been the leading force behind a movement to create the Los Angeles Motorcycle Museum (LAMM) and is actively seeking a collaboration of motorcycle movers and shakers to provide Los Angeles with a truly world class facility.

No, Please, Really… I Didn’t Vote for Brexit
A temporary halt at the entrance to the event brings Mark Jarel and his Brit-built 1946 Ariel VB to a halt. Fortunately the 600cc single flathead, still wearing its original license number FAX 759, was granted passage. Note the very cool classic “Brooklands” silencers, the finny exhaust so named after the famous English raceway. Mark bought the bike in England and toured on it before shipping it home. That was in 1981 and he’s had it ever since.. Says Jarel, “It’s a non-stopper that just keeps on going.”

Beaming Beemer Winner
Best Euro Award went to Jim Murphy’s 1966 BMW R60/2 with Steib sidecar. Notice how his trophy nicely covers strategic letter on his t-shirt. And check out the message on the other guy’s black t-shirt. Need a lighter to help with the interpretation?

Bad Boy Beemer
Now for a walk on the wild side of the Bavarian airhead twin…1977 R100S converted to a monolever rear suspension and showing polished alloy bodywork. Built by BMW café racer designer/builder Dan Rodarte, its performance was upgraded via OSHMO Motorworks custom components including fuel injection system….in other words…Wunderbar! Van Nuys based Osh Minetian of OSHMO specializes in performance upgrades and parts for both BMW cars and bikes.

Got Wrench?
No need to water this rendering of a Lotus flower (we think), the design chosen for Best Japanese entry, with Eric Martin taking it home for his Eddie Lawson Replica Kawasaki 1000R. Cool event trophies were fashioned by Venice Metal Worx.

Green Meanie

Eric humbly says he restored the bike but it could have been better. Judges definitely thought it more than good enough. Built for only two years, 1982-83, only 750 were produced. As a street bike, it clocked out at 128mph. The special edition was in homage to 1980s super star racer Eddie Lawson, four-time winner of the 500cc World Championship during the 1980s, not to mention coming out of retirement in 1993 to win the Daytona 200 for the second time.

Speaking of Trophies - V for Victory

The special VVMC Club Choice award went to Eugen Garcin who brought his stellar Brit made 1934 Cotton 25J. Eugen is well-known for his awesome collection of multi-showing vintage BMW’s, but just had to go for the Cotton.

Wash and Wear English Classic

Cottons appeared in 1920, first to feature F.W. Cotton’s “triangulated frame” and came with a variety of powerplants, in this case the famous OHV J.A.P. aka J. A. Prestwich design, Eugene’s bike fitted with the 500cc version. Cottons enjoyed 20 years of race wins circa 1920-40. Eugene is seen here with Mary, his wife and intrepid riding partner.

Quick, Hide the Peanuts!
Best British Bike trophy went to Rob Pollard’s 1929 Scott Sports Squirrel…no kidding, that’s it name and a great if somewhat wierdish bike. Way ahead of its time in many ways, the water-cooled two-stroker surprised everyone back in the day. Rob has a penchant for Brit iron and has a nice collection including several WWII era bikes he brought to the show.

Sharp Edged Classic

Best Race-Inspired Award went to Tony’s 1982 Suzuki Katana 1000 aka GS1000SZ. Now 35 years young and still looking good, the bike offered 90 HP and German designer Hans Muth’s design touch who was challenged by Suzuki to come up with something deliberately outrageous to draw attention to the maker’s bikes. He did just that.

Best Custom – Hutchbuilt Show Stopper
VVMC award went to South African Jeremy Hutch who now makes L.A. area his home where he’s building some very unique bikes of all flavors. This one was based around 1979 BMW R80 but radically modified.

Wicket Trophy for a Wicked Cool Bike – Jeremy Hutch

Have You Hugged Your Böhmerland Lately?

Here’s a bike and a half that you don’t see every day as in rare as dragon’s teeth. Owner Paul Greenstein, seen here with longtime riding buddy Dydia DeLyser, usually rides vintage Indians, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get hold of the Czech built masterwork even though he had to follow it from Hungary to Germany where it somehow then took a shipping tangent to China for unknown reasons before finally arriving at the Long Beach port. Okay, so how do you pronounce it? Buumerland…there’s too little dots over the o.

Looking Back in History and Forward to Some More

The various models of the Böhmerland were built from 1934 until 1939 in what was once Czechoslovakia until Nazi Germany stomped on it. So where did it get its styling cues? Ah, literally out of thin Czech air. Seems the builder, one Albin Leibisch had not built a motorcycle previously so started with a clean sheet, maybe even a real one to draw up his vision of the ultimate road bike, one that could carry up to four passengers. Tech facts: 600cc overhead valve single cylinder, a lonnnggg all-welded very stiff tube frame, in fact the longest production wheel base motorcycle. So how does it ride? Says the owner, “Like a log. But actually very smooth.”

Launching Cezeta aka “The Pig”

That’s what the Czech’s called the popular two-stroke scooter first built in 1957 behind the Iron Curtain. This one, a 5021 built in 1963. The nose cone design was supposedly inspired by Sputnik and the early Space Race. Plans are afoot in the newly renamed Czechia (aka Czech Republic) to build the scooter but electric powered. Here Dydia gets a helping hand from Crocker revivalist Michael Schacht. Dydia by the way has earned a Ph.D. as a geographer so she knows her way around, even how to get Czechia even if it’s not on the maps.

And the winner is….Best of Show Winner Böhmerland ….!!!

Czech Off Another Winner

Dydia’s Scooter garnered top honors in the Best “Ugly Bike” Class.
News was also welcomed by her four-legged friend of some 13 years, his name Harpo, who took it all in stride.

Skateboard Icon

If you saw “Lords of Dogtown” or any of the documentary films about the history of California skateboarding, then you recognize Ray Flores, seen here on a bike just a bit bigger than a board, in this case a rare 1983 Suzuki GSXR factory 90cc racer. With 60 years “skating” and board inventions to back him up, Ray opened The Board Gallery in Venice to chronicle the history of the sport.

Another Scooter Heard From – Dress for Success

Philip Ancheta aka “Scooter Hero” dons his Dainese leathers and makes the world a better place while patrolling about on his Vespa. Note his trusty sidekick with camera equipped helmet ready to document his exploits.

“You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda”

That was a famous ’60 Honda ad line but it holds true especially in the case of Lisa and Steve who came to the aid of Jono Winters who won the Best Café Racer award for his home built 1973 Honda CB350. He had not a penny to his name and no means to carry the heavy trophy home on the bike so Lisa and Mike came up with a cargo net and some cash to help make his day even better. Says Jono, “I bought the bike because it was the cheapest I could find on Craigslist…$300…and it wasn’t running.” It does now and Jono even painted it himself. The 655 number refers to his motocross race number.

Most Innovative…Can You Spot it?
Greg Chatsworth spent years R&Ding an ingenious independent suspension system as incorporated into his Harley Softail. Benefits include major improvements of handling and safety both on the street and track. Owning several patents, Greg says the system is applicable to almost any motorcycle. So far no manufacturer has opted to for it so it’s up for grabs. (gregatchatsworthelectric@yahoo.com).

Malibu Mark and his FLH

Mark Harris has owned, ridden and enjoyed his flamin’ red 1965 ex-Police Special for the past 12 years including a 2500 mile cruise. A contractor by trade, he’s decked in the right work gear…and the right workhorse.

Animated Harley
With its ‘20s boardtrack racer turned down handlebars, film and commercials animator Zack Iddings has radically trimmed and slimed his 1995 Sportster 1200XL including both fenders. Shorter shocks and slammed forks bring his solo rider rapid transport hugging the ground, making one cool no frills, all thrills custom. Says Zack, “It’s very chopped up. Have had it two years.”

Best Knuckle Sandwich
Eddie from Whittier rode in on 1940 Knucklehead homebrewed custom and rode home with the trophy for Best Chopper.

Best Wrenchable Furniture – “From Track to Table”

Fashioned from an assortment of real bike parts like cranks, brake rotors and gears, Encinitas, CA based Moto Redux craftsman Mathew Clough offered awesome and usable furniture for home and garage including variety of tables, bar stools and unique lighting fixtures.

Best Recycling Moment

Helping to keep the world green and still wobbling in orbit, a Recycler works hard at putting aluminum cans back into use. But why is it that he’s decided to collect the debris right next to my trusty old Beemer. Okay, I’ve been riding it for 20 years and it’s a bit crusty and leaking from various orifices, but, please, I hope this is not a sign from the Universe that it’s nearing time for the recycling bin. If this sounds like a blatant plea from some BMW guru to revitalize my ride, well, so be it.

Boys to Young Men in the Band

These guys have been playing at the VVMC rallies for several years and we’ve watched them grow in both physical stature and musical talent…and they ROCK! Other top flight bands playing the soundtrack for event included Cougar Getting, Jr., Lou Pine, Highland Hawks, Neighbor Thieves, and National Anthem.

Getting’ Sporty

The photogenic Nana Taimour and friend Melisa Provencio add to the matte black classic lines of Nana’s 2015 883 Harley.

Nana Moves Out

We spotted Nana at speed as she headed home from event. She’ll be back for the 11th VVMC Rally scheduled for September 2017. So what about you?

Raffle Baffle
Shannon Sweeney and VVMC crew man the raffle booth, lots of loot won by the rally attendees along with the El Dorado Triumph raffle bike. This year’s event sponsors included Lucky Wheels Garage, Wes White of The Factory Metal Works, Triumph of L.A., Safeway Sandblaster and Powder Coating, Deus Ex Machina USA, artist Sonny Boy and Moto Classic Garage.

Lucky Guys Following the Golden Rule

It only took one ticket for Tom Woods and his son Will to win the El Dorado Raffle bike, the 1950 Triumph 650 custom built by VVMC members Farin Hoover and Matt Rowe. Tom tells us that he plans to
sell or auction off the bike hopefully with help from some celebrity, then donate all the proceeds to the VVMC’s charity, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

Miss VVMC 2017 Pinky Suer from Ontario, CA sits on the “Golden Throne” Raffle Bike along with the VVMC crew.

… And last but not least the author won the Bohmerland!!!!

Make that a chance to have his photo snapped on the bike…but he can dream can’t he? And yes he had to wear his signature “see me now” green riding gloves.

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