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Of Political Interest

FOUR Reasons Why 'Climate Change' Is a Flat-Out Hoax

The Latest from the Climate Depot

By John Eidson
If taking the scientific method into account, no intelligent person can fail to see that the constant drumbeat of wild and hysterical claims about the climate are insults to the search for Truth.
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Select Risk Factors Associated with Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

From the National Transportation Safety Board (incomplete)

--from Mike Greenwald with photos from Bob T.
This is a synopsis from the NTSB’s report and does not include the Board’s rationale for the conclusions and safety recommendations. NTSB staff is currently making final revisions and will hopefully include distracted drivers and infrastructure.
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Okay, Let’s See if We Can Make the Climate Debate Simple

BY K. Ball with help by Marc Morano and Bob T.
CLIMATE DEBATE CONFIRMED—We confirmed our answers. Okay, let’s see if we can make the Climate Debate simple:
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SPECIAL REPORT: Letter to the California Air Resources Board

Will Anyone Listen or Read?

By K. Randall Ball with images from Bob Tronolone and Rogue
Hey, I’m just an old grubby biker, not the CEO of a massive motorcycle manufacturer, but I feel compelled to speak out against new and old motorcycle rules.
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Why the Bikers of America Cannot Continue to be Ignored or Forgotten

By Megan Ekstrom, MRF
I’ve sat through these meetings and conference calls, my takeaway increasingly becomes that the U.S. population at large, just doesn’t give a shit about motorcycles. What are we going to do about it?
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Man-Made Climate Change-Settled

Science or Dogma?

By Wayne McLaughlin
Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is settled science, proclaim the predictors of weather doomsday. Settled Science? Science evolves continuously and can never be settled.
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Police Violate Fourth Amendment Rights

In Routine Traffic Stop of Club Member

By Tony Pan Sanfelipo
A December 2016 traffic stop in Austin, Texas, is getting lots of views on social media lately. In a video posted on the Motorcycle Profiling Project’s Facebook page1 a motorcycle club member is detained after a police officer observed him neglect to use a turn signal on his motorcycle. That traffic violation amounted to probable cause to pull the motorcycle rider over. Once detained, the traffic ...
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Urgent Motorcycle Riders Foundation Update

MRF Delivers Petition at First Meeting of the Motorcyclist Advisory Council, Asking to ‘Let Riders Speak’

A petition containing over 5,000 signatures was delivered to the first meeting of the Federal Highway Administration’s Motorcyclist Advisory Council on Tuesday. The document was presented by the Motorcycle Riders Foundation and demanded that the Council designate additional seats to represent the motorcycle rider community.
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