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Bonneville 2015 Effort

Bonneville 2015 Effort


Bikernet Special Report: BONNEVILLE VANISHING?


Edited by La La
In his latest film, THREE MILE, hot rod film maker Brian Darwas shows us how important of a resource The Bonneville Salt Flats are to the automotive world. With salt levels diminishing at an alarming rate, causing the cancellation of Speedweek for two consecutive years, THREE MILE is the film that everyone needs to see.
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Bonneville 2015/16 Chapter 8

Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials Canceled, Team Updates—We Have a Year to Regroup

By Bandit with photos by Wrench, and illustrations from the Atomic Dice Team
This has been a very strange weather pattern year for the Bonneville Salt Flats. One day it can be a mess and three days later it's ready to race. I spoke to Bill Woods yesterday and the salt has been under constant investigation. It rained again last Friday (August 14), and yesterday the team members studied the salt conditions. "We only have access to one track, and no dry pit areas," Bill said....
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BONNEVILLE 2015 CHAPTER 7: JIMS FAT FIVE Installed in the Salt Torpedo

Giving the JIMS Gear Set a Home for the Salt

By Kent Weeks with photos by Holly Weeks the magnificent
I have installed a few gear sets but I think no matter how many times you have done it it’s always a good idea to check out the instructions before getting started. Some manufacturers products are slightly different from each other and sometimes changes have been made to the install process so if nothing else a quick read though never hurts.
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The Salt Torpedo Meets Atomic Art--5-Ball Racing 2015 Chapter 6

Mr. and Mrs. Atomic Become Part of the 5-Ball Racing Team

By Bandit with art by Atomic Dice Team
It all started with our 5-Ball Racing search for our trike streamliner name, which quickly centered around the “Salt Torpedo.” Then the Prince stepped up from his mountain top castle and said, “There’s only one artist on the planet capable of this lofty task.”
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5-Ball Racing 2015 Chapter 5

Progress on Many Fronts as the Clock Ticks...

By Bandit with photos from the front
We do have a report including mascot development, a solid name, a pilot’s seat, and seat belt harness. That’s for the Salt Torpedo, and I have news about the rear fender on the Bonne Belle. I’m hoping for news from Departure Bike Works in Richmond regarding my new flathead motor.
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Typhoon Twist Billet Carburetor from Carl's Speed Shop

Amazing Fuel Delivery for our Salt Torpedo

By Wrench with photos by Wrench and Carl's Crew
This article was published in Easyriders in 1995, but it’s still applicable today. At the time it covered the new Carl Morrow Typhoon billet Carburetor. Since then there has been some tweaking and Carl installed a Thunderjet on this Typhoon for the Salt Torpedo we are building with a 135-inch JIMS twin cam and a JIMS heavy-duty 5-speed transmission.
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5-Ball Racing 2015 Chapter 4

May the "Gods" of Progress Take Hold

By Bandit with photos by Kent Weeks and Holly Devil
What a crazy year. We’ve been scrambling in several directions. Plus, once I sent all the parts to Kent Weeks at Lucky Devil MetalWorks, well when the dogs are away, the mice start to party.
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By Bandit
JIMS is proud to announce the release of the brand-new 135-inch Twin Cam Race Engine! Based on the proven track record of JIMS race engines, we are proud to introduce this 2.2-liter monster which bolts right into a stock frame and incorporates some of the best high performance features in the industry.
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