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Bonneville 2016 Effort

5-Ball Bonneville Racing

5-Ball Racing Salt Torpedo Chapter 10

The Game Changes Every Week—Chassis Work

By KRB with photos by Wrench and illustrations by Atomic Bob
The Paughco team stepped up to save the day and we have more progress on what could be the first streamlined trike.
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BIKERNET BONNEVILLE UPDATE, CHAPTER 9: Once more on track with the help of Paughco

It all started a couple of years ago…

By Bandit, Steve Massicotte, Ron Paugh and Kent Weeks with photos by Rick Krost
This is a tough one. We all have dreams, but dreams take resources. And of course, your resources need resources. Our Bikernet 5-Ball Racing dream is to build the first streamlined trike, the Salt Torpedo.
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Bikernet Brotherhood Effort: FREE ATOMIC BOB

A Brother's Family Needs Our Supprt!

By Bandit and the Atomic Maiden with art by Atomic Bob
The Bikernet story of Atomic Bob & SaraBelle. How a young artist, his new wife, and family ran afoul of the law.
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Bikernet's Performance Editor Provides a Two Year Snapshot

Merry Christms 2015 Followed by the Greatest New Years Ever…

By Ray C. Wheeler
A two year snap shot in the life of a salt addict, chasing a dream …
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