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Custom Cycle Engineering

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Randy Smith founded Custom Cycle Engineering in 1967. Randy was a unique pioneer in the Harley aftermarket industry, developing some of the first custom aftermarket parts and building some of the industry’s most groundbreaking customs bikes.

After running Custom Cycle Engineering for many years Randy sold his interest in the company to Rick and Jim Whitehead of DEW Mfg. in 1989. DEW Mfg. was established in 1971 and is one of the largest manufacturers of extension fork tubes for the Harley aftermarket industry. DEW not only made fork tubes they also designed custom triple trees, Risers, Front hub spools and tweak bars

Teamed with the creative genius of Randy Smith and DEW's ability as a precision machine shop the product line increased in the early '90's. Today CCE is solidly entrenched into the Harley-Davidson and V-twin aftermarket with a wide variety innovative custom parts that have a purposeful need and are wrapped in a stylish design. Custom Cycle Engineering is constantly developing new products with an eye on the future, but never forgetting our rich past.

One of the newer addition to the Custom Cycle Engineering family is Tim Wallingford. Tim followed Randy's career through his motorcycle articles and through the workshop that Randy held at his shop in Westminster CA.Tim is a renowned Harley mechanic and custom bike builder in SoCal. He has built many innovation Harleys and countless classics. One such restored classic is Randy Smith's 45 Magnum that now sits in the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee WI.


Late-Model Swingarm Retrofit — Stabilize Your Older Dresser

With Spherical Bearings from Custom Cycle Engineering

Edited By Bikernet
In 2002 Harley-Davidson made many improvements towards the handling of the Dresser models. The most notable design change was the beefing up of the swing arm and adding spherical bearings to the swing arm pivot. With these changes in mind there has been a calling to adapt the new style FLH swing arm to early model FLH’s with the old box type swing arm.
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Better Handling With 49mm Fork Trusses

Custom Cycle Engineering’s front fork truss is a performance part that was designed to improve front end handling on Narrow Glide or Wide Glide front ends

By Bikernet
Custom Cycle Engineering’s front fork truss is a performance part that was designed to improve front end handling on Narrow Glide or Wide Glide front ends
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Front and Rear Dyna Glide Motor Mounts
By Bikernet
Custom Cycle Engineering has designed a far superior Motor Mount System for all the Dyna Glides ’92 to Present that replaces the inadequate stock motor mounts. We pulled out all the stops to make these mounts the best on the market.   


Dresser riders can now correct chassis misalignment

By The Bikernet Staff
The Engine Equator II is designed for all 2009 to present Touring Models (FLH’s and FLT’s). The new bracket allows all Dresser riders to correct chassis misalignment which is impossible to achieve with the stock motor mount.
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A Steering Damper for All FLH Models
Edited By Ben Lamboeuf

5-Ball Racing 2015 Chapter 4

May the "Gods" of Progress Take Hold

By Bandit with photos by Kent Weeks and Holly Devil
What a crazy year. We’ve been scrambling in several directions. Plus, once I sent all the parts to Kent Weeks at Lucky Devil MetalWorks, well when the dogs are away, the mice start to party.
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5- Ball Bagger Project Bike -- A High Speed wobble leads to a new concept

Paughco delivers the goods!

By Krash Kranzler
After a high speed wobble caused me to wreck the Bikernet Baggers Project bike, I spent the next few months looking for a cause and solution to the high speed wobbles that Harley - Davidson Touring chassis's are known for
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Mount Your Narrow Glide Wheel To A Wide Glide
By Custom Cycle Engineering
Custom Cycle Engineering offers wheel conversion kits to adapt any 19” or 21” Narrow-Glide wheel from 1977 to 2002* and spaces it out to fit a 41mm Wide-Glide front fork.
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