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Spitfire Motorcycles

Spitfire Motorcycles

8727 Utica Ave, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Spitfire Motorcycle Parts are conceived, designed, and manufactured in The United States Of America.  
The name Spitfire is inspired by the World War II fighter that altered the course of a great conflict by providing allied forces with the ability to defend against the overwhelming invasion of an evil empire.  Our company is inspired by machinery that captures the awesome power of human imagination while demonstrating the guts to create a more perfect world.  
We’ve been building American Made V-Twin parts for 21 years and we’ll be doing it till the earth runs out of gas.

Hellbound Steel Motorcycles Introduces Their 2006 Models

Production Bikes Made One At A Time

Layout By Layla
How would you like to be able to purchase a production custom motorcycle that comes with either a 117” or 124” S&S show polished motor, 6 speed transmission, open belt drive, 250, 280, or 300 rear tire and tons of billet parts and accessories as standard features rather than an option?
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The Mudflap Girl FXR Saga

A Convoluted Story of Romance, Family, and the Open Road

By Bandit with photos by Markus Cuff
It all started when a brother was desperate for cash and I bought a basket case Dyna, and with the help of JIMS machine turned it into an FXR. I started to build it for my son, Frank, the tattoo artist, around an old Kenny Boyce-styled pro street frame. Making progress on this build, with a massive upside down Custom Chrome front end, a brother stumbled into my shop and told me about Paul Cavallo ...
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Mudflap Girl FXR Part 13 New Paint and More

Lots of Upgrades including Crane Ignition, Centramatic Wheelbalancers, Digital Dawg Electronics and PM Grips and Pegs

By Bandit with photos by Wrench
Okay, so my Mudflap Girl FXR was running fine and I enjoyed every ride with the bare chassis, but I got a hair to treat the frame and powder coat some parts, but the corrosion treatment made the frame look almost black, and I didn’t want to build another black motorcycle. I also had some tech obligations.
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Bullet for Da Blues

A Spitfire Custom Sporty for a Down Brother

By Bandit with photos by Markus Cuff
When brother Jim stumbled into the Spitfire Motorcycles machine shop and asked to talk to a longtime friend, Paul Cavallo, the master immediately recognized the anguish in his friend’s eyes. Jim faced the muzzle of a double-barreled divorce. Paul immediately knew a cure. In fact, Dave Rash, the boss of D&D Exhaust, calls motorcycles “Two-wheeled valiums.”
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Gypsy Rose Lee and Her Panhead

Paul Cavallo Spitfire Custom for Vegas Artistry in Iron Competition

By Bandit with photos by Markus Cuff
When it comes to Paul Cavallo’s dry wit and motorcycle-building capabilities, it takes no more than a the whisper of a breeze through California hillside brush to kick off the desire to build another chopper or bobber. He hardly needs any excuse to work 14-hour days along side his master machinist dad.
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Mudflap Girl FXRs, Part 10, Suspension Tuning and Le Pera Seat

Frank's FXR Ready for the Streets

By Bandit and Tobey, with photos by Sin Wu
Frank's Mudflap Girl needed only a couple of elements, before break-in could begin, the seat and forward controls. With this episode all component came to be.
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5-Ball Racing 2012: Chapter 5

The Bonne Belle Project List

By Bandit, with photos by Ray C. Wheeler, Sin Wu, and the Kustoms Inc. crew
We learned about too many projects, how to handle them, and kick some ass. And then you'll see the results of real fabricators, Kustoms Inc.
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How to build the 45 Magnum Engine

Completed by Yankee Engineuity

By Duncan Keller, Yankee Engineuity
Flathead 45s are really talking about a slow ride. So, what to do about this lack of horsepower? Why, build a “45 Magnum” of course!
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