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Wire Plus

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Wire Plus has been engineering state-of-the-art custom wiring harnesses, digital instrument panels and other innovative products for more than a decade. Rick Marler, President and founder of Wire Plus is an avid enthusiast that has been riding his entire life. He knows what the environment can do to products, especially electronics. Our systems are built to survive the rugged environment of the Harley-Davidson and custom v-twin bike markets and feature vibration resistant, solid-state breaker technology. Wire Plus has worked with and supplied product for most everyone in the industry including such notables as Arlen Ness, Big Bear Choppers and Big Dog Motorcycles.

Wire Plus advantages are…Solid-state breaker technology (the breakers never have to be replaced)…replaceable start relay…waterproof power modules…ease of installation and compatibility. Our harnesses are smaller than any other on the market so there's less "pinching" of wires. We manufacture the most innovative, state-of-the-art digital instrument panels in a rectangular or circular design, which provide riders with a speedometer, tachometer (bar graph tach on rectangle shape only), trip, odometer and all indicator light functions. These digital panels also feature super bright display technology for true daylight readability and have a built-in light sensor for auto dimming for night riding.

We also manufacture a complete line of self-diagnostic wiring systems to fit all stock or custom American V-Twin applications. Our power modules are submersible waterproof and very compact in size with harnesses that are engineered to be smaller than any other on the market. Riders currently building a custom bike and struggling with the task of hand wiring or fighting the service problems of a microprocessor controlled system can now purchase a reliable, complete custom system that will save hours of install time

Our focus is on the reliability of everything we manufacture. We stand behind our products and the customers who count on them to be the best, most reliable products in the industry. In addition, we back them with expert technical support. If you want the best in digital technology for your ride, check out the latest from Wire Plus. Reliability…Ease of Installation…and Quality All in One!

Contact and Ordering Information: 

Wire Plus Powersports Electronics
PO Box 174/724 Industrial Road
Winfield, KS 67156
Phone: (620) 221-2417 

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Bikernet Tech: The TWEVO Configuration or Stay with an S&S EVO?

What are the Options?

--By Eric Bennett, Lee Clemens, Bruce Tessmer, Grant Hillegass, and Bandit with photos by Wrench
Bikernet studies the FXR Twevo, Evo, drivetrain options with Bennett's Performance, Departure Bike Works, S&S and anyone who would give us the time of day.
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Limited Edition Rocketeer Heading To Dubai

Brass Balls Cycles Goes Global

By Bandit with photos by the BBC Crew
But the more the Brass Balls customer rode his BBC the more he loved it, the more it drew attention, but the better it handled the city and desert roads. He decided to open a coffee/Brass Balls Cycles Dealership.
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Save 30% on Wire Plus' Mid Frame Wiring Systems
Repairing, restoring or building a new bikeā€¦Let Wire Plus help offset the costs of your new build. All Wire Plus Mid Frame Wiring Systems are 30% off until the end of September.
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Here's Yours, Give Me Back Mine

Text and photography by Frank Kaisler
A while back, I spent a week one day in the garage of Bikernet headquarters with Bandit. Bandit was hot to put apehangers on his shiny new Road King Classic. Once I arrived and cooled down his "high-bar desire", I suggested putting all the handlebar switch wires inside the bars where they would be safe from his undue attentions in the future. After a quick assurance on my part that I wouldn't f...
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The Mudflap Girl FXR Saga

A Convoluted Story of Romance, Family, and the Open Road

By Bandit with photos by Markus Cuff
It all started when a brother was desperate for cash and I bought a basket case Dyna, and with the help of JIMS machine turned it into an FXR. I started to build it for my son, Frank, the tattoo artist, around an old Kenny Boyce-styled pro street frame. Making progress on this build, with a massive upside down Custom Chrome front end, a brother stumbled into my shop and told me about Paul Cavallo ...
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A Very Tight Rider Is Now Available

By Bandit with photos from Brass Balls Cycles Staff
I'm forced to say this, but Brass Balls Cycles and Big Bear Choppers are now building FXR configuration motorcycles for about the same price. That's a good thing, since the road-riding customer has two models and companies to choose from, and that gives us some solid comparisons. Over the next month we will also feature a Big Bear FXR, so here's your first shot at a $30,000 FXR.
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WIRE PLUS Wiring System for the Bikernet/Cycle Source 15th Sweeps Bike

How the masters of Kustoms Inc. Handled the Wiring

By Gary Maurer with Jules and photos by the winner and Wrench
Since Wire Plus was a sponsor, I ordered a wiring kit with the box and speedo tach combo. The parts showed up in the dead of winter, and Bandit called all excited that I ordered these great parts and wanted my impression.
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