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Spectro Oils

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Spectro brand products are manufactured and marketed by Intercontinental Lubricants Corp. of Brookfield, Connecticut. ILC is one of the world's foremost manufacturers and packagers of quality lubricants.

ILC was founded in 1966 by Robert H. Wehman, an engineer with decades of experience in the specialized field of two-cycle automotive lubricants. He capitalized on the knowledge gained by solving fuel/oil mixture problems for Saab of America at a time when Saab marketed 2-stroke automobiles in the USA.

Wehman translated this automobile industry knowledge into oil formulations for 2-stroke motorcycles that revolutionized the performance of this class of vehicles at the time, and from that moment forward the company has set the standard for specialty lubricants in high performance automotive, motorcycle, and other "powersports" vehicle applications.

Spectro entered the small but avid motorcycle market of the 1960s at a critical time - new makes and types of machines were coming into the market from both Europe and Asia, older manufacturers were starting to struggle with survival of their aged designs - but the immediate need for a top-performing, reliable 2-stroke racing oil was never so real. Spectro's Golden 2 Cycle filled the bill and helped many a racer cross the finish line without problems, race after race.

Spectro simultaneously developed superior 4-stroke lubricants, focusing specially on its Golden Spectro 4, a blending of fine grade petroleum with true synthetic lubricants to ensure consistent performance over a wider operating range.

Spectro's Golden products set new performance benchmarks for most machines and riders of that time, and probably more miles were racked up by Gold Wings running Spectro than any other brand name.

Today, Spectro products span the full range of fully-synthetic, semi-synthetic and petroleum lubricants for all classes of "powersports" engine and transmission applications. The Spectro line also includes a wide range of suspension fluids, fork oils, brake fluids, coolant, chain lubes/waxes, filter cleaners and oils, and protection/appearance products. Spectro was recently named the official transmission fluid of Baker Drivetrain, the leading provider of transmissions in the v-twin motorcycle category.

In addition to the Spectro-branded line, ILC offers technical assistance, specialty blending and manufacturing services, and provides customized products for motorcycle and automobile engine, transmission, and drivetrain builders and racing teams.

Spectro products are sold exclusively through certified motorcycle and powersports retailers in the United States and in many international markets. In many parts of the United States and other countries, retailers obtain their Spectro products through a network of Spectro Authorized Distributors. Contact information for these distributors can be found on our website.


Rollies Speed Shop Holds Manufacturing Dealer Expo

Big Names in the Manufacturing Industry Attend

Words and Photos by Doc Robinson
Rollies Speed Shop in Brisbane, once again invited a number of luminaries from the US aftermarket industry.
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5-Ball Racing 2012: Chapter 11 the Finale

The Final Test on the Salt

By Bandit with photos by Bandit, Lee Clemens, Scooter Grubb, and the Sheriff
This year has been a blur, and it’s not over. The pitfalls started when my motor wasn’t going to arrive until after Sturgis. Then my painter, Jim Murillo passed away unexpectedly, and the pressure mounted.
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New from the Baker Drivetrain Masterminds the Plus 1.5

Keep Late Model Touring H-Ds Cool and Alive

By Wrench, Trish, and the Baker Cres
This is the latest and greatest development for 2009-up touring Harleys by increasing their oil capacity to over 5 quarts.
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Letter From Spectro Oil Boss
Advertisement In our September edition we included an article s...
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All the Cool Bikes from the Shows and the Field

By Mike Pullin with photography by the lovely Vicki and Prince Najar
There are not other events on the Planet like the Smoke-Out in Rockingworld, North Carolina. It draws the best home-built bobbers and the wildest parties.
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Two 2011 Raffles Benefit Sturgis Motorcycle Museum

Keeping the Sturgis Museum Alive

Photos and text by Christine Paige Diers, Sturgis Motorcycle Museum
Each year, the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame conducts at least one raffle as a fundraiser to support the museum’s mission to collect, preserve, and interpret the history of motorcycling, honor those who have made a positive and significant impact on the sport and lifestyle, and pay tribute to the heritage of the Sturgis Rally.
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Low Buck XS 650 Bobber Build, Part 1

The Initial Teardown and Mr. Lucky Frame Prep

By Bandit, and Danny Gonzales, with photos by Wrench
We are kicking off a tech series around a Mr. Lucky frame and product line for Yamaha XS 650 motorcycles. They allow the younger set to build a very cool, reliable bobber for a little over three grand.
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Stabilizing Pre and Post 2009 Touring Front Ends

The Tough Custom Cycle Engineering Top Triple Tree

By Smilin' Doc Robinson, Tech Editor, Heavy Duty Magazine, Australia
There’s nothing so good it doesn’t bear improving. I aim that statement at owners of 2009 and upward Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles. Certainly, in 2009 when the Motor Company came out with their new frame, the first for the tourers since 1980. By today’s standards, the bikes back then were underpowered slugs and therefore not ridden nearly as fast as they are nowadays, thanks to the much bigg...
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