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J&P Cycles

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For more than 30 years, J&P Cycles® has been a fixture in the motorcycle aftermarket parts and accessories business. While we didn't start out as the biggest 31 years ago, our philosophy was simple: to provide the best customer service in the industry.
J&P® founder John Parham with wife Jill and son Zach

Today, that philosophy is as strong as ever and because of that we've become a leader in the aftermarket parts and accessories industry for:

Not only do we provide unmatched customer service, we also offer technical support with trained motorcycle technicians on staff. Regardless of your question: large or small, such as assistance with building a bike, our techs are here to help you every step of the way.

J&P Cycles® is a leader in the mail-order business for motorcycle parts and accessories. Even these days, J&P® still prints a catalog for every customer's taste. Our "Big Book" is more than 1,000 pages of parts and accessories for our Harley® riding customers. A separate Metric Cruiser and Gold Wing catalog is available for customers who ride a Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki or Yamaha. Even our customers with a passion for Vintage have a catalog. Visit our catalog request page to get your own catalog today!

Additionally, all of the parts and accessories inside the catalogs can be found online where we have over 90,000 products available. You can find an extensive selection in our top categories such as:

J&P Cycles® doesn't just want to be the place you come to shop, we want to be a resource for additional motorcycle information for you. >From feature articles and tech tips to our community section and blog in which customers talk shop. We ensure that our customers find quality information.

J&P Cycles® Destination Daytona Superstore

J&P® also has retail locations at our world headquarters in Anamosa, Iowa; a Superstore with a 15,000 square foot showroom at Destination Daytona and two stores (one H-D® and one Metric) set up on Lazelle Street each year in Sturgis, S.D. during the Sturgis Rally.

In print, in store, online or at a show near you, you can easily count on J&P Cycles® to bring the best selection of parts and accessories for your ride, plus provide top-notch customer and technical service long after a sale!

Contact Information
J&P Cycles®
13225 Circle Drive
Anamosa, IA 52205

Toll free: 1-800-397-4844

10 Places to Ride During Sturgis Bike Week

A compilation of unforgettable riding destinations an hour's ride from the Sturgis Rally

By J&P Cycles
Sturgis Bike Week. From custom bikes to live music, little is left to the imagination. There are plenty of things to see and do in Sturgis during Bike Week. But the road offers so much more.
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Quick Tech — Charging System Diagnostics

Motorcycle not charging? The problem could come from many sources.

By Bikernet
Bike not charging? The problem could come from many sources.
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The Quest For 100 Horsepower

Ramping up horsepower to reach the big buck on a 2007 Harley-Davidson Dyna. You can do it to!

By J&P Cycles and Bikernet
Pauly and the lads over at J&P Cycles took a 2007 Dyna and bumped up the performance with an S&S Cycles Power Package, Dynojet Power Vision, and a Thunderheader. With a little tuning they were able to complete their Quest for 100 Horsepower.
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The 2017 Handbuilt Motorcycle Show by Revival Cycles

Paulie of J&P Cycles attended the event and filed this video report.

By Bikernet
Revival Cycles throws one of the best indoor motorcycle shows around. The show is in Austin, TX, and is focused on the ingenuity and fabrication put into the machines more than just the brand of motorcycle. At Hand Built, bikes of every ilk show up ready to impress the onlookers.
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Quick Tech — Arlen Ness Monster Sucker Air Cleaner Kit

Let your ride breathe deep with the Arlen Ness Monster Sucker Air Cleaner Kit. With just a few tools, you can perform this upgrade in your own garage.

By Bikernet
Let your ride breathe deep with the Arlen Ness Monster Sucker Air Cleaner Kit. Upgrading your air cleaner will improve performance by opening up the air flow of your engine. With just a few tools and a little know how, you can perform this upgrade in your own garage. Join us as we walk you through the steps.
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Improve Motorcycle Performance — A Quick Overview With J&P Cycles
By Bikernet
Are you a horsepower guy or a torque guy? How far are you willing to take your ride to get to that next level of Harley Davidson performance? Everyone wants the most performance they can get out of their motorcycle.
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Gear Up For The Rain — A Quick Buyer's Guide From J&P Cycles
By Bikernet
Always prepare for the unexpected on the open road. Your motorcycle gear is here to protect and to help you enjoy the ride. You never know what you will find out on the open road, always prepare for anything the road can throw out you.
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10 Things I Hate About My Harley

The riveting tale of an experienced sport rider who just bought his first Harley-Davidson motorcycle

Lowell Anderson
After riding motorcycles for over 30 years I recently decided to buy a Harley… I have to say, many of my friends and family were floored. I come from a performance background and buying a Harley is something I simply never considered.
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