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Ride Forever -
Monday Edition

Brass Balls Bobbers

Brass Balls Bobbers are built by Darwin Motorcycles, LLC. "The above average bikes for the average Joe". Brass Balls Bobbers are built in a 10,000 square foot facility by builders and fabricators with over 60 years combined experience, utilizing modern manufacturing processes and equipment, headed up by a former TOP FUEL CHAMPION & Master Builder (Sam Wills) and Creative Mastermind (Dar Holdsworth).

Brass Balls Bobbers are Federally licensed, Kelly Blue Book listed and warranted. "Our commitment to our customers is to make our bikes very cool, affordable, easy to insure, fun to ride, and built to top quality & safety standards," Dar said. "We encourage our customers to be involved in the development of their bike using our "build your bike" section on our web site

A customer can virtually build their bike on-line and submit their build sheet to us to create a Brass Balls Bobber that is uniquely their own. We are committed to a fanatical, satisfying customer experience."

Corporate Headquarters
501 East 15th Street,Suite 102 B
Edmond, OK 73013

Manufacturing Facility
13613 Eskridge Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73114

Phone: 405.270.0995

Fax: 405.359.5956



The F3 ROCKETEER Bound for Shanghai

The Latest Limited Edition Darwin Motorcycle

By Dar Holdsworth with photos by the Brass Balls team
A few years ago, a very special customer walked into my life who had a vision of a bike that did not fit the norm. I still remember him describing to me his vision for his bike. Darwin Motorcycles and the Brass Balls team built it.
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Limited Edition Rocketeer Heading To Dubai

Brass Balls Cycles Goes Global

By Bandit with photos by the BBC Crew
But the more the Brass Balls customer rode his BBC the more he loved it, the more it drew attention, but the better it handled the city and desert roads. He decided to open a coffee/Brass Balls Cycles Dealership.
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Brass Balls Finishes Rocketeer
By Dar Holdsworth


Finally, a Kit Bike Option with Class and Quality

By Bandit with photos by the Brass Balls Team
There is still one custom chopper manufacturing facility still standing, maybe three. But one in particular Brass Balls Cycles or Darwin Motorcycles, recently launched a kit bike program and made it ultimately affordable.
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Tim Allen Is Ready To Brawl
By Ben Lamboeuf
Tim Allen buys the Brawler GT-R featured in the Hot Bike Build Off. Tim is a long time motorhead.
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Brass Balls Onnit Bike Free For Troops
By Keith Ball
Any active duty military member, reservist or veteran can sign up for free at the link below to be registered for free to win the bike. No strings attached.
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Brass Balls 2014 Brawler GT

The Latest in a Fine-Handling FXR Configuration

By Bandit with photos by Brass Balls
FXRs are coming back under the signage of the only two custom bike manufacturers left standing in the United States, Brass Balls and Big Bear.
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The All-New Brass Balls Cycles LED Headlight

For the Supreme Custom Look Coupled to the Best Visual Technology

By Bandit with photos from Brass Balls Cycles Staff with vintage shots courtesy of the Bob T. collection
This just in from Brass Balls Cycles. They recently created a custom LED headlight for the bike market. “I wanted something containing LED technology,” said Dar Holdsworth, the boss of Brass Balls. “The light they throw out is amazing in a couple of respects. Not only does it light the road like never before, but the oncoming car visibility is enhanced yet not glaring.”
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