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Techs & Bike Builds

Techs & Bike Builds

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The Garage is where we work on a wide range of tech tips including articles on tools and performance.

If you're looking for a particular tech tip, or want to sponsor one, or be involved with a project bike or just make a suggestion, then drop us a line at our feedback page. We'll get back to you soon.

AMAZING! The Smallest (yet complete) Tool Kit Ever

Just in Time for the Smoke Out 2017

By Commander Edge, Smoke Out Sanitation Engineer
The gravitational pull of the Smoke Out as the epicenter of the chopper universe has chopper jockeys everywhere preparing for the ride. I thought I would take a minute and share the tool kit I use for epic adventure.
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ULTIMATE FXR BUILD--from Bennett's Performance, Part 2

Close to Paint, Final Mods

By Bandit with photos by Frank Jr.
A Southern California show, Born Free, is just six weeks away and there is a very special aspect to this show, the FXR competition. Eric Bennett is busting his ass to build the ultimate FXR (Twin Cam) for this show and the Hamster FXR Show in Sturgis this year. He's close to going to paint.
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Quick Tech — Arlen Ness Monster Sucker Air Cleaner Kit

Let your ride breathe deep with the Arlen Ness Monster Sucker Air Cleaner Kit. With just a few tools, you can perform this upgrade in your own garage.

By Bikernet
Let your ride breathe deep with the Arlen Ness Monster Sucker Air Cleaner Kit. Upgrading your air cleaner will improve performance by opening up the air flow of your engine. With just a few tools and a little know how, you can perform this upgrade in your own garage. Join us as we walk you through the steps.
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Build A Better Sportster With Café Custom Accessories From Harley-Davidson

Sportsters are more popular today than ever. This selection of accessories allows you to strip yours down and get to the essence of riding aggressively in and out of town

By Bikernet
Less is more because less is faster. That was the simple philosophy of the original café racers – bikers in 1960’s England who stripped motorcycles down to the bare essentials and put their machines to the test street-racing from coffee shop to coffee shop. The bikes became known as “café racers” and the stripped-down style became iconic.
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Bikernet Bike Build: BETSY'S REVIVAL STORY Part 2

Scooter Tramp Scotty moved past Betsy but fans can't let her go

By Fenton Fadeley
Rusty Ol' Betsy gets in line for a makeover. Once that trailer gate hit the driveway back at home I could see tired ol' Betsy begging for another chance at life!
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Twin Power Stock Replacement Parts

A Life-Saving Program for Dealers and Stock H-D Owners

By Wrench, Beth Rauch and James Simonelli
So, what do good brothers of the faith do? James Simonelli, and the crew at Biker’s Choice and Twin Power developed a master plan to support small shops and even H-D dealers who need parts fast. They initiated a program to build much-needed stock replacement parts not available from the aftermarket.
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Lowbrow Customs has added to their growing line of motorcycle engine stands

Edited By La La
Lowbrow Customs created a simple and trouble-saving work stand for use while maintaining or completely rebuilding your 1936 to 1985 Harley-Davidson Four-Speed Transmission.
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Windvest On a 2016 Road Glide Ultra FLTRU

Johnny Humble Reviews a New Windvest

Johnny Humble
In collaboration with Bikernet and Bikernet Baggers, Johnny Humble takes a crack at reviewing the Windvest 12" Smoked Screen on a 2016 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra
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