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Techs & Bike Builds

Techs & Bike Builds

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The Garage is where we work on a wide range of tech tips including articles on tools and performance.

If you're looking for a particular tech tip, or want to sponsor one, or be involved with a project bike or just make a suggestion, then drop us a line at our feedback page. We'll get back to you soon.

Windvest On a 2016 Road Glide Ultra FLTRU

Johnny Humble Reviews a New Windvest

Johnny Humble
In collaboration with Bikernet and Bikernet Baggers, Johnny Humble takes a crack at reviewing the Windvest 12" Smoked Screen on a 2016 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra
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Le Pera Seats Break-Out

The Line-up for Softail Breakout Models

By Wrench, Ball and the Le Pera crew
Big wheels, big paint and classic drag-bike attitude meet modern refinement. Then we stuff it brimful with raw power. What do you bet, next year with the new M-8 engine. Add a Le Pera seat and new bars and you have a classic chopper to ride free forever.
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Twin Power Shows You How to Install Their Tension Reliever Manual Primary Chain Adjuster

How to Install Twin Power Tension Reliever Manual Primary Chain Adjuster

by Beth Rauch
Learn how to install the new Tension Reliever Manual Primary Chain Adjuster. Twin Power has added an instructional video to their website to show you how to install the part and this simple installation can result in longer component life.
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The Magnificent M-8

We Asked a Few Questions about the New Icon on the Block

By the factory, Bandit, James Simonelli from Twin Power and readers.
When the new M-8 hit the news we were all curious as hell. We needed to ask some questions.
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Reworking 2015 Street Glide Suspension

While Working with Progressive Suspension

Photos and text by Mike Stevenson
I will save my rant on this subject and just get to my Progressive Street Glide suspension solution review.
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Freshening a 1999 Softail

Harley Half-Day Hop-Up

By J. Joshua Placa with lackluster photos by same
It’s more than 17 years since I first came into possession of this 1999 Softail Standard, which I bought used from Harley’s press fleet. It needed help...
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The changing face of motorcycle seats

By Wrench, Buster Cates and Jeremiah Soto
Three times recently I’ve come face to face with a new world of motorcycle seat technology. Saddlemen assisted with info.
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Bikernet Road Stories and Baker Transmission Tech

By Scooter Tramp Scotty
Today I’m gonna talk about the Baker 6 speed transmission gear set I recently installed into my old evo bagger.
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