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Harley-Davidson Rejects Military Wife’s Late Check

Sends Her Tear-Jerking Letter Instead

Provided by Tony C. - Sources http://www.inspiremore.com, http://americaflashnews.com/
A humble Harley Davidson dealership owner named Dennis Packee is going viral for a letter he wrote to a soldier’s wife.
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How Motorcycle Riding Improves Physical Health

This blog post is dedicated to every rider who’s sick to death of those “motorcycles are so dangerous” conversations

by Dr. Pamela Reilly from goodworkswellness photos by Marcus Cuff
To every mother who’s convinced her son or daughter is insane for riding, and for anyone who needs a really good excuse to go out and buy a bike.
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Bikernet Feature - Badass Bikes, Hot Rods, and Unique Fine Art

The Life and Times of RocknRollin’ Renaissance Man : Don Nowell

By Paul Garson
With a New Year just underway, one can start reflecting not only on the future but the past as well. It can get pretty interesting when you’re looking back 75 years and start clicking off the redlined high points. You also add in Father Time and Mother Gravity calling in their chips. Case in point, Don Nowell of Don Nowell Design.
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BSA and Jawa Motorcycles India Buyout

The British Colony uprising continues again

by Ujjwal Dey
THE INDIA UPRISING Classic Legends, a Mahindra subsidiary, will re-introduce the iconic BSA and Jawa motorcycle brands.
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2016 MRF Meeting of the Minds Report

Roll Call of States Represented

Provided by the MRF
Check who showed up and the Meeting of the Minds and the motorcycle legislative topics covered.
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Bikernet Special Reports: What You Should Know About Motorcycle Shipping

Listing all the options and things to consider.

By Jenna Oppenheimer
Bikernet Special Reports: Whether you may be moving, vacationing or even traveling to a motorcycle show out of state, it is quite important that as a motorcycle owner, you know that shipping bikes is going to be different than shipping an automobile and there are several things that may need done to ensure your bike is ready to go on the day it will be transported.
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Bikernet TIME-SENSITIVE Special Report: Lane Splitting - California Assembly Bill 51

California Assembly Bill 51, Lane Splitting: Educational Guidelines, to be Heard on June 14th

Provided by AMA
Bikernet California Call to Action: California Assembly Bill 51 would re-affirm the California Highway Patrol’s authority to issue lane-splitting guidelines for the state’s roadways. This important legislation is now scheduled for a hearing on June 14, 2016, in the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee.
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Check the list and get the word out

Released by FEMA Provided by Snake
Bikernet Special Report: Products placed on the market in the EU are subject to general safety requirements. These requirements are included in the General Product Safety Directive 2001/95/EC (GPSD) which aims at ensuring that only safe consumer products are sold in the EU. This covers the Bikes recalled per manufacturer in Europe.
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