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Metalsport Wheels

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We are the manufacturer of the world famous motorcycle wheels that roll under even more famous bike builder's bikes. Matt Hotch, Donnie Smith and Dave Perewitz are just a few of the builder's that have used Metalsport Wheel's on their award winning bikes.

Metalsport Wheels are available in two different dimensions, 3-D and 2-D.

We offer 30 inch motorcycle wheels in your choice of finishes - Chrome 30 inch motorcycle wheels, Black and Machine 30 inch motorcycle wheels.

The 3-D line offers a unique feature with the design of the wheel starting at the center and flowing towards the outer part of the rim.

The 2-D line is a standard affordable wheel line with the design only in the center of the wheel.

Metalsport Inc. also offers motorcycle parts and accessories for Harley-Davidson motorcycles and custom bike builds. Award winner bike builder Matt Hotch offers a line of parts for custom bike builds. Both Chip Foose and Matt Hotch have their own wheel designs manufactured by and offered by Metalsport Inc.

Metalsport Inc. is a distributor of the Vee Rubber Monster line of tires.

Monster tires come in 26 inch and 30 inch tall for the front and 310 and 360mm wide in the rear. Metalsport offers all the wheel sizes to match all the Monster tires.

Metalsport Wheels Inc.

10112 Miller Way

South Gate, CA 90280

Phone : 562-776-9594

Fax : 562-776-9635

By Bandit
“At Donnie Smith Custom Cycles we strive to build custom motorcycles of the highest quality and distinction,” Said Donnie Smith. “We demand the most of ourselves and our components. MetalS...
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2-D Wheels From Metalsport
By Bikernet
“I am proud to announce the new relationship between MetalSport and Myself. We will continue to bring new and exciting products to the motorcycle market with the utmost quality you and I would expect and deserve” – Chip Foose
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THE METALSPORT TEAM MEMBERS believe in giving back to our local community

THE METALSPORT TEAM MEMBERS believe in giving back to our local community

By Bikernet
Several years ago when we learned of the multitude of ways K-9 units were being employed in the field, tracking, sniffing out drugs and weapons, and most importantly defending the lives of officers, we knew this was a special way we could help.
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By Bikernet
METALSPORT WHEELS 21-inch WHITE WALL SPECIAL-- Metalsport Wheels has the Vee Rubber 21”wide white wall for only $99 each.

BIKERNET BONNEVILLE UPDATE, CHAPTER 9: Once more on track with the help of Paughco

It all started a couple of years ago…

By Bandit, Steve Massicotte, Ron Paugh and Kent Weeks with photos by Rick Krost
This is a tough one. We all have dreams, but dreams take resources. And of course, your resources need resources. Our Bikernet 5-Ball Racing dream is to build the first streamlined trike, the Salt Torpedo.
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Vee Rubber Tires Available From Metalsport Wheels
By Bikernet
Metalsport Wheels has all the major sizes of the Vee Rubber tires in stock, In black wall and white walls. And we also stock some of the most popular sizes from Shinko and Metzler.
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