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Travel Stories

Motorcycle and trike touring stories, domestic and abroad. If you have a story you would like to share don’t hesitate to reach out to your favorite editor, or Bandit@Bikernet.com.

Scenic Rides — Coastal California

Ride California, Part 1: Mendocino Coast and Fort Bragg

By Nash Motorcycles
Much (and much and more) has been written about the glories of California’s Coastal Route between Monterey and Morro Bay, and deservedly so. The roughly 130 mile stretch is truly one of the best, and some might argue THE best, scenic ride routes in the world.
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Iron Butt Road Stories, Product Testimoinal, and World Records

By Gabe Jose Carrera
As the current World Record holder who established the longest motorcycle run from south to north on an American made iron horse, I have the right to brag on the effectiveness of my Love-Jugs.
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Breaking down and building back up

by Scotty Kerekes
Early summer was upon us and perfect weather oversaw this journey as the two heavily loaded motorcycles picked their way slowly through the strikingly green forests of one small Virginia highway.
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Bikernet Road Stories: Dream Vacation For A Freight Train Hobo

There was money to last and plenty of free time.

by Scotter Tramp Scotty
Again I’d worked for tire vendors at the Daytona rally. That was over now. The mid March date still held winter over most of the country and I had no intention of moving into the fringed north until warmer spring months.
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MotoDiscovery Cuban Best of Run

With the Magnificent Marilyn Stemp

By K. Ball and Marilyn Stemp, photos by Marilyn Stemp
Marilyn Stemp, the most significant senior editor of Iron Trader News and one of the original founders of Iron Works magazine, and a tentative rider and FXR owner, recently encountered the opportunity to ride across Cuba.
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Bikernet Road Stories: Hollywood Scotty Part 3

From Hollywood thru Malibu to the Rally and Back Again

by Scotty Kerekes
Sunshine glistened off the pacific ocean at our left while the Malibu mountain range rose abruptly to the right. Sandwiched between these two landmarks, we traveled north along California's famous Hwy-1. It was a warm southern California winter day...
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Bikernet Road Stories: Hollywood Scotty Part 2

Lights, Cameras and ACTION!

by Scotty Kerekes
It was the winter of 2015 and, having lived at Hollywood houses for better than two weeks, I’d become almost used to this strange world of constant parties, movie sets with filming in the back yard, the occasional visiting celebrity, and the making of music and music videos.
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Bikernet Road Stories: Hollywood Scotty

Lights, Cameras and ACTION!

By Scooter Tramp Scotty
As of late though, Joe had contacted me with some crazy ideas about getting that, as yet unpublished, book published. Well, winter was closing in and I hadn't visited California in three years anyway. I decided to drop by.
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