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Wednesday Edition

Iron Pimp Of Pain


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The guy wearing the shade tree racing shirt is Dragon, the owner of this snake and several other exotics, and of course Kat is my lovely chickadee.

Here are a few lines about the bike and I am sure you are aware that more of its specs are available at: www.hackasaw.com/jj.htm , and there are pix of the raw J.J. sheetmetal built for the chrome spiderweb bike, where I got some of the strutless rear fender notions.

Some of you may recognize this bike as the one that started in various forms for Old Wolf and this is the constantly evolving creation. Yes, it took a lot longer than our super hero friend could stand, but here is a huge thanks for gigging me, effectively getting this one started. This bike is the last one that I and many of my friends finished before moving to my new shop, which is making building bikes much more pleasant. Keep your eyes open for more and better stuff. I'm still in Hartsville TN, 50 miles from Nashville, but I have a new shop now, with three phase and a non-leaking roof--kinda nice. We have Parts for Brit bikes and H-D type bikes, plus full fabrication capabilities in house.

Gobster Mirage
110 Broadway
Hartsville TN 37074

blonde in black sitting on bike

Here's the lovely Amy who was brave enough to follow us home for a photo shoot and hang out near The Iron Pimp of Pain!

This silver putt is the Iron Pimp of Pain. It is a 1970 framed Triumph with a widened Santee hardtail bolted in place and topped off with a strutless fender. The fender's execution was inspired by getting to hold some of JJ's sheetmetal prior to CJ engraving it AND spending the better part of a month working with Billy and Nick at Choppers Inc. I used JJ's fishbones under the fender and CI's round stock technique around the edge (and many pieces at the base) for a very solid all-metal scultped fender that will actually support Kat's plump ass. The tig welder, I purchased upon my return from Billy's, surely made pouring the round stock to the relatively thin pre-unit Triumph ribbed fender (I cut a brand new fender for this project), a breeze. I will never go back to AC stick-welding or gas welding. There is very little non-metal filler on this Corvette Mike painted ride. Most details on how this rear fender was fabricated were featured in the Premier Issue of Choppers Underground.

blonde in rw&b sitting on bike

My Kat and her Pimp.

The bike has over 100-hand-fabbed stainless steel pieces which all function in various ways. The left foot suicide clutch and real jockey shift components are all finished in stainless and are of my design. I've never seen another Triumph that utilized the stock swingarm tabs to convert a right foot shift to left hand jockey. I do believe it is yet another of my vast inventions. Its shifter lever is capped off with an actual S&W revolver cylinder loaded with real, but inert, 357 rounds that are pointing in a manner that doesn't shoot this bike, but could potentially take out a few of the Elite Republican Guard if they were to discharge. I gave Billy one and instructed him which way the bullets should be pointed. It smoothly bangs up and down this 750 cc Triumph's 5-speed tranny cluster. Ignition chores are handled by a fresh Joe Hunt mag which means wider forward controls than I normally fabricate.

right close-up motor

Brakes are tiny and only serve to make you appreciate your very own mortality. This bike is fucking scary at times and will damned sure keep its rider grinning.

The pipes are loud and fast as Billy and Gene can attest to. It did me good to hear them complain several times about the ear shattering exhaust report. Billy, if you and Gene would fix those Shovelheads so they would maintain a more enhanced cruising speed (better than 90 mph), then you would have never be forced to ride behind this light weight monster. It could be an easy twenty pounds lighter by replacing the springer with a set of modern 46mm crotch rocket forks. There is no doubt it would handle better thru these bumpy twisty hills here in Tennessee but as is, it's a blast to ride and I hope you will find it easy on your eyes.

right rear angle

The kicker pedal is of my design and features a quick disconnect. The oil level sight glass is hand blown and has the words "Iron Pimp" poured on it by Billy Velvet who was in a Cobalt Blue mood at the time. Thanks Billy Velvet, it kicks ass and blows observant minds. The trick solo seat pivot "how to" was shown in issue 28 of the Horse and the foot clutch story is featured in issue 32, which should be on the stands now. I hope all of you will check those out if you are into DIY stuff and will also let Geno and Hammer know the third Brit front cover of The Horse belongs to one of my bikes. Just like many things on bikes we all build, sometimes it takes two or three times to get it right.

blonde in black standing silver bike

Amy again................... yummy!

On the subject of doing things right, the next suicide bike I build will have right foot clutch, right hand jockey shift, and use a left hand throttle. It's kinda dumb to clutch this bike with a nearly useless left leg and hell, the unorthodox setup will keep most from trying to ride it away from the owner. It will have a big twin one-off engine in a rigid frame that promises to be, every bit, as quirky and one-off as anything else I've ever done. I'll get started as soon as I find something to do with the excessive amount of bike parts that keep me from focusing on future projects. The shop is already packed, but this, offbeat, big twin project should reveal itself with quickness.

Daytona was very good to us this year, with all three bikes entered in the Rat's Hole placing and doing very well. This one was one of them and is was shot by several magazines, although most were based overseas. Odd enough, nobody from the Horse has ever done anything but walk by this bike. Weird, but I guess it's easy to take somebody like me for granted.

Also, I don't mind telling you that this and several bikes I have, can be adopted as I really need the room. I also need to tool up my lathes and mills a bit more. I have too damned many bikes and too many that need completing. I best get back to work.

--Stainless Hackasaw

blonde lying on cobalt blue

This is my fireball, Kat with her soft and silky thighs.

right cobalt blue bike

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