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Tuesday Edition

2006 Texas National Bike Show Bikini Contest

The Panhandle Finest

By Johnny "Humble" White, with photos from Darryl Briggs
6/11/2010 12:50:41 AM

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Ok, here’s the deal. I snuck into the studio of the Devil and his evil temptress Holly and was able to swipe a disc off their desk. They don’t know I have this, but it is too good to hang onto. I had to share it with you fellow Bikernet heathens. Enjoy the few words but bountiful pictures of girls, bikes, and well most important, girls.

Laura Gonzales, Miss Lucky Devil 2007. She was the 2nd place finisher in the bikini show.

Texas has some of the most revered and time honored traditions known to man, and we always throw a giant bash that is remembered for years afterwards. This past November saw The Texas National Bike show put on by Kent and Holly Weeks of Lucky Devil Custom Cycles here in Houston, Texas.

I have no freaking clue what her name is, but I have decided to make it my mission to find her and propose marriage to her. Nah, on second thought, I already have a wife and I am in enough trouble with her daily. Why chase a second one?

While the bike show was covered before, we wanted to give our readers a in depth pictorial of the real treat of the show, the Bikini and Fashion Show! Premiere Promotions, Inc. provided all the swimsuits and outfits for the ladies, but I think it was the beauty of these women that really made the lights on stage seem dim.

All of the chicas!

The cast of 14 was cut down. I wouldn’t want to be that judge. How in the name of Jehosephat do you choose just one?

Stephanie Stenzel Talafuse of Premiere Promotions, Inc., worked hand in hand with Holly to provide the best outfits required to keep a bunch of us crazy bikers occupied for several hours before the nightlife kicked into high gear. Everyone knows it doesn’t take a whole lot to keep us entertained, well at least nothing more than a nice set of ta-ta’s followed by a shapely hind end. Hey, I’m a biker, what do you expect?

Phillip Harmon and his Mom. What a guy!

Overall, the show was a complete hit. Kent and Holly put on a first class operation that are a direct reflection of how they run their business-first class all the way with an intinate attention to the details. Stop by sometime and give them a call, you won't be disappointed. Here's a little something from the devil himself,"The TNBS has enjoyed the last 2 years at the Galveston Island Convention Center hosting a kick ass bike show with lots of awesome vendors and in 2006 a supremely kick ass bikini and fashion show as well, we threw our hat in with Premeiere Promotions and they supplied us with some of the tastiest ladies that Texas has to offer! We gave them a very long run way to strut their stuff (and they did) and in the end we were pleased to present 3 of the pretties ladies to represent not only the TNBS but Lucky Devil and Bikernet as well. You can see all of their glory in the following photos! We were also please to present The Texas National Builder Showdown where some of the finest custom built Texas Bikes were presented for everyone's voting enjoyment. The participants were Metal Blade Choppers, American Heli Arc, Kingpin Custom Cycles, Paint by Pygmy, Hemi Head Customs, and Sonny Keaton.

We are sad to say that for 2007 we have lost our venue at the Galveston Island Convention Center but....... We don't know how to quit!!!!! so look for us this year somehow, somewhere in Galveston during the rally and once again we won't fail to disappoint with bikes and BABES. Look for upcoming posts as to what kind of mischief Lucky Devil is up to!

Hottie Brooke, The show winner, looking awesome!

This is what it’s all about! Beautiful, long-legged, buxom beauties and a clean bike. What more could you ask for?

I have a great story about this bike. I worked with the guy that built it. He was a welder at my chemical plant and we talked all the time about bikes. Now when you work with magazines and such, you wouldn’t believe the number of “builders” you get to meet. It seems they climb out of the gutter to show you their bike and become “the next big thing”. This guy, Jonathan MaCafee left the plant and I didn’t see him again until the show. Needless to say, he built this bike and it won Best Paint for the killer job done by Pygmy. Jonathan has started a shop called Big State Choppers. Give him a call. Great Job John Boy!

Darryl Briggs and one of the ladies. He took these amazing shots and you can check more of his work at DarrylBriggs.com.

One of my favorite bikes of the show. Nice little Bob Job by Pygmy.

Front side is nice…


Click to see more from Lucky Devil

Butt…the back side is better.

Jerry Bosshammer and his steed.

Miss Texas National, Brooke.


Click to see more from Lucky Devil

Brooke, First Place Miss Texas National

Laura, 2nd place and Miss Lucky Devil 2007

Third Place

The devil and his ladies.


Click to see more from Lucky Devil

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