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Wednesday Edition

May 14, 2009 Part 1

6/9/2010 4:33:41 PM

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Another crazy day in Paradise. I want to jump right into the news, because the intellectual depth of the contents is way beyond any drivel I might kick it off with.

You name it, it's covered this week:

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dar girls

PARTY AT BRASS BALLS BOBBERS-- Dar Holdsworth of Brass Balls Bobbers put the word out and 400 bikers came by to party with him at his World HQ in Oklahoma City, Monday night, May 11th. Edge from the Smoke Out drove his Long Road chopper jockeys over as the second stop on their tour across America. The Long Road Riders had some truly exceptional sleds. Rat Roads to Baggers and everything in between.

Jasmine Cain got the party started with some extra strong Rock ?n Roll licks.

dar n guys

The eye candy stopped in and the photo shoot began. The lady?s shucked their threads and climbed aboard Dar?s bobbers for some nice snaps.

dar girl n guy

About halfway through a guy climbed onstage and MC?d the bikini contest. Beer was spilled, lies were swapped and burgers were consumed.

bbb alynch

Adam Lynch, USMC, designed his bobber over in the Mid East during the conflict and swung by to pick up his new sled.

Ray Wheeler grabbed a bikini girl and was selling raffle tickets for the Intrepid Fallen Heros Fund. $10 could get you a custom Bobber from Brass Balls Bobbers. Click here to win your bobber.

The rain held off during the party and everyone had a good time.

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Cool HD ad

HARLEY MIGHT CLOSE YORK PLANT-- Company blames cost of doing business in York County. Harley-Davidson is considering moving its local operations out of York County as a possible option to getting the local manufacturing hub's cost structure right.

Spokesman Bob Klein said Tuesday the company has found that the York operations are "not competitive long-term as they are currently structured," and might consider moving those operations to "alternative U.S. locations."

Moving the Springettsbury Township plant is not the only option the company is considering.

Harley-Davidson until recently employed more than 3,000 workers locally but the number has been dwindling as sales have slumped. The total now stands close to 2,650.

Although Klein would not compare local numbers to other locations within the company, Klein said the number of employee hours it takes to make a motorcycle at the Springettsbury Township operations is not cost-effective.

In Hanover, at least two local businesses could be affected if the plant were to close.

Leonhardt Manufacturing, 800 High St., manufactures parts for Harley-Davidson, and Stambaugh Metals, 802 High St., does metal polishing for the plant. Spokesmen for the firms could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

Harley employees were told of the possible move at meetings Monday.

A study assessing the options for the York County operations and the best options for the company is expected to come out this fall.

When asked whether the company would seek to renegotiate the terms of the union contract,

Klein said the contract was due to expire in 2010, so contract issues will come up soon regardless. Klein also said the company would "work closely with the union, with our union partners in York" to find options.

Harley-Davidson is already doing consolidation at its Milwaukee facilities, and Klein said the manufacturing operations in Kansas City were built in the mid- to late 1990s with efficiencies in mind.

A spokesman for the union representing workers at Harley-Davidson's Springettsbury Township operation said Monday's meetings had some question-and-answer format to them and the consolidation or moving options got the most attention, although more options were discussed.

"It was just one of dozens of possible scenarios discussed," said Frank Larkin, spokesman for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.

As part of the current wave of job cuts announced earlier this year, the company said it could cut production jobs through production line slowdowns to make fewer motorcyles and by consolidating some currently separate aspects of production into a single location on site.

Mike Smeltzer, executive director of the York-based Manufacturers' Association of South Central Pennsylvania, was dismayed by the Harley news.

The impact wouldn't just be on Harley employees, he said, but would also be on workers in other businesses that supply the plant with everything from sheet metal to office furniture, and on people in service jobs such as the restaurants where Harley workers eat.

"Oh my gosh! It's hard to measure the impact."

The good news, Smeltzer said, is that the skilled workers from Harley would almost certainly be employable in the current economy.

The bad news is that it would likely take a while - a year or more - for all of them to find jobs. Smeltzer likened it to pouring another gallon of water on a sponge that's already wet. They would be entering a market where plenty of other people are also looking for jobs.

For The Evening Sun

--from Rogue

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KICK IT WITH BAKER DRIVETRAIN -- For a long time now, there has been that undying love affair with kick starting a bike. Nothing screams ?look how cool I am? more than climbing atop a bike, kicking that pedal down with all your might, and hearing it roar to life below you. Everyone loves the act of it. You?ll never see a crowd assemble to watch a dude push a starter button?. ?nuff said.

With that in mind: BAKER has worked hard to think about kicking every bike humanly possible. We have kickers designed for everything ? even those old 1930?s Pan, Knuckle and Shovelheads (the BAKER 6into4) ? all the way to Evo style bikes (the BAKER Frankentranny). But lately our mission has been to improve upon the bolt on assemblies that are out there. Our F5K and F6K kicker kits allow you to put a kicker on any Factory 5 or 6 speed bike. You can pick your jaw up off the floor ? yes, we are saying you can kick start even your bagger!


Bolt on kicker kits are nothing new. Over the years many have come and then gone for one common reason: they all relied on a ratchet hub or shaft extension that screwed on to the end of the mainshaft in place of the jam nut. They all eventually broke for the same reason: the end snapped off! But the F5K and F6K kits use a ratchet hub that presses onto the shank of the mainshaft, then the O.D. of the ratchet hub presses into the oversized door bearing ? which secures it and prevents it from moving or breaking!

So BAKER developed the F5K and F6K bolt on kicker kits to prove that there are ways to kick that 5 or 6 speed to life: and not have to worry about breaking the unit!

Our F5K and F6k feature:
? Hydraulic or Mechanical style kits available ? Tranny case removal from the bike NOT required for installation
? BAKER heavy duty stainless steel straight kicker arm
? BAKER bronze kicker pedal
? Compatible with Factory starter, or BAKER Firestarter
? Door and cover come pre-assembled
? Gaskets, fasteners, and fork rod included
? 2 year limited mile warranty
? Retrofit ignition options available
? Available in a variety of finishes


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THE BIKERNET UNIVERSITY QUOTE OF THE WEEK-- If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it's free! -P.J.

--from James Schnarr

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Bassani Exhaust and Bikernet are making 2009 the year of Freedom. We want to point out freedom issues and support freedom fights. If you are in a motorcycle rights group send us a banner (500 by 100 wide). We want to support freedom fighters on Bikernet. If you're not a member of your local rights group, step up. Now is the time!

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MOTORCYCLE WORK GROUP UNDER SEMA UMBRELLA-- You have done a great job putting this thing together. I have only one suggestion and that is not to limit this to just the V-Twin market. The dirt bike as well as all the other facets of our industry is facing legislation that only under one umbrella will we will be able to put down. I have written so many letters to Bob Huff (CA Senator) we are almost on a first name basis. He has been trying to help and has voted against all motorcycle legislation but like he told me we all need to send letters to Fran Pavley as this bitch is really out to screw our market.

--Joe Phillipson

Bikernet is working with SEMA (the aftermarket association for the Hot Rod industry) to help bring more industry support to motorcycle rights groups, whom are devoted to keeping our sport free. Don't hesitate to drop me a note, if you want to be involved.--Bandit@bikernet.com

SEMA banner
Click on the banner to join SEMA.

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SMOG Chart

SMOG TESTING MOTORCYCLES IN CALIFORNIA DRAWS TREMENDOUS RESPONSE-- Thanks for the info sent. I'm a 7.5 to 8.5 not knowing exactly what this will encompass. My councilman, Dennis Zine, is a good friend of mine & a motorcycle enthusiast (Harley) and has already informed me of the smog law trying to be passed and is against it.

Please keep me informed & count me in.

--Micah McCloskey
Micah McCloskey's Custom Cycles Inc.
21425 Sherman Way
Canoga Park Ca.91303
shop(818) 348-8967
cell(818) 203-3437

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RIVERA-PRIMO PowerDrive 6 Transmissions-- Over 4 years ago, Rivera Primo launched its new line of premium quality Left Side Drive Right Side Drive Softail style 6 speed transmissions, highlighted by an industry first 2 year unlimited mileage replacement guarantee.

Our PowerDrive? 6 transmissions have become a force to be reckoned with, in terms of reliability and smoothness.

These tranmissions all have in common features that make these boxes the best in the industry such as choice of finish (polished, chrome or black wrinkle), 32 tooth final drive pulley, close ratio 2.94:1 first gear; second gear 2.21; third gear 1.60, fourth gear 1.23; fifth gear 1.00, 0.860:1 overdrive sixth gear, forged and back cut gears for positive shifting.

With our release last year of our 4 to 6 speed conversion kit for 4 speed swing arm frames which includes a specially made 6 speed splined shaft transmission specifically for 4 speed swing arm frames, we put our PowerDrive? transmission line literally into overdrive!!.New Stuff for PowerDrive?When Rivera Primo? starts a product line, we look at several major components; functionality, fit and finish and range of application. In simpler terms we make stuff that goes on easy, works properly, looks great and fits lots of V-Twin motorcycles.

That's exactly what we did with our newest PowerDrive? 6 transmission release. Finished in flawless high polish and show chrome plating, this PowerDrive? 6 speed fits 1993-1998 Touring models and comes completely assembled with a black wrinkled oil pan and a billet aluminum oil fill spout that accepts the stock filler cap.

It comes in two versions: A standard offset for stock bikes and rear tires using a 5/8" swingarm pivot shaft (1214-0015); and a 1/2" offset for customs with wide tires and utilizing a 3/4" pivot shaft (1214-0018).

The oil fill spout (part #1215-0029) is carved from a solid block of billet, with cooling fins added for that 'high speed' look, and then its beautifully finished off with our show polish finish.

Incidentally.... Have a 1986-2006 Softail?? Our PowerDrive? 6 speed gear set is the thing you need for speed! Its a complete bolt-in kit for changing the old no-balls 5 speed to a smooth shiftin', rpm lowering 6 speed overdrive. Especially if you drive in that 75 mph and over area, sixth gear will drop your rpm a good 500 points and will smooth out the ride even on a rigid framed bike.

1216-0001 shown1214-0015 shownComing Soon!!! We are always commited to expanding our product lines to give you the best product offering possible. In keeping with this goal, we are currently working on our new PowerDrive? 6 Twin Cam? Softail? style 6 speed transmission.

These should be available during the month of May. And as always, all our PowerDrive Transmission assemblies come with a 2 year, unlimited mileage replacement guarantee and the backing of over 36 years of the best customer service in the industry. Rivera Primo Inc...Getting

Primo 6-Spd conv banner1

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licks twin sons

LICK'S MAKES CLASSIC BLACK MIRRORS AND PROJECT BIKES-- We are in the coating stage with our black mirrors, as we speak, and should have 'em done soon...Attached a pic of our latest shop rides....'06 trump...and '08 fuel injected sporty

Lick's Custom Cycles
466 Horrigan Rd
Clarksburg MA 01247

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MOM ADOPTS TROOPS OVERSEAS-- I am a 51 year old mother of a biker who was murdered years ago when our daughter was 2 years old. she is now 15.

I have adopted 6 troops overseas and since I am disabled and only recieve social security which is very limited---I did'nt know where to turn for help. I can go to a place where I buy the troops all the things they like but shipping is between $10 & $15 each box i send. I try to send 2 boxes per troop each month. Is there any ideas on how to raise money for this?

Would you or your guys like to help

You can visit the site where I adopted my soldier--it's soldiersangels.com As you can see they have been around a long time.

God Bless,
--Robin Jaggers

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Stripper Juice Logo #29CEE7

Stripper Juice Motorcycle Cleaner and Polish Welcomes Three New Distributors-- DALTON, GA--May 11, 2009-- Stripper Juice, the flirtatious and now flourishing manufacturer of an all in one motorcycle cleaner polish, is celebrating the addition of three new distributors - Hot Leathers, Marshall Distributing and Speed Cycle of Australia. Stripper Juice is very meticulous in its choice of distributors and is excited to welcome Hot Leathers, Marshall and Speed Cycle, saying, "We believe in our dealers and always greatly appreciate their dedications." Said Otis Ward President of Stripper Juice.

Stripper Juice was founded in 2008, by Eric "Otis" Ward. Stripper Juice Motorcycle Cleaner and Polish has surprised the industry with its effectiveness and ease of use. "Like the quest for the coldest beer and the hottest strippers, the search for the perfect motorcycle cleaner and polish has been a labor of love. After 12 years of kicking up road dust across every corner of this great country, we have done it! We have created the best cleaner and polish on the planet." Said Ward. Stripper Juice also carries a hot line of gear and is well-known for its presence at rallies and events, as well as for the participation of its Stripper Juice Girls. Stripper Juice is made in America. Stripper Juice - "Gets You Off Clean!"

Marshall Distributing is an industry leader in the distribution of aftermarket parts and accessories for motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, and Personal Watercraft. Founded in 1964, Roger Marshall and his father, John Marshall continue to research and add new products to their already impressive inventory to bring their distributors a wide array of products to best satisfy their customers. You can see more about Marshall at www.marshalldistributing.com

Hot Leathers has been serving the motorcycle community for over 25 years. The company's growing wholesale and printing facilities have earned it a place as one of America's top 50 volume screen printers. Known for fast and friendly service, Hot Leathers' priority is its customers, both in the shop or on the road. Hot Leathers is a division of Good Sports, Inc. and currently has store locations in Sturgis, S.D., Swansea, Mass., Daytona Beach, Fla., East Providence, R.I. and South Windsor, Conn. Hot Leathers also showcases its merchandise at various rallies and events across the country. Keep an eye out this summer for the Hot Leathers logo. It's a brand you can trust with prices you can easily afford. For more information about Hot Leathers or the 2009 Rally Schedule, please call 800-845-0084 or visit www.HotLeathers.com

Speed Cycle is an Australian family-owned business run by Maurice Allen, who has been involved in the Motorcycle Industry for most of his life. His family tree is rich with racing champions and motorcycle enthusiasts. Speed Cycle works with many well-known companies and their vision is to provide custom motorcycle parts to all facets of the motorcycle industry.

For more information about Stripper Juice, please visit www.stripperjuice.net, or phone (706) 483-4009.

--Ken Conte
Rise Above Consulting
1717 Deweese Street
Fort Collins, CO 80526


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Zippy and Retro: 2009 Triumph Bonneville SE ROAD TEST-- Women may just fall in love with its timeless quality Story and photos by Pamela Collins

Icons. They endure, they endear, resonating simple truths that span generations. They bookmark a memory, highlighting a place in time, essentially making it timeless. "Like this motorcycle," I thought, as I rode the redesigned 2009 Triumph Bonneville SE under an oak tree canopy along Florida's Saint John's River. Since its inception in 1959, the British-bred Bonneville has captured motorcycling souls the world over with its simplicity of spirit. Fifty years later and newly revised this iconic motorcycle still "feels" true to that nature in spite of the 21st century technology it now boasts. Simultaneously progressive and nostalgic, consider this new Bonneville a two-wheeled time traveler.

Though many who lived during this bike's heyday of the 60s and 70s can appreciate its sentimental value, the 2009 Bonneville and Bonneville SE models should hold great appeal to newer riders, smaller riders or anyone who wants a great riding, handling and performing motorcycle that is undeniably cool. The changes wrought on the 2009 versions improve this icon's prowess but don't detract from the factors that made it so beloved.


At first glance nothing seems changed. Climb aboard and the differences glare. The seat height now sits at just 29.1 inches, more than one inch lower than the 2008 iteration. Though 29 inches seems high, the narrow nose and profile eliminates reach problems for short-statured riders. While stopped your legs rest comfortably and solidly in front of the foot pegs. With feet on the pegs you assume a posture similar to that of a naked/standard motorcycle with a straight back and comfortable bend in the knees. No need to stretch for the Bonnie's handlebars either as they reach further back toward the rider than on prior models. Riders can tailor the easy-to-pull adjustable clutch and brake levers to fit their hands. The kickstand is easily viewed, reached and deployed, eliminating a persistent pet peeve for the vertically challenged. The bike's mere well-balanced 440-pound weight makes getting the bike off the stand an easy endeavor.

Read the whole report of Women Riders Now

woman rider logo

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