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Sunday Edition

Pyrotec Tightness

Louisville Kentucky Winner

By Wrench with photos from John and Melissa Beck
6/10/2010 5:08:41 PM

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Louisville show banner

1rear shot

This super-clean, sleek, stylish, one-off custom from Pyrotec Customs, Alton, Illinois, won second place in it’s category at the Louisville, Kentucky show in August, 2005. The Horse Power Promotions show was sponsored by Bikernet.com and HOT BIKE. This bike wasn’t picked up to be featured in the mag, but the Bikernet Staff loved John Beck's (owner), slim, Evo rigid. So here comes the feature from the ground up, Bikernet style. John and his wife Melissa hauled it from Edwardsville, Illinois, 270 miles away to compete.

22 at show
Here’s a shot of the bike outside the Louisville Horse Power Promotions show where Bikernet discovered this beauty.

"This would have never started, if it had not been for my Aunt Karen’s boyfriend, now husband, Don,” John Beck said. “The first time I heard his 1972 Super Glide I was only 6 years old. From that day forward, I knew I had to straddle a Harley of my own, if it was the last thing I did. Every ride on that Glide, from 100 mile an hour sprints (no handed by the way), to the time he let me ride it on my own around the block at the ripe age of 15, further reinforced my desire.”

2rear 3/4 right

“Fast-forward 30 years and by chance I met Steve and Lee from Pyrotec Kustom Cycle Fabrication and Finishes and quickly became friends,” John said. “After listening to me bitch for months about wanting a bike, they bluntly told me ‘buy a fucking frame and we’ll help you get the rest’. If you ask my old lady, that’s all it took. I bought the Midwest frame from a friend, in need of cash, and started scouring Ebay, swap meets and the Pyrotec parts bin, until over a 6-month period I had enough parts to begin building.”

3 front right 3/4

"Pyrotec, like many builders I’m sure, have a million ideas just waiting to try on their next build so understanding that some pretty cool shit can from those situations we sat down and gradually came up with a general design," John said. "After that I let the guys go crazy, occasionally adding my opinion, ideas and strict design direction to the recipe. Steve hates it when I say that about the directing!"

4 engine

"The guys have several hundred hours in this build and it really shows," said John. "Some of the unique features include:"

Shaved and powder coated fork legs

4 Tank and bars

Polished trees

Custom gas cap made from an oxygen cylinder handle with a custom brass insert

External gas “gauge”

11 Left profile

The gas tank is made from Sportster tank sides and a section of 1966 Volvo hood for the center

All cloth braided wiring

13 left foot board

12 right foot board

Custom made foot controls

16 seat

Hand made leather seat.

Twin Cam oil lines

15 tranny

An old ART support bracket connecting the transmission and engine. Super simple Custom Cycle Engineering push-button electric starter.

7 fender rail

A kick ass “chrome knuckle” sissy bar

17 Top motormount

Unity headlight with an 05 Harley bulb and lenses that’s upside down

9 Taillight

’50s Ford Stepside taillight with handmade licenseplate bracket.

10 taillight back

14 air cleaner

Fantasy In Iron Air Cleaner from Dennis Goodsen.

16 driveline left

Powder coated engine covers.

John and Melissa were kind enough to send us lots of shots of the build and the above list of special components. We also attempted to add to the list. This bike deserves it.

pyrotec banner

There were even fine shots of the assembly process.

18 rear wheel assembly

19 Taillight assembly

20 Taillight glowing 
There’s nothing like throwing the switch for the first time.

21left profile assembly
She was beginning to take shape and and the entire staff was anxious.

”I’m sure I missed some stuff on my list,” John said, “but it was almost overwhelming.

22 tank on at last
The tank is the jewel of every build. It contains the best of the paint, styling and pulls the whole project together.

”I have to give everyone, who put up with this shit, a huge thanks," John said, "including my wife and kids, Trizo, the Pyrotec guys (and their old lady’s) and of course Uncle Don.”

22 primary
Primary and footboards in place with mid-shift lever.

23 shop logo on tank


23 front 3/4left


Owner - John Beck
Make / Year - 05 Pyrotec Rigid
Fabrication - Steve Nash & Lee Ebrey
Assembly - Pyrotec
Build Time - 11 months

47 rear right 3/4


Engine - H-D 80ci Evo

30 pipes
Mid USA Motorcycle Parts sells a kit for heat wrapping pipes.

Pipes - Pyrotec

42 pipe under air cleaner

44 pipe wing nuts

Transmission - RevTech 5 speed
Primary - H-D



Frame - Midwest Motorcycle Wide Tire Rigid
Rake - 34 degrees
Stretch - 4-inch
Swingarm/Suspension - Nope

29 front

Forks - 39mm H-D

52 front end

Trees - H-D

48 front right 3/4


Front Wheel - DNA 21-inch 60 spoke

46 rear wheel

Rear Wheel - DNA 18-inch 60 spoke
Rotors - Russell

41 rear brake

Calipers- F/R - H-D
Front tire - Avon
Rear tire - Avon 180/18

49 fender paint


Molding - Pyrotec
Painter - Pyrotec
Polishing - Pyrotec
Powdercoating - Pyrotec
Color - HOK Burgandy & Pearl White

25 rear left


Bars - Pyrotec
Risers - None
Hand Controls - PM Contour

27 headlight

Headlight - Unity Spotlight

34 headlight

Plate bracket - Pyrotec

26 rear wheel and taillight

Taillight - 50's Ford Stepside

33 gas guage
Actually, here’s the only one—a gas gauge.

Gauges - Pyrotec wouldn't let me have any
Electrical - Pyrotec

28 tank

Fuel Tank - Pyrotec w/built in fuel level

35 gas cap

Dash - None
Oil Tank - Pyrotec
Front Fender - None

36 fender rail

Rear Fender - Massaged WCC
Sissy Bar - Pyrotec/Fab Kevin
Regs - Pyrotec

32 right foot controls

Foot Controls - Pyrotec

38 seat

Seat - Pyrotec/Suede Leather

45 pegs and chain

Passenger pegs – Pyrotec


50 left profile

Pyrotec was founded in January 2000 by long time friends Steve Nash and Lee Ebrey. After a bike accident left Steve with time on his hands, and Lee ready to move on from his current job at a local custom motorcycle shop, they decided to try things on their own. The two began in a pole barn behind a friend's house, which they quickly outgrew, and moved to their current location in Alton, IL, just 1 mile from the famous Fast Eddie's Bon-Air.

51 left rear

Lee is responsible for all the custom paintwork that rolls out of Pyrotec, which he learned working side-by-side with his Dad. Realizing he had a talent, he's been at it for over 15 years and is a true "flame perfectionist". Steve handles all the meticulous in house polishing and powder coating that helps to set the shop apart from others. Together the Pyroboyz (as they are known locally) create unique works of art from frames, sheet metal, handlebars, sissy bars, motor mounts and damn near everything else that makes a custom bike a true custom.

37rear shot

The shop puts out 5 to 8 complete customs a year and several factory HD customs. They also handle countless paint jobs on everything from traditional old school to new school-old school, spraying everything from super detailed flames to the hottest House of Kolor candies.

The shop has a good assortment of metal working tools including and English wheel, shrinker & stretcher, planishing hammer, mig & tig welders, plasma cutter, frame table and various other custom part making jigs. The paint and finishing work is what sets these apart from other shops. It's only 2 guys putting out work that would rival some of the best. Shit so clean you could eat off it.

Shop address:
2820 East Broadway
Alton, IL 62002

pyrotec logo

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