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Welcome to Zeel Design

Winner of the Discovery Channel Biker Build Off 2006

From the Zeel Gang
6/11/2010 1:32:41 AM

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Discovery competitor concept drawing.

Unbelievable but true. Two build-off competitions in one year. Yes Zeel was a participant in the 5th season of the Discovery Channel Biker Build Off. The engineers at Zeel took part in a trike build off against CC Trikes of Texas. The voting took place at the ROT bike rally in Austin,Texas.

Buildoff prize

Tirke 138

Zeel Design is the first international builder to be filmed for a Discovery Biker Build Off in their shop in Canada. The show aired on the Discovery Channel in the US on October 16th, 2006. For those of you with Discovery Canada, the air date was Thursday, January 11, 2007 at 8:00 p.m.

The Bobster also finished 2nd behind our own Bulldog Bike at the 2007 Toronto Supershow.

Tirke 135

Tirke 141

Tirke 143

In addition, the Bobster finished first at the Daytona 2007 Speedway show, first at Rat's Hole show (best Trike) and was chosen to represent Rat's Hole at the Essen Motor Show in Germany this fall.

The Bulldog concept drawing.

Zeel Design News:


Zeel Design wins big at the North American International Motorcycle SUPERSHOW 2007


St-Pie, Quebec (January 9, 2007) -- It was a great beginning of a new year for Zeel Design at the North American International Supershow in Toronto, from January 5-7, 2007.


Billed as North America’s largest motorcycle show, the 31st edition proved to be especially rewarding for the young engineering firm in St-Pie, Quebec.


Zeel’s custom bike, Bulldog, won the Best of Show award and the Canada Cup at Supershow. Bulldog was Zeel’s entry in the 2006 International Biker Build-Off held in Daytona. The motorcycle also won awards for best engineering, best bodywork and best sheet metal in the ProBuilders category at the Toronto show.


And the second place winner was the Zeel Design’s trike, the Bobster, winner of the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-Off 2006. Zeel was also runner-up for its Bobster kiosk at the show.


Here’s the concept drawing for the Bad Rod, single-sided swingarm V-rod.

Zeel Design: Taking the Custombike World by Storm

“Custom engineering is an art form and never more so then when it’s breaking new ground” – American V, December 2005-January 2006

St-Pie, Québec – Zeel Design stunned visitors at the 2005 Rat’s Hole Show in Daytona with the super-radical “Phenom” Custom, and returned home to Canada, the “Best of Show” winner. It continued its winning ways in the summer of 2005 at the Canadian Biker Build Off.

The Zeel team, Mike and Ben.

“Phenom” was one of eight bikes chosen to represent the Rat's Hole Show in Essen, in the fall of 2005, and was a special guest at the 2005 Birmingham International Motorcycle Show in the . “Phenom” has been featured on the covers (or in major articles) of custom bike magazines around the world, in addition to major media outlets in .



Even Bigger in 2006, Zeel Design’s managing partners, engineers Benoit Marleau and Michael Long, did not rest on the success of the multi-award winning “Phenom”. The top designers and builders stormed ahead with their entry into the 2006 International Biker Build Off in Daytona in March, 2006. They competed with the “BullDog.”

Scales project from Zeel Design.

In May, 2006, Zeel Design took part in a couple of TV shows for various networks including TSN, RDS, OLN and FOX SPORTS. They built a unigue chopper for one of North America 's most recognized Master Anglers, Henry Waszczuk. This high definition TV Special involving the bike called "Scales", plus some additional video footage, will also be used as a pilot for a 13-week motorcycle series featuring Zeel Design and there's more!

scale mock

Scales 113

In the summer, Zeel will be featured on the celebrity series called “Fins & Skins Classic Adventures” which airs on the same networks. This special was shot (in part) in the beautiful West Indies on the island called Nevis.


Filming also took place at the end of May for the fifth season of the “Biker Build-Off” on Discovery. It’s the first time a Canadian builder was featured. Zeel squared off against ex-WWF star, Craig Whitford, in a trike biker build-off.

fad to black
This Zeel creation is called Fade To Black.


And in the future, the company will have even more exposure -- since it built the production vehicle for an upcoming film, Race to Mars.


Recently, the Zeel Design mechanical engineering team and staff moved into new headquarters in St-Pie, Québec . The 10,000 square-feet facility with its state of the art machinery is located near Sanair Racing.


And Benoit Marleau and Michael Long, the former Bombardier engineers, have been hired as consultants for a number of major manufacturers .


Zeel’s engineers and designers are becoming widely recognized as experts in swing arms and wheels and one-off prototypes for major corporations using high-tech computer solutions and CNC machining.


“If a custom bike is designed on a computer instead of being shaped by the hands of its builder, is it really a chopper? Well, take a look at this bike (Phenom), then decide. ‘We have a completely different way of doing things’, says Zeel Design’s Michael Long.

Yes, Mike, we can see that.” – American Iron, January 2006.


Zeel Design offers the following services to its clients:

Engineering -- consulting and design
Computer drawing (3D and 2D)
Computer strength analysis (Finite element analysis)
Machining (traditional)
Machining CNC
Welding (MIG and TIG)
Fabrication and production
Mold and die making (aluminium, fiberglass, carbon fiber)
Bodywork and paint


For more information on Zeel Design:


Michael Long Mec.Eng.
Zeel Design Inc.
252 ch. St-Dominique
St-Pie, Quebec
Canada, J0H 1W0
tel: 450-772-5962
fax: 450-772-1048

Tailor James
Taylor James, Zeel customer. Oh yeah!

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Reader Comments

Hi there
I have a new v-rod muscle and I would like to get the black bars and riser I have seen.

Please provide me details pricing....and any install issues. Also do the mirrors hit with these bars when flipped?

Standard speed fits .....

Look forward to your response.


Thursday, January 10, 2013
Editor Response Try contacting them directly:

Michael Long Mec.Eng.
Zeel Design Inc.
252 ch. St-Dominique
St-Pie, Quebec
Canada, J0H 1W0
tel: 450-772-5962
fax: 450-772-1048
I like the bobster trike. Is there a less expensive version.

ken richardson
marshville, NC
Thursday, November 1, 2012
Editor Response I turned this over to the master of Trikes, the Triking Viking, the esteemed editor of Bikernet Trikes. He has all the answers.

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