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Wednesday Edition

Kutty Noteboom built Triumph For His Wife

Bobber Triumph with a Female Touch

By Johnny Humber with photos by Peter Linney
6/11/2010 7:13:41 AM

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Jamie Riding

Riding a bike can be one of the most relaxing and rewarding experiences a man or woman can participate in. From the very beginning of motorcycles, there have been women who rode. Viewed as cavaliers, many women riders were put into the same category as women smokers; wanna-bees who didn’t know their place. Thankfully, times have changed!

Family Pic

Kutty Noteboom, Southern Californian musician, bike enthusiast, and general good guy, built this Triumph for his wife, Jamie.

“ I built this bike for my wife. I wanted it to be a bike that was a little fem, but that every guy would look at and say ‘that is one chick’s bike that I would ride’. A mixture of 70's low-rider combined with a speedway/flat track look. We incorporated a bunch of roses all over it.”

Left profile

There is nothing on this earth like riding with your buddies, but something even more spectacular is riding with your best friend. I myself ride with my wife and can honestly say that there is nothing that compares to it in the world.

The lines of this bike are accentuated by the fact that it was built specifically for Jamie. Looking ready for either a weekend ride or ready to roll into a show, Jamie’s Rosey triumph is a spectacle to behold.

Upon seeing the pictures Bandit sent me, my wife replied, “That’s a cool bike, I’d definitely ride it.” I think Kutty and Jamie have a winner on their hands as begrudgingly I have to admit my wife knows how to pick ‘em.

As you peruse through the spec sheet and admire Peter Linney’s photography, maybe you too could be inspired to build a bike that not only expresses your artistic talents, but also represents the love you share for your wife r girlfriend. Also, may this bike show all the yahoos that think a bike has to be a Harley to be cool, that cool is not in a brand.

Another cool feature of the bike is the narrow Springer starts off the sleek design that follows all the way through to the rear wheel. No fat-assed beach ball here, just enough rubber to track down the road while allowing the bike to enjoy the nimble benefits of its compact design. I could see someone using this same bike to deliver messages in the city streets as well as hopping on it while riding from bar to bar. Form, function, and beauty all rolled into a small, tight little package.

Peter Linney Banner
Click on the Cadillac for more info about the photo master, Peter Linney.

Bikernet.com Extreme Tech Chart

Regular Stuff

Owner: Jamie Noteboom

Jamie Noteboom

Bike Name: 71 Triumph " Desert Rose "
City/State: Hemet, Ca

Builder: Kutty Noteboom
City/state: Hemet
Company Info: Hippy Killer Garage
Phone: (909) 215 1770
Web site: www.hippykiller.com
E-mail: kutty@hippykiller.com

Up top

Fabrication: Kutty Noteboom
Welding: Kutty
Machining: Kutty / Vern


Engine TR650

Year: 1971
Make: Triumph
Model: Tiger
Displacement: 650
Builder or Rebuilder: Harold Hanvey
Cases: stock
Case finish: Raw
Barrels: stock

Psycho motor from below

Bore: stock
Pistons: stock
Barrel finish: Flatblack
Lower end: stock

Carb and Velocity stack

Carburetion: Amal
Air cleaner: velocity
Exhaust: Built by Kutty
Mufflers: Never



Year: 71
Make: Triumph

Rose in Primary


Year:1960's Modified
Make: Triumph/ Freddy Hernandez
Style or Model:
Stretch: None
Rake: 30
Modifications: frame is part stock early triumph with a weld on that I had Freddy shorten 3 inches and put a 1 inch neck tube on.

Front End

Make: Freddy Hernandez
Model: Narrow Springer


Sheet metal

Tanks: early sporty narrowed dished and deep tunneled by Kutty
Fenders:< /FONT> Fx front on rear
Oil tank: Custom beehive by Kutty


Molding: and paint prep by Keith Dean, The legendary Dick Dean 's son
Base coat: Candy brandywine Painted by my good freind Billy Crewl
Graphics: Gold leaf roses by Dave Whittle

Pinstriping and leaf

Pinstriping: Dave Whittle

Wheels Acront

Make: Acront/ honda hub
Size: 21
Tire: trials

front wheel

Make: Acront/ triumph
Size: 19
Brake calipers: Triumph conical drum
Tire: Dunlop

Rear wheel and tire


Foot controls: stock modified

foot controls

Handlebar controls: Brittish, and Japan



Ignition: Boyer Electronic Ign system
Charging:< /FONT>
Headlight: 5 mercury fog light
Taillight: 39 chevy custom


What’s Left

Seat: west eagle/ Covered in beautiful cow hide by the famous Duane Ballard


Gas caps: custom
Grips: Hippy killer brass
Pegs: Hippy killer brass

grips and pegs

Specialty items: Engraving by Ernie Borges

Credits: Thanks to Freddy Hernandez, Vern, Billy crewl, Duane Ballard, Keith Dean, Harold Hanvey


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Reader Comments

We see many Bobbers, this would have to be one of the nicest ones spotted yet! What a lucky girl.

Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club New Zealand
Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand
Saturday, September 27, 2014
Editor Response He's doing a helluva job.
Great article! I'm interested to know what kind of front hub you have, and where a guy might look to buy one. I have a narrow custom springer front end, and I am looking for a hub with built in brake. Thanks in advance.

Joshua Christolear
Lincoln, NE
Thursday, January 23, 2014
Editor Response I'll see what I can find out for you.
Really a nice looking bike and excellent workmanship !

randall chunn
greenbrier, TN
Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Editor Response Thanks, he does and excellent job.

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